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Fake News Media: Marxist Mass-Murderer Mugabe Was “Liberator”

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Zimbabwe's mass-murdering dictator Robert Mugabe (shown) was one of the most ruthless tyrants of the 21st century. Installed with direct support from the Deep State in the West and the Soviet Union, he died this week at 95 after having been deposed in 2017. In response, establishment media outlets around the world attempted to deceive their audiences, ludicrously proclaiming that Mugabe had “liberated” the former Rhodesia as he oversaw its economic implosion and enslavement. The reality is that Mugabe was no “liberator.” He was not a “guerrilla leader.” He was a maniacal, genocidal terrorist who came to power as a direct result of Deep State-controlled U.S. and British foreign policy. And the entire continent suffered as a result.

Despite having aided and abetted his rise to power, the establishment's propaganda media was forced to concede that he was a brutal tyrant, at least after all sorts of phony claims that he began as a "hero" and a “liberator.” But the full horror of his rule was not even touched upon — even Mugabe's attempted genocide of fellow Africans was completely hidden. Some newspapers did mention that the communist dictator stole land from European-descent farmers, driving the nation's people to starvation under the guise of “land reform.” However, the deception unleashed following Mugabe's death in Singapore was truly breathtaking in scope and audacity, serving to confirm once again that the establishment “news” services cannot be trusted to report anything remotely resembling the truth.

One reason for the propaganda campaign to rehabilitate Mugabe's image is that key globalists in the West brought him to power. But one would never know it from reading the never-ending stream of fake news from the establishment press in the United States, the United Kingdom, and even Africa.

Unfortunately for the long-oppressed people of Zimbabwe, who went from being Africa's richest people to the poorest under Mugabe, the current regime continues to celebrate the late Marxist butcher as a hero. Mugabe successor and self-styled “President” Emmerson Mnangagwa, for instance, referred to Mugabe as an “icon of liberation” on Friday in announcing the death. “It is with the utmost sadness that I announce the passing on of Zimbabwe's founding father and former President, Comrade Robert Mugabe,” said the new dictator, who seized power in a 2017 military coup from his former superior.

Incredibly, the new dictator even named Mugabe a “national hero,” the nation's highest posthumous honor. “Comrade Mugabe was an icon of liberation, a pan-Africanist who dedicated his life to the emancipation and empowerment of his people,” Mnangagwa said on Twitter. “His contribution to the history of our nation and continent will never be forgotten. May his soul rest in eternal peace.” Demanding an “official mourning period,” Mnangagwa called Mugabe “a great teacher and mentor” and a “remarkable statesman of our century.”

Fellow African strongmen, who even had Mugabe serve as leader of the “African Union” being imposed on Africans by Communist China and globalists in the West, echoed the praises. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who is pursuing policies similar to those enacted by Mugabe, called the late dictator a “champion of Africa's cause against colonialism who inspired our own struggle against apartheid.” Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, meanwhile, said that Mugabe “played a major role in shaping the interests of the African continent” and was “a man of courage who was never afraid to fight for what he believed in even when it was not popular.”

It was not clear if Kenyatta was alluding to Mugabe's attempted genocide as being “not popular,” but it would have been appropriate. Before the murderous land grabs began in 2000, a brutal brigade of Mugabe’s terror forces, trained by the mass-murdering communist regime ruling North Korea, attempted to exterminate the Ndebele people in the infamous Gukurahundi campaign. Shortly after the communist bloc and the “Free World” joined forces with the UN to install Mugabe and bring down the Rhodesian government of anti-communist Prime Minister Ian Smith, which had broad support among blacks and was in the process of major reform, the new regime unleashed absolute horror.

As one of the early acts of the new regime, after renaming the country “Zimbabwe,” Mugabe and his minions unleashed a monstrous campaign of mass-murder, terror, and extermination aimed at the Ndebele, fellow black Africans who lived in the southern regions of the country. Tens of thousands of Ndebele were slaughtered, with some estimates suggesting the number could be as high as 80,000 or more. Virtually none of the fake news outlets reporting on the late tyrant's death in Singapore mentioned Mugabe's attempted extermination of the Ndebele people.

And yet, it is hardly a secret. The International Association of Genocide Scholars estimated that the Mugabe regime massacred some 20,000 Ndebele in Matabeleland — almost certainly far below the actual numbers. The U.S. and British governments, which played a crucial role in bringing the monster to power against the wishes of sensible Rhodesian people of all races, knew all about the genocide being perpetrated by the man they put in charge of the once-prosperous nation. And they did virtually nothing to stop it. In fact, they did not even speak out about it publicly, allowing Mugabe to slaughter his victims with impunity without so much as public scrutiny.

Ironically, the Council on Foreign Relations, a globalist-minded Deep State organization that deliberately aided and abetted communist terror forces across Southern Africa, acknowledges all that on its own website. But they have an excuse for it. U.S. and British authorities “were invested in Mugabe and his promises of reconciliation and stability, and feared that any other leader would be worse,” CFR writer John Campbell wrote in April of 2017. The writer, citing another author, ludicrously claimed that those Western governments were concerned Mugabe would turn to North Korea and the Soviet Union — something he had been doing all along, not to mention Communist China and Chairman Mao.

In short, the globalist establishment thinks Africans and Americans are stupid. That much was also made clear from the fake news that poured out worldwide in the wake of Mugabe's death.

The increasingly discredited Associated Press, for instance, helped set the tone for many of the misleading articles on Mugabe that followed. “Former Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe, an ex-guerrilla chief who took power when the African country shook off white minority rule and presided for decades while economic turmoil and human rights violations eroded its early promise, has died in Singapore,” AP writers Farai Mutsaka and Cristopher Torchia claimed, inaccurately. “Mugabe enjoyed strong support from Zimbabwe’s people and even the West soon after he became prime minister in 1980 and then the country’s first post-colonial leader.”

Of course, in reality, Mugabe did not “enjoy strong support from Zimbabwe's people.” The elections he did win he won through the use of fraud, intimidation, terrorism, and scheming with foreign powers such as the U.S. government and Communist China. Mugabe also did not “shake off white minority rule,” something that Rhodesians agreed to themselves long before Mugabe came to power. Nor was he the nation's first post-colonial ruler — it was Prime Minister Smith's government that declared unilateral independence from the British empire, making him the nation's first post-colonial leader, followed by a moderate black prime minister. No corrections had been issued by AP as of Friday at 5 PM ET.

The far-left New York Times, which famously concealed the Soviet genocide of Ukrainians and painted Fidel Castro as an anti-communist “liberator” of Cuba, among other deceptions with deadly consequences, echoed the phony narrative. “Robert Mugabe, the first prime minister and later president of independent Zimbabwe, who traded the mantle of liberator for the armor of a tyrant and presided over the decline of one of Africa’s most prosperous lands, died on Friday in Singapore, where he had been receiving medical care.” Again, Mugabe never “liberated” anything, unless torturing, robbing, and murdering people can be considered “liberation.”

The British government-funded propaganda service BBC took the same angle, only even more extreme in its dishonesty. “Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean independence icon turned authoritarian leader, has died aged 95,” the unsigned story claimed, ludicrously implying that Mugabe's time in jail for communist terrorism was actually due to “criticising the government” of Rhodesia. “Robert Mugabe embodied Africa's struggle against colonialism,” the propagandists continued, glorifying a genocidal dictator. “He was a courageous politician, imprisoned for daring to defy white-minority rule.”

Incredibly, the BBC's correspondent in Harare claimed Mugabe would likely be remembered as a “hero.” If that happens, it will only be due to brainwashing by government-controlled media and government schools controlled by the Marxist dictator's succesors. But the BBC was gushing with praise for the genocidal tyrant. “The former president was praised for broadening access to health and education for the black majority,” it reported. Of course, Adolf Hitler's tyrannical regime built decent highways and “broadened access” to “health and education” under National Socialism, and yet nobody would think to say that in the first three paragraphs of his obituary.

But the lies and deception by the BBC were to be expected. With the British government having been instrumental in unleashing the brutal tyrant on the people of Zimbabwe, as recounted in any accurate historical account of that nation's history, it is no surprise that its official propaganda service would seek to polish the mass-murderer's image.

The fake media also continually portrayed Mugabe as struggling against “white minority” rule. What they did not tell their readers is that blacks could already vote in Rhodesia, under the same conditions as whites, and that black Rhodesians were better off than blacks anywhere else on the entire African continent. Blacks dominated the Rhodesian government's police and the military services in the battle against communist terrorists supported by Moscow, Communist China, the United Nations, and subversive globalists within the U.S. State Department and the British Foreign Office. Most of the victims of these terrorists were innocent blacks, too.

The fake media also failed to inform their audiences that a moderate black leader, Bishop Abel Muzorewa, was eventually elected by Rhodesians as prime minister of the nation. But members of the global government-promoting cabal known as the Council on Foreign Relations — as well as their counterparts in the United Kingdom — refused to accept that. Instead, they insisted that Mugabe and another murderous communist terrorist, Joshua Nkomo with the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU), be handed the reins of power. The CFR and Trilateral Commission-dominated administration of Jimmy Carter, and especially Secretary of State Henry “New World Order” Kissinger, were crucial to the betrayal.

Former Rhodesian Prime Minister Smith, a Christian anti-communist who was elected in non-racial elections and never advocated “white rule” despite the establishment's smears against him, exposed the establishment and its vile lies about Rhodesia in his autobiography, The Great Betrayal, published in the mid-1990s. Years later, Smith added a postscript to the book: “I told you so. History records that my predictions have materialized.” For anyone interested in the real history of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and the globalist establishment's role in destroying a prosperous, free, and independent nation, the book is essential reading.

Smith was loved by the people of Rhodesia — black and white alike. And that continued up to his death about a decade ago, with the quiet and dignified farmer choosing to live out the rest of his life in his Southern African homeland once known as Rhodesia. He summarized the situation well in 2004: “There are millions of blacks who say things were better when I was in control,” Smith explained. “I have challenged Mugabe to walk down the street with me and see who has the most support. I have much better relations with black people than he does.” And it is true to this day.

Despite lies by the establishment media and fellow autocrats, Mugabe's legacy is clear and beyond dispute. He was not a liberator. He was not a hero. He was a monster, a murderer, and a barbarian with an uncontrollable lust for money and power that cost the lives of untold numbers of innocent people. And he presided over one of the most significant national tragedies to have occurred in the last 50 years.

South African historian and scientist Dr. Harry Booyens, author of the definitive historical book on South Africa AmaBhulu: The Birth and Death of the Second America, has studied Mugabe's legacy extensively. "If ever there were a man about whom one can say with 100 percent confidence that there was no redeeming aspect, then Robert Mugabe would be that man," Booyens told The New American. "The nature of this man was known to people of Southern Africa, but neither the British nor Jimmy Carter would listen. And that is how Carter got to hug this despoiler of nations in the White House. His successor, Emmerson Mnangagwe, was the actual formulator and implementor of many of Mugabe’s excesses and in particular of his genocide of the Matabele in Western Zimbabwe. It mystifies the thinking human being how the West can be so absolutely mindless in its dealings with the people of Africa."

By seeking to paint Mugabe as some sort of hero gone slightly rogue, the establishment's propagandists in the media are only further discrediting themselves and their fake news organizations. Some day, papers such as the New York Times and government propagandists at the BBC will look just as foolish as they did when they praised mass-murderer Fidel Castro as the “George Washington” of Cuba. The truth will eventually prevail. And when it does, history will not be kind to Mugabe and his apologists.

Photo of Robert Mugabe: AP Images

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, moved to South Africa in 2004 and regularly covers African affairs. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or through Liberty Sentinel Media. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook.

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