The killings of several Christians by Islamist mobs in Egypt have been tied to the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi.


The Islamist group Boko Haram has attacked another school in northern Nigeria, killing 42, in its ongoing campaign against Western values and Christianity.

Mountains of evidence confirm that Nelson Mandela and South Africa’s ruling ANC clique were (and remain) communists, and that they are carrying forward a communist program of terrorism and genocide for South Africa.

During an official visit to the Sudanese capital of Khartoum last week, the Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood regime of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt announced that it was pursuing so-called “integration” with the mass-murdering dictatorship ruling over Sudan. The authoritarian-minded rulers even claimed to be “one nation.” The surprise announcement came after the Libyan regime — installed by Western forces and foreign-funded Islamist fighters amid a brutal United Nations-approved war — unveiled similar “integration” plans with the infamous Sudanese tyrant in late 2011.



Hundreds of Christians were under siege inside St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo on the night of April 8, as security forces and local residents launched a prolonged and unprecedented attack on the cathedral.

Alastair Beach, a correspondent for the British newspaper The Independent, witnessed the exchange of gunfire as armed gangs descended on the funeral of four Coptic Christians who had been killed during violent confrontations that erupted in the area two days earlier. A Muslim man was also killed in the clashes.




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