VIDEO - A recent video was released of Bernie Sanders getting very close with "comrades" in the USSR during the Cold War. Why has media coverage been mum about this in the era of "Russian collusion?" Senior Editor William F. Jasper joins Top Headline to discuss the double standard.

Do border walls work in the 21st century? The Israeli government certainly believes they do.

A Christian woman who spent eight years on Pakistan’s death row after being convicted of blasphemy is free after the country’s Supreme Court upheld its earlier acquittal of her.

The chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, said that Iran would change its defense strategy to “offensive” to defend its national interests.

What gives? Are the Syrian migrants in Europe, in keeping with their host countries’ “gender”-bender insanity, just identifying as men? Actually, most are actual men, XY genotype, beards, deep voices and all — and their women in Syria want them back.

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