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As U.S. Slowly Exits Afghanistan, Communist China Steps In

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Rather than "making the world safe for democracy," Washington, D.C., seems to be doing a much better job at making the world safe for the tyrants in Beijing. With most U.S. troops supposedly on the verge of leaving the dubious new Afghan regime to stand (or crumble) largely on its own, the Communist Chinese dictatorship is stepping in to fill the void and reap the benefits — with the full support of the Obama administration. From providing authorities in Kabul with “security” assistance and foreign aid to investing in its economic development via oil and mining (photo is of Afghan marble), Beijing has big plans for Afghanistan. In other words, as occurred in Iraq, it appears that the ruthless autocracy ruling mainland China is set to emerge as among the primary beneficiaries of the costly U.S. government “regime change” made in the “graveyard of empires,” which began more than a decade ago.

In his first official visit to a foreign power, new Afghan President Ashraf Ghani went to Beijing, which continues to callfor a "de-Americanized New World Order." According to a joint statement released after the four-day summit, Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping agreed to provide 2 billion yuan (about $325 million) to Kabul through 2017. Beijing will also “train” thousands of Afghan “professionals” during the next five years, the two rulers said. In addition, Chinese regime-owned “enterprises” will continue making huge investments in the Afghan economy to help rebuild the war-torn nation and reap big profits. Communist Chinese “security” forces will also share “intelligence” and help Kabul wage its alleged war on drugs, as opium production continues to explode.

In exchange, Ghani, a former United Nations and World Bank operative, made big promises to Beijing, calling China “a strategic partner, in the short term, medium term, long term and very long term.” Among other agreements, the new ruler promised to stand alongside the communist autocracy on “Taiwan, Tibet, and other issues.” The regime ruling mainland China views anti-communist Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China, as a breakaway province to be conquered and ultimately enslaved. In Tibet, meanwhile, Beijing is busy ethnically cleansing the area and exterminating the ancient culture. What “other issues” Kabul might side with the Chinese Communists on remains unclear, though crushing growing unrest in “Western China” appears to be high on the agenda. Chief among the targets are persecuted and oppressed Muslim Uighurs in the Communist Chinese province of Xiniang, some of whom have allegedly engaged in terror attacks targeting Beijing.

“In the area of security, President Ghani expressed the readiness and staunch support from the Afghan side in China's fight against East Turkistan Islamic Movement terrorist forces,” Kong Xuanyou, director general of Beijing’s Foreign Ministry Asian Affairs Department, was quoted as saying after the meeting between Ghani and Xi. According to the Chinese dictator, foreign “militant groups” in Central Asia are helping to stir up unrest among Muslims living under communist rule.

Ghani, meanwhile, has sought “security” assistance against the Taliban from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The outfit includes the Kremlin and Beijing, and it recently admitted the regime in Afghanistan as an “observer,” along with the dictatorship in Iran. However, according to news reports, the Communist Chinese have also been hedging their bets, making deals with the Taliban to ensure that their “interests” in Afghanistan are protected even if the Islamic fundamentalists (once backed by the U.S. government) return to power after Western troops leave.

For its part, Beijing’s propaganda organs have been busy hyping the significance of all the deals and attention, boasting of Communist China’s growing role in the emerging world order. The Obama administration, too, seemed pleased with the deepening bonds between the government it helped set up in Kabul and the regime in Beijing. “China's view of engaging in Afghanistan over the course of these past few years has really changed significantly, and in our view, in a very positive direction,” a senior U.S. State Department official told reporters during a telephone briefing. “It's a real demonstration of China's commitment to Afghanistan, to its role in the region and one that we greatly welcome.” More support from Communist China for the terror war in Afghanistan “would be very valuable,” the official added, as Beijing and Obama also plot closer links with each other in the globalized terror war.

While the U.S. government was pouring trillions of dollars and thousands American lives into the “graveyard of empires,” as Afghanistan has become known, the Communist Chinese regime was busy making money and doing business. At the same time, Beijing’s ally in Pakistan — among the top recipients of U.S. taxpayer aid in the world — was busy supporting various Islamic terror groups that were killing U.S. troops. Now Communist China wants to help mediate talks between Kabul and Islamabad while forming a “trilateral” forum for the U.S. government, the Afghan government, and Beijing to plan Afghanistan’s future. According to analysts, Beijing is especially worried that if and when the bulk of U.S. troops ever pull out, Islamists will turn their guns and bombs on Communist China.

“China is perhaps the only power with the incentives, resources and national will to make Afghanistan’s ambitious vision a reality,” argued Zalmay Khalilzad, a former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq, and the United Nations. “Beijing has already made sizable investments in Afghan copper and oil — including a $3 billion agreement to develop the Aynak copper mine. China is eyeing Afghan natural gas. Western companies, lacking sufficient state backing from their governments, have proven unwilling or unable to make comparable investments. If Beijing were to invest in the country’s infrastructure, new transit corridors would facilitate Chinese trade westward to Iran and the Middle East, and south to the Gwadar port in Pakistan.”

Khalilzad goes on to argue that Kabul’s expanded relationship with Beijing, which has contributed a few hundred million dollars to the Afghan government so far, should not “come at the expense of its partnership with the West.” The U.S. government has spent more than $100 billion just on “state building” and “development” in Afghanistan. The former U.S. ambassador concludes by claiming that Washington, D.C., will “have to play its part” and participate in Communist China’s “trilateral forum” with Afghanistan. But it also “must avoid the temptation” to “abandon” the fledgling Afghan regime — widely viewed as illegitimate by Afghans — and thereby cede more influence to Beijing. Despite his protestations, though, that appears to be exactly what is going to happen.

Ghani, the new ruler, was elected recently amid widespread allegations of voting fraud. A U.S. government-funded and UN-supervised commission eventually declared Ghani the winner in a power-sharing deal. He is also a committed globalist with deep ties to the establishment. His “Institute for State Effectiveness,” for example, is backed by the Rockefeller dynasty, billionaire financier and Rothschild protégé George Soros, the Carnegie Corporation, the UN, the World Bank, and other establishment power centers. Considering Soros’ call for Communist China to lead what he called the “New World Order,” and David Rockefeller’s longtime public praise for mass-murderer Mao’s plots in China as one of the "most important and succesful in human history," Ghani’s increasingly close ties with Beijing should hardly be surprising. Ghani has long insisted that China will play a leading role in the regional economy going forward, and that Afghanistan must hop on the bandwagon.

Separately, considering Communist China’s growing machinations and money-making activities in Iraq after the U.S. government “liberated” it, the notion that Beijing would be among the top winners in Afghanistan — after U.S. taxpayers and troops paid most of the costs — almost seems natural. From Africa to Latin America, the same phenomenon is occurring: U.S. resources are squandered on counterproductive meddling, only to see Beijing, Moscow, and other players swoop in and reap the benefits. With the “coalition” combat mission in Afghanistan supposedly set to wind down at the end of 2014, it appears almost certain at this point that China will be among the big winners — while American taxpayers and soldiers are stuck holding the bag amid cheers from the U.S. foreign policy establishment.

It is obviously not in America’s “national interest” to squander the lives of its troops and borrow trillions from Communist China to help that ruthless autocracy make even more money and gain even more influence in Afghanistan. In fact, it is even worse than the old "making the world safe for decmocracy" schemes to help set up governmental systems that America's founders specifically warned against when they were founding a constitutional republic. With the U.S. government having already saddled Americans with more than $17 trillion in odious debt, it is past time to follow the non-interventionist advice of the Founding Fathers.

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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