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Putin Bombs Obama's Syrian Rebels; Obama Joins Putin Alliance

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In what is being described in media reports as a clever effort to force the Obama administration and Western powers into a military coalition against certain jihadist factions, Russian airplanes bombed a base in Syria used by U.S. and British forces. As part of the supposed effort to cobble together the alliance, Russian forces also bombed a site linked to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which has played a massive role in fomenting the civil war that is destroying Syria. According to media reports, the Kremlin plot worked, with Secretary of State John Kerry signing an illegal pseudo-treaty creating a formal U.S. government alliance with Moscow. The agreement calls for joint U.S.-Russian military operations to impose a United Nations-approved plan on Syria, in exchange for an end to Russian bombing of Obama-backed jihadist “rebels” operating in the nation. It also purports to create a "no-fly zone" for Syrian war planes in areas where al-Qaeda and other terrorists operate. But the real story is even more ridiculous than the narrative peddled by the establishment press.

The official story being parroted in the mainstream media is itself quite absurd. The narrative has Obama and his allies supporting jihadists and communists to fight other jihadists and the Syrian government. Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, is supposed to be fighting jihadists and supporting the Syrian government. Apparently, Putin's planes have been bombing Obama-backed “rebels” as part of the effort to support Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad. And last month, on June 16, the Putin regime reportedly ordered its air force to bomb a garrison in southeastern Syria that Obama and the British government were using to support jihadists. U.S. Special Forces have operated there. British forces apparently escaped less than 24 hours before the Russian bombing began. The U.S. military even warned Russian forces that the base was being used by Obama and his minions, and yet it was bombed anyway, killing at least four Obama-backed rebels.

At first, the Kremlin reportedly told the Obama administration that the garrison was bombed because it was a base for the Islamic State, or ISIS. Maybe it was — the distinction between ISIS and other Obama-backed terror groups is hazy at best. But ISIS, which top U.S. officials admit was armed, trained, and funded by Obama's supposed “anti-ISIS” coalition, now serves as the primary pretext to justify Obama's machinations in Syria. Yuri Melnik, a spokesman for Putin's embassy in Washington, D.C., claimed Putin just wanted Obama's help to allegedly fight terrorism. “In reality, the only objective Russia pursues in Syria is fighting terrorism,” Melnik was quoted as saying. “And we believe that better coordination of Russian and American efforts would contribute to effective pursuit of this objective, as well as to a diplomatic solution of the Syrian crisis.”

The bombings, according to news reports, made the Pentagon and the CIA very upset — partly because their own men, operating in Syria without a congressional declaration of war and carrying out illegal orders, could have been blown to bits by Russian bombs. Higher up in the Obama administration, though, White House officials and Secretary of State Kerry reportedly decided to ignore the military and the intelligence services and strike a “compromise” with the Kremlin. Under the agreement, Putin and Obama forces will supposedly work together to fight certain jihadist factions, as long as Putin stops bombing other jihadist factions more to Obama's liking. According to media reports, the White House thought striking a deal would ease tensions.

The deal between the White House and the Kremlin will also include setting up a center for U.S. and Russian “intelligence” agencies to coordinate their bombings in Syria from Amman, Jordan. The purpose of the deal, according to a leaked draft of the agreement, is to “support the political transition process outlined in UNSCR 2254 [United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254].” In other words, Obama has illegally signed a pseudo-treaty with the Kremlin to use American lives and treasure to impose the UN's will on another nation. Welcome to the “New World Order.” It must be remembered, of course, that Obama's destruction of Libya, also involving blatant and illegal support for officially designated terrorist organizations, was also based on enforcing a UN Security Council resolution. In direct violation to the Constitution, Congress has been left completely out of the picture.

It was not clear where Obama imagines he gets the authority to negotiate military treaties and alliances with hostile foreign powers without the advice and consent of the Senate. According to the U.S. Constitution, treaties require approval from two-thirds of the Senate to be valid. To be legitimate, wars must also be declared by Congress, as required by the Constitution, as well. Meanwhile, unnamed critics of the Obama-Putin deal in the Pentagon and CIA cited in media reports complained that Obama had capitulated to Putin's bullying, and that Putin wouldn't obey the silly deal anyway. At least Kerry, apparently, managed to secure a provision in the deal that allows Obama to unilaterally withdraw if Putin keeps bombing Obama's jihadist rebels. Even as Kerry was on his way to Moscow to sign the deal, though, Russian planes bombed another base where Obama's rebels were hiding. Oops.  

However, despite the news reports pretending that all of this is normal and reasonable, developments in Syria are even more ridiculous than the picture painted above — way beyond Orwellian. Consider that, supposedly, the agreement between Obama and Putin calls for “joint military cooperation” against al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate, known as Jahbat al Nusra. That means, in short, that governments and the media outlets that parrot their propaganda think you are stupid. First of all, the Kremlin's massive role in empowering and guiding al-Qaeda and “Islamic terror” generally has been well known for decades. Indeed, more than 10 years ago, Russian defectors, including Alexander Litvinenko, even sounded the alarm about how Putin's KGB, known today as the FSB, was training top al-Qaeda leaders such as Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Long before that, the mass-murdering Soviet regime was busy creating armies of “Islamic” terrorists to use against the West, another well-documented fact that is hardly a secret. “In 1972, the Kremlin decided to turn the whole Islamic world against Israel and the U.S.,” explained General Ion Mihai Pacepa, chief of the Communist Romanian regime’s intelligence services and arguably one of the most important defectors to the West. “As KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov told me, a billion adversaries could inflict far greater damage on America than could a few millions.” General Pacepa explained how Moscow deployed thousands of agents across the Middle East to dupe Muslims into a fake “jihad” against the West. With lawless U.S. military intervention killing millions across the region, the “blow back” provides a great deal of real rage for cunning foreign powers to exploit and misdirect, too.

Of course, the U.S. government has also played a key role in creating the “Islamic” threat. In Afghanistan, neocons and other extremists in Washington, D.C., allied themselves with the most savage and totalitarian elements of the Islamist resistance to Soviet tyranny — elements that eventually went on to become al-Qaeda and the Taliban. More recently, the jihadists in Syria, ranging from al-Qaeda's al Nusra affiliate to ISIS, have been armed, funded, and trained by the Obama administration, Western governments, and their allies among the Sunni Arab dictatorships in the region. This has been admitted by numerous top U.S. officials, including Vice President Joe Biden and the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Incredibly, the former officer leading U.S. forces in the Middle East, disgraced Bilderberg attendee General David Petraeus, even called openly for a formal U.S. government alliance with al-Qaeda.

Perhaps most damning, though, is a 2012 Pentagon document obtained by Judicial Watch in litigation. According to the report, prepared by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Obama administration and its allies have known all along that the globalist-fueled Syrian “revolution” was being led by al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. Knowing that, they supported it anyway. The document also reveals that the powers supporting the officially designated terrorists specifically wanted to create what they called a “Salafist principality” in Eastern Syria. Today, that principality is known as the “Islamic State,” or ISIS, and provides the alleged justification for ongoing and totally unconstitutional U.S. meddling in Syria, Iraq, and beyond — not to mention the increasingly draconian police state at home.  

It seems that once again, Americans are being given two false and outrageous choices: Either become military allies of Putin to impose a UN resolution and wage a bogus fight against the globalists' own murderous creations, or continue supporting said creations as they exterminate Christians and butcher civilians in a bid to overthrow the Syrian government in opposition to Putin. A far better choice would be for the U.S. government to stay out of Syria and obey the Constitution. Congress must take action to restrain Obama and hold top Obama officials accountable for the carnage they have unleashed in violation of federal law and the Constitution. Until Congress does its job, it too has the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent people on its hands.

Photo of Russian plane on bombing run: mil.ru


Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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