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GOP Sends Delegate to Communist Chinese Political Party Meeting

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Under the guise of “Building a Better World Together,” the most murderous political party in human history — responsible for tens of millions of brutal murders, among other crimes — convened political parties from all over the world in Beijing for “high-level dialogue.” The goal: Boosting the brutal Chinese Communist Party's role in world affairs. Instead of shunning the Communist Party of China's confab, though, the U.S. Republican Party sent a high-level delegate to offer a speech and represent the GOP. Hundreds of other parties from around the world attended, too. Unsurprisingly, Communist Chinese propaganda organs celebrated the gathering as an example of the mass-murdering regime's surging influence in the emerging global order. For Americans, it should be cause for alarm.

The summit, marketed as the “Communist Party of China in Dialogue with World Political Parties High-Level Meeting,” was aimed at “building a community with a shared future for mankind,” Beijing's top ideologists and propaganda organs repeated over and over again. Starting on November 30 and running through December 3, the gathering brought together more than 600 delegates representing almost 300 political parties and organizations from some 120 nations, according to state-run Chinese media. The Orwellian-sounding theme of the confab: “Working Together Towards a Community with a Shared Future for Humanity and a Better World: Responsibilities of Political Parties.” So far, very little has been said in Western media regarding the historic summit. Communist propaganda outlets, though, could not get enough of it.     

The Communist Party of China, responsible for the deaths of an estimated 60 million to 100 million innocent victims, was hardly reserved about the agenda behind the meetings. Deputy Chief Guo Yezhou with the CPC Central Committee's International Department even held a press conference on it. The goal, he said, was to provide “in-depth knowledge” to political parties from around the world on “the 19th CPC National Congress, Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and the concept of building a community of shared future for mankind and a better world.” He also said the summit was aimed at “pooling” the “wisdom” of political parties to “deal with development difficulties and challenges the human society is facing.”

Apparently the most murderous party on the planet thinks it can teach others a thing or two, too. “It is hoped that parties can learn from each other about the experience of party and state governance, and reach consensus on major issues concerning the future of mankind,” added Guo, without explaining who consented to have the murderous totalitarian party play a role in the “future of mankind” in the first place. “It will be the first high-level dialogue the CPC holds with the world's parties and is of great significance for both the CPC and other parties.”

A full list of the political parties represented in Beijing remains elusive. But former U.S. President Barack Obama was in town the day the confab started as part of his own “Asia tour” on the heels of Trump's recent visit through the region. Obama, who has violated long-standing protocol by actively opposing the actions of the current president, was showered with praises by Communist Chinese propaganda organs. Indeed, party propaganda outlets frequently referred to Obama as a “veteran cadre,” a term normally applied to longtime communist party leaders. Xi was referred to using the same term in the same articles.  

Among the political parties that were definitely represented at the highly controversial CPC summit was the U.S. Republican Party, which currently controls the White House and both houses of Congress. Chosen to represent the GOP was Anthony Parker (shown), treasurer of the U.S. Republican National Committee (RNC). Chinese sources who monitor Chinese media told The New American that Parker gave a speech that was widely touted in Communist propaganda organs, though little has been said in English-language media. The RNC did not immediately respond to a request for the text of Parker's speech. Additionally, it did not respond to questions about the GOP's position on Communist Chinese efforts to expand the murderous party's influence internationally.   

Also not made clear in news reports or officials statements was whether the GOP representative had signed on to the “Beijing Initiative,” a nebulous document released at the closing ceremony. Despite an avalanche of propaganda touting the scheme in Communist Chinese state-run media, neither the full text of the resolution in English nor the list of signatories have been made publicly available. Instead, excerpts containing largely meaningless globalist platitudes were quoted in state propaganda reports. “We call on political parties around the world to join us in building world peace, contributing to global development and safeguarding the international order,” reads one quote from the Beijing Initiative, which reportedly calls for political parties to “facilitate the building of partnerships" and to “be the guardians of ecology and the environment.”  

In his keynote speech to assembled political parties, mass-murdering Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, who doubles as Communist Party boss, called on “all countries” to “uphold the idea of one world, one family,” Beijing's propaganda organs reported. “We must strive to build a world far from fear ... and uphold a common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable new security concept and create a safe pattern of fairness, justice and joint construction and sharing,” Xi declared, sounding like a typical Western globalist. “We must strive to build a safe and secure environment far away from poverty.... We should work hard to build a beautiful, clean world, adhere to the concept of symbiotic coexistence between man and nature, and jointly create a harmonious and livable human homeland.”

The tyrant, who has increasingly been compared with Mao in terms of brutality and ambition, also touted “convergence” to “build a strong community of human destiny.” Xi boasted of Beijing's leading role in what globalists refer to as the “New World Order,” too, a subject that The New American magazine first began exploring years before the establishment press caught up. “China will actively participate in the reform and construction of the global governance system and push forward the international political and economic order in a more just and reasonable direction,” Xi declared. As this publication has documented, Beijing has enjoyed unswerving support from key Western globalists including the late David Rockefeller (Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission). Billionaire Rothschild protégé George Soros even called on the murderous Chinese regime, which he said has a “better functioning” government than the United States, to “own” what he termed the “New World Order.” 

If Xi gets his way — and as supreme dictator of mainland China, he generally does — this gathering of global political parties in Beijing will not be the last. “We propose to institutionalize the high-level dialogues between the Chinese Communist Party and the world's political parties so that they will become high-end platforms for political dialogue featuring broad representation and international influence,” he declared in his keynote speech. “In the future, the Chinese Communist Party is willing to strengthen contacts with political parties in various countries in the world, share the experience of running the party and state, carry out dialogue and exchanges among civilizations, enhance mutual strategic trust, promote the building of a community of human destiny and work together to build a better world.”

In recent months, Communist Chinese bosses, in between ruthlessly persecuting dissidents and Bible-believing Christians, have been increasingly open about their international ambitions. In October, for instance, Communist Chinese “Foreign Minister” Wang Yi vowed that the CPC was going global. “To make new and greater contributions for mankind is our Party’s abiding mission, which highlights Chinese Communists’ historical consciousness, international vision and care for the world,” Yi said. “The construction of a new type of international relations … is not only the historical duty that China, as a big socialist country, should undertake for the development of human society, but also the historical mission that the Chinese Communists should advance for the progress of human political civilization.” The CPC has even started trying to form open Party cells, in the United States.

Analysts in the United States expressed concerns about the developments. “It's not unusual for a communist regime to hold such a global political party meeting,” observed Charles Gu, an anti-communist activist now living in the United States who monitors Beijing's inroads into the West. He cited, among other examples, a meeting last month in Russia bringing together more than 100 communist delegations from around the world to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, which helped bring about the murder of over 100 million people worldwide along with the enslavement of billions more. “What's unusual is that non-communist parties in the free world were also invited to this party meeting of communist propaganda in Beijing,” he said.   

According to Gu, who echoed other observers on all sides of the debate, the Beijing meeting is extremely significant. He pointed to three key points to understand the meaning of it all. “Communist China wants to lead the future of mankind in its own way in the new era,” said Gu. “The way is called ‘Socialism with Chinese Characteristics,’ i.e. the party or communist totalitarian state with no human rights at all. It will promote its ways of ‘economic success’ around the world.” While that is concerning enough on its own, the fact that the GOP and other ostensibly democratic parties in the West would legitimize Beijing's agenda by attending is perhaps even more troubling. Gu suggested that Western politicians fawning over the regime's alleged accomplishments may share something in common with China's totalitarian rulers: “a desire for absolute power in name of ‘Serve the People.’”

“At the end, it is parties, instead of free citizens, communist or non-communist, that are dominating the political life of our society, either in China or USA,” he concluded.

Gu emphasized that, despite appearances of novelty, this sort of scheming by the CPC is nothing new to those familiar with Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto, or with Mao's very similar machinations. What is difficult to understand, though, is why ostensibly democratic political parties from the West, including the GOP, were willing to participate in such a communist show — thereby giving international legitimacy to a cabal of gangsters who butchered their way to power. “Do they realize that their participation is sign of support for Communist China?” Gu asked, noting that Communist Chinese propaganda organs were already using the confab and the participation of so many foreign parties to promote anti-West, anti-freedom, pro-tyranny messages.

Indeed, Beijing's propaganda media services, which double as intelligence-gathering operations for the regime, were touting the supposed significance of it all in an avalanche of “news.” And not surprisingly, they chose supposed “western experts” widely viewed as socialist or communist to push the party line. “China has contributed a set of global and foreign governing solutions that are different from those in the West,” far-left American activist Brian Becker with the Stalinist front-group ANSWER Coalition was quoted as saying in Chinese propaganda materials. “Other countries in the world, like China, face many of the same challenges, and need to work together to overcome these challenges. China will describe the common vision to the world.”

As this magazine has documented, the mass-murdering dictatorship enslaving China is increasingly positioning itself at the center of “global governance” — with the deliberate help, support, and connivance of establishment globalists in the West. The phenomenon includes having known Communist Chinese agents sitting atop a wide range of United Nations agencies, as well as running Interpol and other international outfits in the constellation of globalism. This gathering of political parties in Beijing is another important step in the direction of global tyranny. On the campaign trail, President Trump expressed a decent understanding of the enormous threat posed by the regime in China, at least from an economic perspective. But as the latest globalism-promoting global political confab shows, that threat extends far beyond the economic realm. Indeed, freedom itself is at grave risk.

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Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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