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Syrian Women to Euro-Immigrationists: Give us Our Men Back!

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What gives? Are the Syrian migrants in Europe, in keeping with their host countries’ “gender”-bender insanity, just identifying as men? Actually, most are actual men, XY genotype, beards, deep voices and all — and their women in Syria want them back.

The immigrationist media had long been billing the migration crisis as a family phenomenon as opposed to what it is, which is explained (again) by American Thinker:

The purported “compassion” Angela Merkel insisted on for Syrian refugees is not being appreciated back home in Syria. When civil war came to Syria, most of those who fled the violence were military-age males, and they left their women behind to fend for themselves. “Women and children first” apparently does not translate smoothly into Arabic. When Angela Merkel led the E.U. into offering refuge for these young males who abandoned their females, she not only opened the door to a new wave of rapes, thefts, and other crime by men taught to despise the decadence of the infidels, but also abetted a demographic catastrophe for Syria.

The wave-migration-induced Western demographic upheaval has received much coverage in the honest media (all two percent of it), with a small German town of 102 residents receiving 750 quite alien migrants a prime example (video below).

Underappreciated, though, is the demographic upheaval experienced by sender countries. As to this, Swedish Radio’s Johan-Mathias Sommarström visited Syria to explore the effects the male exodus has had on the country’s women. Here’s a Google Translate version of his reporting, edited for style (hat tip: American Thinker):

Lots of young men have fled from Syria — some when the war came too close or because they were opposition and feared being arrested, but many to escape military service and being sent off to war. Other young men are just in the war and many, no one knows how many, have been killed. 

- The really young generation and the older one are still there, but the young men have died or left Syria, says Lina [a woman interviewed]. 

She regrets the shortage for many reasons. Many young women will be forced to go unmarried; there are not enough men. Moreover, it will be more difficult with the reconstruction. She believes that young men are needed for the heavy construction work necessary when streets and buildings are rebuilt. 

She wants the government to issue a permanent amnesty. Those who fled to avoid having to do military service should come back if they help rebuild the country, and she wants other countries to send the Syrians home. 

- The solution is to kick them out and get them to Syria where they can start building the country again[,] says Lina. 

This might already be happening, too, were the West not subject to an immigrationist-effected refugee scam. Being a “refugee,” as the word implies, means being given refuge — until the danger in your native land has passed.

It’s not meant to be a permanent situation.

Immigrationists aim to make it such, however, because they care not about the migrants’ safety but their future votes. Note that whether the Third World newcomers are in Europe or the United States, the voting pattern upon being naturalized is identical: They support leftists by wide margins.

This true aim is occasionally revealed, but never more bluntly than by Andrew Neather, ex-aide to former British prime minister Tony Blair. He admitted in 2009 that the previous years’ massive Third World migration into the United Kingdom was orchestrated by his Labour Party to, as he put it, “rub the right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date.”

Moreover, the great number of migrant crimes (rapes, assaults, etc.) in Europe has been explored, and explained, by way of cultural phenomena and Islamic influence. But a very simple factor is underappreciated: Jobless, aimless young men separated from their families and women tend to get into trouble.

In fact, single-sex groups are often problematic. As I reported last month on how intra-office bullying is worse in female-dominated workplaces, women-only groups tend to be catty and backstabbing-prone; men-only groups can become vulgar, rowdy, and violent.

The sexes are made for each other, complement each other and, when artificially separated long-term especially, don’t do well. For one thing, they’re denied the meaningful life provided by bonding with the opposite sex and working toward family. Fatherhood and motherhood engender in those embracing them greater adulthood.

The bottom line is that creating a population sex-ratio imbalance does no one any good.

A related issued involves modern migration generally. Many say that we should only take skilled immigrants, and H1-B visas (allowing specialized workers’ entry) are issued by the United States. But is it really moral to facilitate a Third world brain drain — and simultaneously create demographic and cultural upheaval in America — instead of just training our own citizens to fill the jobs in question?

Deep Business loves the immigrationist status quo because employing foreigners is cheaper than hiring skilled Americans or training them to be skilled. But “necessity is the mother of invention”: If Big Tech needs to pay more for American labor or to train it, it will. We just need to close the cheap-labor spigot.

As for the Syrians, American Thinker insists that repatriation should begin as soon as possible. Moreover, this practicing Muslim here (video below) not only agrees, but also says that most Muslim migrants in Europe aren’t even Syrian — they’re opportunists. They need to go home to their women.

Photo of Syrian women: AP Images

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