A communist Chinese spokesman criticized Taiwan’s offer of political asylum to Hong Kong protesters, saying they will make Taiwan a “haven sheltering criminals.”

VIDEO - In this episode, host Alex Newman brings attention to the annual global summit which takes place in Dubai. The event refers to itself as “a global platform dedicated to shaping the future of governments worldwide.” Though it identifies from a “neutral” standpoint and series as a place for “collaborations” to take place, Newman looks behind the curtain to see why we should be leery.

The United Nations Economic and Social Council has solely condemned Israel for its record on women's rights. The panel included such bastions of female empowerment as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, and China.

The Royal Navy is sending in warships to guard British-flag carriers in the Strait of Hormuz. In response, Iran is “testing” new missiles.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that the U.K. plans to develop a Europe-led “maritime protection mission” to safeguard shipping in the Strait of Hormuz.




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