First, the controversial “media” outlet Bloomberg News, widely regarded by critics as a propaganda megaphone for the radical views of billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, reportedly censored one of its reporters by blocking publication of an article exposing cronyism and corruption among Communist China’s ruling class. Insider sources quoted in news reports said the decision to kill the story was made for “political reasons” — namely, to appease Beijing. Then, last week, award-winning investigative journalist Michael Forsythe, based in Hong Kong, was finally suspended by Bloomberg’s media empire, shattering its credibility among analysts.

Pro-life and human rights leaders have warned that China's supposed easing of its notorious one-child policy will not stop forced abortion and infanticide.

VIDEO - Dr. Yuri Maltsev, an Austrian school economist and economic historian, discusses the Dmitri Volkogonov Archives with The New American magazine. Prior to defecting from the USSR in 1989, Dr. Maltsev served as an economist for President Gorbachev's reforms package of perestroika at the Russian Academy of Sciences. Dr. Maltsev explains who Dmitri Volkogonov is and what is in his archive.

A November 13 press release issued by the UNODC — the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime — stated that opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan rose 36 percent in 2013, which is a record high. Additionally, opium production amounted to 5,500 tons, up by 49 percent since 2012.

A South Korean newspaper has reported that North Korea executed 80 people in early November, some for such prohibited activities as watching TV and possessing Bibles.

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