According to some political pundits, a main reason for U.S. interest in passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership is to inhibit China’s economic dominance, but that’s far from the truth.

As a Chinese carrier group is engaging in naval drills near Hainan in the South China Sea, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, leading a carrier strike group, entered that sea.

By using American dollars, Communist China has for decades been waging economic, political, and military war against the United States. Trump is correct in adding in his tweet: “We cannot let this continue!”


The communist government of China has recently taken firmer steps to maintain control over religion, including banning the sale of Bibles at online bookstores.

China’s censors went on a rampage last week, all because of a reporter's spontaneous, on-camera facial expression that signaled her exasperation at Communist China’s stage-managed National People’s Congress. The Internet storm cuased by the now-famous eye-roll also exposed the communist regime's  dangerous media penetration of the United States. 


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