The communist ideology responsible for the slaughter of more than 100 million people and the enslavement of billions over the last century is “very similar” to Christianity, claimed Russian strongman Vladimir Putin. The bizarre remarks, first reported by Kremlin-backed broadcaster RT, also suggested that the ideology of communism could be found throughout the Bible — an idea that was ridiculed by mainstream Christian theologians who view the murderous “ideology” as practically the antithesis of biblical morality. Finally, Putin likened mass-murdering dictator Vladimir Lenin's dead body lying in Moscow's Red Square to the veneration of Christian saints.

After installing its agent at the top of Interpol, Communist China, the most murderous regime in recorded human history, is working with the United Nations to set up a “permanent peacekeeping police squad” and an 8,000-man “standby force” to be deployed anywhere in the world at a moment's notice. Unsurprisingly, the UN is loving it. Radical UN General Assembly President Miroslav Lajcak, an unrepentant Communist Party operative from Eastern Europe, recently praised the communist regime in China for its lead role in the controversial effort. And the new China-UN “peace” force comes as Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping vowed on New Year's Eve to “resolutely uphold the authority and status of the United Nations.” The implications for liberty could be disastrous.

As the American people and the Trump administration work to rein in the international dictators club, the mass-murdering dictator ruling mainland China vowed in his New Year's address to “resolutely uphold the authority and status of the United Nations.”

During a New Year’s Day address, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un struck an unusually conciliatory tone for the usually belligerent strongman, calling for peace on the Korean peninsula.

A newly declassified British diplomatic cable is shedding new light on the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. According to the document, written on June 5, 1989 — just over 24 hours after the mass killing — the death toll was at least 10,000. This is more than three times the estimate of nearly 3,000 commonly reported.

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