Communist China supplies the world with more than 95 percent of the rare earth minerals, resources which are increasingly vital to advanced technology. In September 2009, China announced that it would reduce its production of these minerals to 35,000 tons, with the stated reason being to conserve scare resources and to protect the environment. In July 2010, China reduced the quota of rare earth minerals for export by 72 percent. In September 2010, the communist government halted shipments of critical rare earth minerals to Japan and the next month also halted shipments to the United States and Europe.

“We want blood for blood.” Those were the last words of Shumaila Faheem, who committed suicide after swallowing poison pills on Sunday, February 6 as a protest affirming her belief that she would never receive justice for her husband's killing from the present regime.

Physical torture, abuse, forced abductions, sexual harassment, forced marriages, and other brutal practices are everyday events in the Islamic republic of Pakistan. Women in Pakistan still face daunting hardships in the male-dominated society. Although seemingly every other day the government announces plans to secure the rights of women — it has been of no use. Torture incidents are still the highlight of the media on a regular basis.

While Islamist extremism is advancing in Pakistan and Egypt, one of the bastions of the Jihadist ideology is facing a challenge its mullahs are having a hard time countering: the Christian Church is growing in Iran.

A Pakistani lawmaker who had worked to reform her nation’s harsh blasphemy law has abandoned that effort, at least for the moment. Sherry Rehman, a member of Pakistan’s parliament, had authored a bill for the National Assembly that would have removed the death sentence as a form of punishment for blasphemy against Mohammed.

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