Between 2014 and 2017, China conducted about 200 laboratory experiments simulating the physics of a nuclear blast, compared with only 50 such tests by the United States.

Muqtada al-Sadr — the anti-American Shi'ite cleric who led his followers in attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq — appears to be the clear winner in the country’s fourth parliamentary election since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. 

ISTANBUL — In a joint statement, top Christian leaders across the war-ravaged nation of Syria condemned recent attacks on their nation by Western powers, calling last month's airstrikes “unjustified aggression” and questioning the narrative surrounding alleged chemical-weapons use. The church leaders, who represent various Christian denominations in Syria, also urged their brothers and sisters in the United Kingdom, France, and the United States to stand with them in condemning the attacks against Syria unleashed by their governments. While Christians are being slaughtered in the conflict, the Western media, too busy banging the war drums, said virtually nothing about the statement or the situation.

Will President Trump's decision to move the American embassy in Israel to their capital city of Jerusalem touch off violence?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed Monday that “Iran lied” about not having a nuclear weapons development program. In fact, along with an impressive multimedia presentation, Netanyahu displayed “half a ton” of Iranian files — including “55,000 pages” and “another 55,000 files on 183 CDs” that “Israel obtained” from Iran in a “great intelligence achievement.” Netanyahu called the files “new and conclusive proof” that Iran has a program to develop nuclear weapons. But do the files prove what Netanyahu claims?

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