Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry reported on December 28 that 41 people were killed and 30 wounded by multiple bomb blasts at a Shiite Tebyan cultural center in Kabul.

Citing an “appalling” climate for what the United Nations dishonestly characterizes as “human rights,” scandal-plagued UN “High Commissioner for Human Rights” Zeid bin Ra'ad Al Hussein is planning to step down this summer.

Responding to a UN General Assembly vote rejecting the U.S. government's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the Trump administration and a wide array of prominent lawmakers warned that American taxpayer funding of the United Nations was at risk. Foreign aid to anti-American governments and tyrants may also be drying up soon, the president warned. If the Trump administration makes good on its threats connected to the vote, Americans may soon be saving many billions of dollars annually — and potentially even U.S. sovereignty, too.

The Chinese regime is using countless video cameras and face scans to monitor citizens — and thousands have already vanished. It’s a cautionary tale about how modern technology threatens to make totalitarianism truly total.

The Chinese Communist Party convened political parties from all over the world in Beijing for “high-level dialogue.” The U.S. Republican Party sent a high-level delegate to offer a speech and represent the GOP.




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