The UN Security Council — by a unanimous vote — imposed new sanctions on North Korea as a punitive measure in response to Pyonyang’s two ballistic missile tests in July.

South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) has disputed North Korean claims that the long-range missile it tested on July 4 has re-entry capabilities.

Under the guise of fighting alleged man-made global warming, California Governor Jerry Brown is defying the elected government of the United States and forming an unconstitutional alliance with the mass-murdering communist regime enslaving mainland China.



North Korea claims to have successfully tested an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). The missile — which was tested Tuesday morning — reportedly reached an altitude of over 1700 miles and a distance of almost 580 miles before splashing down in the Sea of Japan.

American Special Forces have “boots on the ground” and are helping Philippine troops and police fight Islamist rebels in the Southern town of Marawi, according to U.S. and local officials cited in news reports around the world. The news comes after firebrand Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte, accused of extra-judicial killings as part of his war on drugs, repeatedly threatened to evict all U.S. troops from the Philippines. A number of legal concerns have been raised surrounding the operations for both governments. However, with officials and media outlets arguing that the fighting is aimed at stopping Islamists supposedly “loyal” to the Islamic State (ISIS), the legal issues have been mostly swept under the rug so far.

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