Globalism is becoming politically toxic. But it is not dead yet. As an informal global coalition of national leaders forms to resist globalism and the engineered destruction of self-government and national sovereignty, Australia's milquetoast prime minister, Scott Morrison, added his voice to the growing chorus. But there is more to his half-hearted criticism of globalism than meets the eye. In a speech last week, Morrison blasted “international institutions” that “demand conformity.” He also slammed the “negative globalism” that seeks to use coercion to “impose a mandate from an often ill defined borderless global community.” Even worse, he continued, is when an “unaccountable internationalist bureaucracy” seeks to impose its agenda on the nations of the world.

Lawmakers in New Zealand are looking to pass radical pro-abortion legislation that would virtually allow abortion on demand until birth with few restrictions and would create “safe spaces” outside of abortion clinics to protect women from pro-life advocates.

Former two-time deputy prime minister of Australia, Barnaby Joyce has finally told everyone what he really thinks about the man-made climate-change agenda: It’s “barking” madness.

It was the 2016 Brexit and Trump victories all over again, as Australian voters defied all media predictions and revolted against the climate hysteria propagandists.

VIDEO - The motive behind the tragic shooting in New Zealand has been associated with conservative ideologies. Trevor Loudon discusses with Christian Gomez that the motives were in fact far from it. Loudon dives into the shooter’s manifesto, which aligns with National Bolshevism, and even borrows it’s imagery.

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