Former two-time deputy prime minister of Australia, Barnaby Joyce has finally told everyone what he really thinks about the man-made climate-change agenda: It’s “barking” madness.

It was the 2016 Brexit and Trump victories all over again, as Australian voters defied all media predictions and revolted against the climate hysteria propagandists.

VIDEO - The motive behind the tragic shooting in New Zealand has been associated with conservative ideologies. Trevor Loudon discusses with Christian Gomez that the motives were in fact far from it. Loudon dives into the shooter’s manifesto, which aligns with National Bolshevism, and even borrows it’s imagery.

Following last week’s deadly shootings at two New Zealand mosques that left 50 dead and many more seriously injured, Internet Service Providers in New Zealand have responded by implementing outright censorship of content related to the shootings. That censorship is manifested in different ways — from blocking certain content to barring access to entire alternative news sites. Major social media companies had already begun purging and censoring posts about the shootings, but the CEOs of major telecommunications firms in New Zealand and Australia have gone even further — creating what could be described as “The Great Trans-Tasman Firewall.” And the government of New Zealand is threatening citizens with harsh fines and jail time for possessing or sharing the video.

VIDEO - Another mass shooting shocked the world this time at the Christchurch mosque in New Zealand, where a gunman gunned down dozens of people with no remorse. New American contributor Christian Gomez interviews New Zealand author Trevor Loudon to highlight the importance of the United State's Second Amendment.

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