VIDEO - In this interview with The New American's Alex Newman, British film producer Mark Sutherland gives an update on Brexit and warns about what is happening in the United Kingdom. He says the European Union has been "destroyed" by Coronavirus. Sutherland also points out that despite the government being led by the "Conservative" Party, Britain is moving further and further in the direction of the totalitarian left, where even the most basic rights such as free speech are under threat. Beware, because this insanity is coming to America soon!

The coronavirus panic and associated lockdowns are having “devastating” effects on children, including post-traumatic stress disorder, a British children’s charity warns.

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage called out Black Lives Matter after they vandalized several statues in the U.K., including ones of Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi. 

United Nations “High Commissioner for Human Rights” Michelle Bachelet blasted the United States amid protests and riots, painting the nation as a racist abomination in need of deep reforms to address “structural racism.”


Two prominent physicians are optimistic that the Covid-19 threat is nearly over in Italy, but there are the predictable pessimists.

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