Sources are suggesting that former U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch may have ordered the State Department to "spy" on U.S. journalists who were investigating Joe and Hunter Biden's dealings in the country.

Calling out inept, traitorous, and corrupt politicians among Europe's ruling class online is officially banned, worldwide. After usurping authority over the peoples and nations of Europe, a European Union court just ruled that U.S.-based social-media companies must comply with anti-free speech decrees by European authorities. Under the ruling handed down by the so-called European Court of Justice last week, judges made clear that the criticism of a fringe political figure must be censored all over the world — not just inside the EU or in the specific nation where authorities consider the speech illegal. Critics called the move Orwellian and crazy.

Sweden is to an extent experiencing population replacement. But this hasn’t, as hoped, translated into worker replacement. In fact, unemployment rates have skyrocketed due to the importation of welfare-dependent Third World migrants. 

Norway’s controversial child welfare agency has taken permanent custody of three American children after one falsely accused her parents of abuse.

One might say something here about the “best laid plans of mice and men,” except that there was nothing well conceived about Europe’s recent years’ admittance of waves of Muslim migrants. Just consider Sweden, which had led the world in absorbing the most migrants per capita (and in value signaling) and now finds that, sometimes, when you lead you bleed. And some Swedish cities — and to an extent the nation itself — are now bleeding native Swedes as they flee migrant-born crime and social ills.

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