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Defying Members, UN Pushes Homosexual Agenda With Postal Stamps

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Brazenly defying United Nations member governments from around the world, the UN decided to promote homosexuality, same-sex parenting, transgenderism, and other controversial agendas on a series of commemorative postage stamps. It is the next step in the UN's divisive “Free and Equal” campaign, which claims to have reached a billion people with its propaganda so far.

Around the world, though, critics of the so-called LGBT agenda — Lesbian, “Gay,” Bisexual, and Transgender — expressed outrage, slamming the UN and calling on pro-LGBT zealot Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon to apologize and even resign. The UN boss similarly came under fire just last year after publicly celebrating homosexual “marriage” and a child molester known for raping underage boys.     

The divisive postal stamps, which drew outrage and swift condemnation from around the world, feature homosexuals hugging and kissing, carrying children, coming out of the closet, and more. One stamp includes an image of a “human butterfly” reportedly representing people confused about their biological sex, often referred to as transsexuals or transgenders. The stamps also include the homosexual UN slogan “Free and Equal” in various languages. “United Nations for LGBT Equality,” the stamps read in various languages, commemorating the UN's ongoing global push to celebrate homosexuality and gender confusion. UN Assistant Secretary-General Stephen Cutts explained: “We need to change attitudes.”

un postage stamps 2.001The UN agency responsible for the controversial stamps is known as the UN Postal Administration (UNPA). The campaign to glorify and promote homosexuality under the guise of “equality,” meanwhile, is being led by the UN Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights. That scandal-plagued agency, which regularly claims that the UN's perverse view of “human rights” demands everything from censorship to gun control, was most recently under fire for pushing to legalize the killing of pre-born children across Latin America under the pretext of responding to the Zika virus. Before that, the dictator-dominated bureacracy faced global criticism for covering up widespread child rape by UN “peace” troops, and then persecuting the official who blew the whistle on the scandal. 

The art deco-style graphics on the stamps were designed by UN artist Sergio Baradat, a controversial homosexual activist of Cuban descent who was reportedly the brainchild behind the LGBT stamps. “We live in a world where even though [some Western] nations have embraced marriage equality [homosexual 'marriage'] and LBGT equality [sic], we still have a far, far, far way to go, but we are making some strides,” he was quoted as saying in a UN press release, lamenting that there were “some countries” where homosexuals are “not celebrated or respected.” “And I thought that it would be a wonderful opportunity using art, to use postage stamps as a vehicle — using art to change hearts and minds.”

In a bizarre attempt to turn truth and objective reality upside down, Baradat claimed the transgender stamp represents a gender-confused individual “becoming who they really are, blossoming.” Of course, no matter what a person does in terms of removing organs through surgery, the changing of biological sex, determined in the individual genetic code, is simply not possible. Comparing the confusion over one's sex to anorexia or bulimia, where people imagine that they are fat despite being dangerously thin; top experts in the field have long warned against pretending that people could be born the “wrong” sex or that “sex-change” could “fix” it.          

The pro-homosexuality stamps were released at UN headquarters earlier this month in an unusual ceremony featuring occult-themed art displays. Among other oddities, the “gay” festivities were presided over by “dark naked figures dancing around a fire and a powerful Greek god,” reported attorney Stefano Gennarini with the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-fam). The stamps, he added, were unveiled in the atrium of the General Assembly Hall “before a massive painting of naked figures swaying around a fire and a nude statue of Poseidon with outstretched arm, gifts of Mexico and Greece — a location likely chosen for its suggestive qualities, as events are not normally held there.”

Dozens of members of the “New York City Gay Men’s Chorus” also sang at the event. The songs by the homosexual choir were described as “the music of love” by UN “Free and Equal” boss Charles Radcliffe. The UN activist slammed the dozens of nations that criminalize sodomy and homosexual intercourse and said the UN was working “every day to get these laws repealed.” Also speaking in favor of the stamps was a Reuters correspondent covering the UN, despite the news agency's claims of being impartial and unbiased in reporting. The Reuters journalist encouraged everyone to buy the stamps and “spread the message,” C-fam reported.

Critics, including many UN member states around the world, were outraged by the UN's activities. According to C-fam, almost half of all UN member governments tried to stop the issuance of the stamps before they were released publicly. That included three powerful UN blocs representing some 86 countries. The 54-member African Group, for example, blasted the UN homosexuality and transgender campaign for “undermining the respected flagship of the UN” and “associating it with issues that do not enjoy universal consensus.” The Group of Friends of the Family, which includes two dozen governments, blasted UN leadership for pushing its “deeply controversial agenda” that “thwarts unity, dialogue, and mutual respect.”

Some individual member states also vehemently denounced the UN campaign on their own and in public, according to media reports. “We wish to remind the UN to limit itself strictly to activities mandated by member states and especially to promote issues that are beneficial to mankind rather than lend itself as tool to promote aberrant behavior under the guise of promoting human rights,” Nigerian Ambassador Usman Sarki said about the homosexual stamps in front of a meeting of national government representatives. In Nigeria, one of the world's most populous nations, homosexual intercourse is a serious crime that can be punished by death in Islamic areas and long prison sentences in Christian jurisdictions.

Sarki also lashed out at the UN for siding with the minority of governments — virtually all of them in the post-modern Western world — that have in recent years stopped treating homosexuality as a crime or mental disorder, but instead as “love” or even “marriage” to be celebrated by government order. As The New American reported last summer, almost half of the UN’s member states still criminalize homosexual activity today, and eight of those have laws punishing homosexuality with death. Just one in 10 UN member governments recognize the imagined “human right” to a “homosexual marriage.”

“What is clear to many is that the UN has now decided without any reservation or hesitation to side with a minority of member states and practitioners of this lifestyle, in complete disregard of the wishes and concerns of the majority of its member States and the populations that they represent,” the Nigerian ambassador was quoted as saying by, a popular pro-life news service. “The UN should not take unilateral decisions on such sensitive matters that offend the sensibilities of the majority of its member states, and contradict their religious beliefs, cultures, traditions and laws.”

In one of Nigeria's top newspapers, meanwhile, prominent attorney and editorial board member Sonnie Ekwowusi demanded the immediate resignation of the UN chief and an unqualified apology to UN members. He blasted the images on the stamps, especially the homosexuals holding a child and what he called the “putrid display” of lesbianism. Blasting UN boss Ban and “a few others,” he said they should not “go from behind and impose homosexuality and transgenderism on the rest of mankind” — particularly when nations never agreed to it.

Of course, it is hardly the first time the UN has come under fire for promoting the LGBT agenda. Last year, UN chief Ban, speaking in San Francisco, celebrated the U.S. Supreme Court's radical, anti-constitutional, and extraordinarily controversial ruling purporting to impose homosexual “marriage” on America as a “great step forward for human rights in the United States.” He also celebrated homosexual leader Harvey Milk, most infamous, perhaps, for his rape of vulnerable underage boys, at least two of whom, including 16-year-old Jack Galen McKinley, went on to commit suicide.

“It was from this building, some 40 years ago, that Harvey Milk helped to set in train America’s gay rights revolution — a revolution that continues to this day not just in this country but around the world,” Ban declared. “The measures he advocated here — including new laws to protect people from discrimination — are the same measures that, today, we advocate to governments everywhere.” It is not enough for governments to merely tolerate homosexuality, Ban said — they must “embrace” it, too. Critics across America and around the world were shocked.

While much of the world has recoiled in horror at the UN's promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism, the Obama administration and a number of radical European governments have encouraged and celebrated the trend. The Obama administration even vowed to "inject" LGBT adulation into the "DNA" of the UN. Using “foreign aid,” the UN and Western governments have also been attempting to bribe governments in other parts of the world to embrace homosexuality, abortion, and other controversial stances. Critics call it “cultural imperialism.” However, as the latest round of fierce criticism showed, most of humanity is not  ready to comply.

Americans who do not believe their tax dollars should be funding the UN and its campaigns promoting abortion, the LGBT agenda, global governance, pseudo-human rights, and more, can take immediate action. There is already legislation in Congress that would revoke U.S. government membership in the UN, block all funding, and evict it from American soil. With enough public pressure on Congress, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act to get the U.S. out of the UN could become law, saving taxpayers billions. That would be a good place to start at the very least.      


Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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