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Billionaires & Globalists vs. the People — As Brexit D-Day Vote Looms

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Rothschild, Soros, Bloomberg, Branson, Ka-Shing, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, BlackRock, Carlyle Group — the banking behemoths and business titans are turning out in force in the final hours of the countdown to one of the most momentous votes in decades, if not of the past century. The Bilderberg-CFR-Trilateral elites are bringing all hands on deck to stop Britons from voting to leave the EU, in the June 23 Brexit referendum. With trillions of dollars at stake, not to mention decades of scheming to concentrate political power, the organized globalists are pulling out all stops in a final desperate push to frighten British voters away from reclaiming sovereignty and control over their own lives, their own finances, and their own borders. It’s known in England as “Project Fear” (see here and here), and Prime Minister David Cameron and his uber-rich “world order” backers have ratcheted it up to “full terror” mode for the final stretch of the race.

The stepped-up propaganda campaign to kill the Brexit vote came directly on the heels of the 64th meeting of ultra-secretive Bilderberg Group, which took place June 9-12 at the luxurious Hotel Taschenbergpalais in Dresden, Germany. Helping kick off the final installment of “Project Fear” was a June 14 column by Martin Wolf in the Financial Times entitled, “Brexit imperils the confidence of strangers.”

“Suppose that the Leave campaign, which one might call Project Lie, wins the referendum next week,” Wolf posited. “How bad might the economic consequences over the next few years be? Alas, they might be very bad indeed,” he darkly warned. Wolf, chief economics commentator at the establishment Financial Times, is one of the elite propagandists posing as journalists who has been attending the Bilderberg confabs for years. Their job is to serve as transmission belts of the Bilderberg cabal’s line to the general public, and to quell and quash all public concerns about the opaque goings-on of public officials behind closed doors with powerful private interests. This is usually done by the likes of Wolf using their prestigious positions to denounce as irrational “conspiracy theories” any rational concerns expressed about the clandestine conferences. Wolf ended his post-Dresden monitory by claiming: “Brexit, in sum, might be a big economic shock and not just for the UK. This is largely because of the fragility that precedes it and the many uncertainties that would follow it. The referendum is itself irresponsible. The outcome might well prove devastating.”

Following Wolf’s lead, billionaire George Soros, the world’s most infamous currency speculator, warned Britain that a vote for Brexit this Thursday could result in a “Black Friday” market crash with horrible consequences. In a June 20 column for the UK Guardian entitled “The Brexit crash will make all of you poorer — be warned,” Soros said: “My 60 years of experience tells me the pound will plummet, along with your living standards. The only winners will be speculators.” That’s rich, coming from the primo speculator/manipulator and protégé of the even more infamous Rothschild banking dynasty.

Soros, a committed world government advocate and backer of socialist causes (see here and here), is a regular denizen of the shadowy corridors of power, as exemplified by the secretive annual Bilderberg conferences, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and the World Economic Forum.

“I want people to know what the consequences of leaving the EU would be before they cast their votes, rather than after,” Soros averred in his Guardian piece. “A vote to leave could see the week end with a Black Friday, and serious consequences for ordinary people.” Of course, the predatory “investor’s” professed concern is somewhat suspect, since he has made much of his multi-billion-dollar fortune by toppling markets and manipulating currencies in deals that have destroyed the lives, savings, and jobs of millions of “ordinary people” around the world.

Ditto for Jacob Rothschild, who penned an op-ed for the Times (UK) on June 15, entitled, “All the evidence shows that Brexit would be a disaster.” “We shouldn’t accept a diminished role on the world stage,” says Rothschild, whose family of master manipulators has been making and breaking kings and kingdoms, and financing wars and revolutions for 150 years.

Then there’s billionaire Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City and head of the Bloomberg News organization. “The British electorate does not need Americans to tell them how to vote in the June 23 referendum, and I wouldn’t dare try,” he wrote in a commentary  (also for the Times) — before proceeding to do what he said he wouldn’t do: tell the Brits how to vote.

“Brexit would leave the U.K., America and the rest of the world in a weaker position to combat terrorism, promote trade, and confront other global challenges including climate change,” he claimed. “The question is: Is the risk worth taking?” Bloomberg asked. “I have carefully evaluated the question of Brexit and concluded that the risks involved are troubling,” he answered. Bloomberg (a CFR, Bilderberg, World Economic Forum, Trilateral veteran) is well known as a lavish supporter of gun control, ObamaCare, global-warming alarmism, the LGBT revolution, global interventionism, the United Nations, and the overall nanny state.

Billionaire Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines and the Virgin financial services empire, has been in the forefront of the Remain campaign. Branson (Bilderberg, World Economic Forum, Royal Institute of International affairs — the British sister organization of the CFR) has spoken out repeatedly against the Brexit and even launched his own organization to support the Remain side.

Hong Kong mega-tycoon Li Ka-shing, with an estimated wealth of $28.6 billion, is pegged by Bloomberg as Asia’s third richest person, behind Chinese moguls Jack Ma (Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.) and Wang Jianlin (Dalian Wanda Group Co.). Ka-shing, with longstanding ties to the big Wall Street banksters and corporateers, is also one of the UK's biggest investors. In a June 20 Bloomberg article entitled, "Hong Kong’s Richest Man Warns Against Brexit as Vote Looms," Ka-shing stated, ” "If Brexit happens, it will be detrimental to the U.K. and it will have a negative impact to the whole of Europe."

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the world’s wealthiest man and an ardent one-worlder, has also joined the last-minute Brexit-bashing globalist choir. In a June 17 letter to the Times, which for over a century has been the quintessential voice of Britain’s Royal Institute of International Affairs world-government coterie, the tech titan opined that Britain would be “stronger, more prosperous and more influential” by remaining inside the EU. 

“While ultimately a matter for the British people to decide," he said, echoing Bloomberg and Obama, "it is clear to me that if Britain chooses to be outside of Europe, it will be a significantly less attractive place to do business and to invest.” Gates added: “It will be harder to find and recruit the best talent from across the Continent; talent which, in turn, creates jobs for people in the UK.”

Likewise, many of the top execs of the giant Wall Street investment firms such as BlackRockGoldman Sachs, the Carlyle Group, etc., have been fright-peddling furiously, issuing dire warnings of doom and gloom if voters go for Brexit. It’s easy to see why the big guns of finance are concerned. According to Investor’s Business Daily, “Morgan Stanley, Goldman, JPMorgan Lose Most In Brexit (No One Wins).”

Independent Business Leaders Disagree

However, many independent British business leaders disagree with the “no one wins” meme; they think if Brexit passes the average British citizen will be the winner, politically and financially.

The big billionaire globalists have hogged all the headlines in the establishment media (because they own, or are comrades with the owners of, the major media conglomerates) giving the impression of a common-sense consensus among business types against Brexit and in favor of Remain. Reinforcing this false view is the fact that the British Chamber of Commerce and other business groups dominated by the same corporate globalists, along with the pro-EU government agencies have repeatedly echoed these themes. But many British entrepreneurs, including some very large businesses reject this view and argue that Britain would be safer and more prosperous outside of the ever-tightening EU straitjacket.

“We will create more wealth and more jobs by being outside the EU than we will within it and we will be in control of our destiny,” says billionaire inventor/entrepreneur Sir James Dyson. The vacuum cleaner empire tycoon says the EU migration and regulation policies are “completely mad.”

The pro-Brexit group Vote Leave published a list of 250 British business leaders who back the Brexit. They include:

• Theo Paphitis, entrepreneur, retail magnate, and a star of the popular BBC business show Dragon’s Den.
• Tim Martin, founder and chairman of the pub chain Wetherspoons
• Michael Geoghegan, former CEO of HSBC
• David Ross, founder of Carphone Warehouse
• Sir Stuart Wheeler, founder of IG Index
• John Longworth, former director general of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC)
• Sir Rocco Forte, hotelier
• Paulette Furse, business owner, All Polished!, Ltd
• Emma Pullen, business owner, British Hovercraft Company
• John Hoerner, former chief executive officer, Tesco Clothing UK and Central Europe
• Luke Johnson, founder and chairman of Patisserie Valerie
• Jon Moulton, founder of Better Capital LLP
• Rupert Hambro, director of Theo Fennell Plc
• John Caudwell, founder of mobile phone retailer Phones 4u, investor, philanthropist
• Pasha Khandaker, president of the Bangladesh Caterers Association
• Damon de Laszlo, chairman of Harwin Plc
• John Sclater, former president of Equitable Life

Politics at Its Worst: Exploiting a Terrible Murder

As we reported previously, despite the heavy-handed anti-Brexit propaganda of the pro-EU establishment’s “Project Fear,” the movement to Leave the EU was steadily gaining momentum and had pulled into the lead in virtually all polls — until, that is, the assassination of Jo Cox, the pro-Remain Member of Parliament who was brutally shot and stabbed to death on June 16. Immediately (as if on pre-planned cue), the Bilderberg establishment’s prostitute press turned the tragic (and convenient) murder into a condemnation of the Leave campaign and a cause célèbre for the Remain camp.

“Polls released since the killing of pro-EU campaigner Jo Cox have suggested the ‘Remain’ camp is gaining ground, producing the swing back toward the vote to stay,” the pro-EU Bloomberg News reported today. With less than 48 hours left before the referendum, multiple polls are showing the outcome too close to call, with some showing “Leave” leading by one or two points, and others showing the opposite, with “Remain” in front — barely.

Do not be surprised if another assassination or terrorist bombing occurs by the time the Brexit polling begins on Thursday. If that happens, we can be sure the pro-EU politicians and their corporate and media allies will rush to decry it as a “right-wing, nationalist, extremist” act resulting from the “tone” of “fear, hate, intolerance, incivility, and xenophobia” of the pro-Brexit side.

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