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UN Unleashes LGBT Czar to Promote Homosexuality, Transgenderism

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The United Nations "Human Rights Council," which counts some of the world's most ruthless dictatorships as members, sparked global outrage last week by voting to appoint a UN czar to oversee the normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism around the world. In the crosshairs are religious and moral views that reject homosexual behavior as sinful, as well as objective reality and biological facts that until recent years were taken for granted. The deeply controversial scheme was pushed through by communist and socialist rulers with fervent support from the Obama administration, which for years has been lawlessly using American tax dollars and diplomatic resources to bribe and bully foreign governments into compliance with the radical agenda. But there was a great deal of opposition, and criticism of the UN extremism is growing.

Officially, the UN LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) “expert” will work to combat “violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.” In reality, though, forces on both sides of the issue know full well that the UN czar will serve as another weapon in the global war against religion, traditional values, morality, and truth. Indeed, top UN bureaucrats involved in the effort have already announced that the plot includes preventing homosexuals and transgenders from being “stigmatized.” That means they hope to change people's views and morals — and even their religion.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon (shown above), who last year celebrated a notorious child rapist for launching the “gay rights revolution,” cited schools as one of the many targets for the new UN homosexuality czar to focus on. Obama's secretary of state, John Kerry, meanwhile, admitted that the LGBT czar would be a “focal point” for “combatting [sic] challenges faced by LGBT persons.” That means the agenda goes way beyond merely protecting homosexuals from violence. And remember, Obama boasted about having lied to the American people all along about his views on homosexual "marriage," meaning that, what they admit to plotting is likely just the start. 

Consider that, under the guise of stopping “discrimination” against homosexuals and people confused about which sex they are, extremists at all levels of government in the United States and the West are working overtime to turn the world upside down. From allowing men into women's restrooms and locker rooms, to redefining and even un-defining marriage, to forcing bakers and florists into re-education programs for refusing to play along with the reality-denying agenda, UN and U.S. officials are becoming more and more extreme. In some increasingly totalitarian Western nations, pastors and evangelists are literally being thrown in jail merely for pointing out that homosexual acts are sinful. And that is just the beginning.

According to the UN's propaganda service, the discredited UN “Human Rights Council” debated the measure for almost four hours on June 30 before adopting the scheme in a contentious vote. Just 23 member governments and regimes voted in favor of creating the new czar, while 18 voted against and six abstained. The measure was pushed forward by a tight-knit network of communist and socialist governments in Latin America with close ties to Marxist terrorist groups, Western globalists, Moscow, and Beijing. A number of European governments and other members of the "LGBT Core Group," which includes Obama and the EU, also played a key role in pushing the scheme from outside the UN "human rights" outfit.“For the first time, work on this issue [normalizing homosexuality and transgenderism] will be effectively institutionalized at the Human Rights Council,” the UN said. The UN LGBT bureaucrat will be appointed in September to a three-year term.

The real agenda is hardly a secret. “This UN-LGBT Enforcer will travel the world imposing the sexual revolution on peoples and churches and countries who do not want it,” explained Austin Ruse, president of the Center for Family and Human Rights, or C-Fam. “It will be under the guise of protecting LGBT people from discrimination. But that is a lie. The purpose will be aimed at anyone who believes in traditional sexual morality and to stamp out that belief. The New United Nations LGBT Enforcer will determine, without a doubt, that your religious beliefs are nothing more than hate.”

In an e-mail to supporters C-Fam's Ruse called the development a “disaster,” and noted that the UN LGBT enforcer position was established thanks to the efforts of “radical delegations from Europe.” Indeed, multiple sources have highlighted the fact that Western governments, in imperialist fashion, are using tax-funded bribes and the threat of withholding funds to force governments around the world to surrender to the extreme agenda. While C-Fam and other groups worked to stop the UN scheme, enough governments caved in to “unethical threats,” allowing the UN Human Rights Council to establish the new position.

The implications are huge. “The new UN-LGBT Enforcer will come with the might and muscle of the United Nations, the European Union, and the United States and with the power to enforce this radical new belief,” Ruse explained, noting that traditional values and religious beliefs would henceforth be considered hate by the UN. “We are up against the most powerful people and institutions on the earth. They have unlimited funds and the power of governments behind them.” C-Fam and other groups vowed to keep fighting.

Family Watch International also fought to stop the plot. “Everyone knows that this is intended to be a tool to try to force such things as same-sex marriage, cross-gender bathroom use, LGBT 'rights' indoctrination education, and much more upon countries around the world in the name of preventing discrimination and violence,” explained Annie Franklin, director of UN Activities for the pro-family group. “This so-called ‘independent expert’ or ‘Special Rapporteur’ as they are often called at the UN would be given the mandate to collect reports and complaints from sexual rights activist groups and LGBT individuals worldwide and would then use these complaints, along with the full arsenal of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, to pressure governments to overturn their laws protecting marriage, family, and religious and cultural values.”

While religious people, groups, and nations around the world were horrified by the news, UN officials celebrated the developments. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, for example, cheered the decision through a spokesman as another “step forward” in the agenda. “I can tell you that the Secretary-General believes that the Human Rights Council marked another important step forward when it decided to appoint a UN Independent Expert to monitor and report on levels of violence and discrimination against LGBT people globally,” said Ban's spokesman Stéphane Dujarric. “It is clear that there’s still so much that needs to be done to protect people from violence, tackle discrimination at work, end bullying in schools and ensure access to healthcare, housing and essential services.”

The UN's record on homosexual issues in recent years is beyond fringe. Indeed, last year, while celebrating the U.S. Supreme Court's illegal ruling pretending to re-define the institution of marriage by inventing a constitutional right to homosexual “marriage,” the UN boss revealed his true colors. Among other outrages, Ban showered praise on child rapist Harvey Milk, a homosexual leader infamous for his rape of vulnerable underage boys. His predatory behavior led at least two of his young victims, including 16-year-old Jack Galen McKinley, to commit suicide.

“It was from this building, some 40 years ago, that Harvey Milk helped to set in train America’s gay rights revolution — a revolution that continues to this day not just in this country but around the world,” Ban declared in San Francisco after the Supreme Court's tortured ruling, which he celebrated as a “great step forward for human rights in the United States.” “The measures he advocated here — including new laws to protect people from discrimination — are the same measures that, today, we advocate to governments everywhere.” Ironically, the praise for the child rapist came even as the UN's “peace” armies were facing global outrage for systematically raping and sexually exploiting children around the world.

More recently, critics even called for Ban to resign after the UN defied its member governments by moving ahead with a campaign to promote homosexuality, same-sex parenting, transgenderism, and other controversial agendas on a series of commemorative postage stamps. It was the next step in the UN's divisive “Free and Equal” campaign, which claims to have reached a billion people with its pro-homosexual and transgender propaganda so far. It is worth noting that the American College of Pediatrics recently pointed out that “conditioning children into believing a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.”

Of course, the UN, widely ridiculed by American critics as the “dictators club,” has a long history of trying to re-define human rights. Instead of God-given individual rights that governments exist to protect, as enjoyed by Americans and enshrined in the Constitution, the UN promotes the notion of human rights as revocable privileges granted by government that can be limited or crushed under virtually any pretext. The UN “Human Rights Council,” which replaced the UN Human Rights Commission after Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi was elected to lead it, includes numerous brutal dictatorships and mass murderers as members.

And the UN's "rights" agenda is clear: From seeking to criminalize speech and gun rights, to trying to make homosexuality and abortion into “human rights,” the UN and its pseudo-“human rights” agenda are getting more extreme and more bold every day. Meanwhile, the UN's “peace” troops rape children with impunity, prompting the UN's top leadership to respond by persecuting the only whistleblower who actually tried to do something about the grotesque and systematic abuses. The situation has gotten so bad that even hardcore internationalists in the U.S. Congress can no longer conceal the absurdity of it all.

Yet the attacks on real rights are growing. After the Orlando terrorist attack, which was cited as a reason to create a UN LGBT czar despite the fact that the terrorist was reportedly a homosexual, UN “Human Rights” boss Zeid al Hussein, an Islamic prince, claimed the U.S. government had an “obligation” to impose “robust gun control” on the American people. Just last year, meanwhile, UN “experts” called on the United States to change its Constitution to comply with a treaty that has not even been ratified by the U.S. Senate. Before that, UN “experts” and “rapporteurs” have blasted everything from allegedly low taxes in Canada to stay-home mothers in Switzerland and a lack of extra bedrooms for welfare recipients in the United Kingdom. And the extremism continues to grow as UN chief Ban travels the world declaring the outfit he leads to be the “Parliament of Humanity.”

But Americans do not have to put up with the radical agenda, or subsidize it with their taxpayer dollars. The American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 1205) would end U.S. membership in the UN, along with all U.S. taxpayer funding for the outfit. The legislation, currently sitting in the House Foreign Affairs Committee, would also evict the UN from U.S. soil. With the British leading the way with the historic “Brexit” from the European Union, more than a few prominent voices inside and outside of Congress are now pushing for an #Amexit. But to make that a reality, Americans who support self-government, the Constitution, traditional values, and liberty must get involved.

Photo of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon: AP Images

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU.

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