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Soros: Softer Rhetoric, but Anti-Brexit Plan Has Hidden Teeth & Claws

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“Europe is about to collapse and has to be completely reinvented…. The very nature of the EU has to be put to the test,” said billionaire globalist George Soros (shown) in an interview Wednesday with The Hungarian-born investor/manipulator is an ardent Eurofederalist and has been a leading funder of left-wing NGOs and globalist efforts to transform the European Union into a full-blown socialist Superstate. During the run-up to the historic Brexit vote on June 23, Soros was personally active — along with other billionaire one-worlders, such as Jacob Rothschild, Richard Branson, and Michael Bloomberg — speaking and writing against the effort by British citizens to extricate their country from the strangling grasp of the EU.

But his influence went far beyond his public interviews and syndicated columns: His funding of numerous pro-EU/anti-Brexit NGOs and think tanks extended his Eurofederalist footprint across the continent. Joining in Prime Minister David Cameron’s “Project Fear” campaign, Soros told British voters that a Brexit victory would cause horrendous economic harm, including a “Black Friday” stock market crash and a collapse of the pound sterling, Britain’s currency. That did not happen, of course. And, in fact, the International Monetary Fund — which had also promoted the Project Fear bandwagon — has, since the Brexit, noted that the United Kingdom’s economy will likely outperform both France and Germany in the coming year.

The Brits are fortunate they didn’t listen to the pre-Brexit propaganda of Soros, and they would be wise to close their ears to his post-Brexit spin as well. Currently, Soros is peddling the globalist line that Britain’s exit from the EU is a “highly complex” affair that will take “many years to implement,” and, moreover, will ultimately have to be subjected to another national referendum, which he expects to result in a vote to “rejoin the EU.” In addition, after striking a conciliatory tone about not forcing Britain to adopt the euro currency (a measure Brits are dead-set against), the investment mogul called for the EU to borrow more for government-directed “investment,” and for EU member states to transfer more power to Brussels over foreign policy and immigration/migration matters.

Soros was interviewed by Gregor Peter Schmitz, the Berlin bureau chief for the German magazine WirtschaftsWoche, and the coauthor with Soros of The Tragedy of the European Union: Disintegration or Revival?, published earlier this year.

Here are the opening remarks from the Schmitz-Soros Q&A interview: 

Schmitz: Every week, Europe seems to face a new crisis, whether it’s refugees, the UK leaving the EU, terror attacks or financial ruin. You have promoted European cohesion for decades. Are we on the brink of disintegration?

Soros: I am very worried. Europe is about to collapse and has to be completely reinvented. The goal must be to have a European Union that a country like the United Kingdom would want to be a part of. To achieve this, the very nature of the EU has to be put to the test.

Schmitz: What should actually be done?

Soros: There are three points that are critical in my view: firstly, the artificial distinction between EU membership and membership of the eurozone must stop. Countries choosing not to adopt the common currency should no longer be treated as second-class members. Secondly, the EU should use its excellent credit rating in order to borrow more for use in investment. Moreover, the member states have to cooperate more on foreign policy, especially in cases such as Ukraine, which wants to belong to Europe. Lastly, there has to be more cooperation on tackling the refugee crisis. I have made numerous proposals to that end. 

“If all of this were achieved, could Brexit be rolled back?” Schmitz asked.

“No, it’s happened and it cannot be undone,” Soros answered. “It will take many years to implement this decision. The issue is highly complex…. One thing is guaranteed: the political and economic uncertainty will shake the UK for years to come. However, the country retains the right to hold another referendum later in order to rejoin the EU. This would be easier than the actual exit.”

Schmitz asked Soros if he is “speculating against the European banking system?”

“Europe’s banking system is less solid and healthy than the US or British systems,” the magnate responded. “The state of the Italian banks is particularly worrying, but German savings banks are also not doing so well. Deutsche Bank is clearly the most vulnerable commercial bank as well.” As we reported recently, the EU banking system, led by the German and Italian banks — especially Deutsche Bank and Banco Monte dei Paschi di Siena (BMPS) — is in far worse shape than being merely “vulnerable” and “less solid” the U.S. system. The most reliable indicators are that the larcenous banking practices promoted by the central banks worldwide (together with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank) have created an impending crisis that is likely to break upon the global economy very soon, with consequences that could make the 2008-2009 crisis pale by comparison.

Soros’ appeal for “more cooperation on tackling the refugee crisis” is an obvious call for continued open borders and unlimited migration, causes that he has championed for many years. As a leading funder of the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), Soros has been a major promoter of subversive “migration” and “refugee” programs for the past decade-and-a-half, along with the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Endowment, Rockefeller Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the other usual suspects in the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) constellation of world government advocates. Besides being a CFR member (and former CFR director) himself, his son, Jonathan Soros, who runs much of his empire, is also a member. Moreover, the Soros Management Fund is a “President’s Circle” member of the CFR’s Corporate Member program, and his Open Society Foundations network finances many of the CFR’s pet globalist projects.

The people of Britain and the EU who hope to regain and retain their national sovereignty and independence should be quite pleased that Soros is “very worried” over the results of the Brexit. And they should do all in their power to keep him that way, and to keep their elected officials from selling out to, or caving in to, the CFR world-government schemers whom Soros represents.


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