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Scotland Child Overseers to Push Homosexuality, Gender Confusion

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A controversial United Nations-inspired scheme in which Scottish authorities assign a specific government bureaucrat to oversee the development of each child, being implemented now, just got even more outrageous. In short, the government's “Named Person” will be charged with pushing homosexuality, gender confusion, and more on the children assigned to them.  

As part of the program, recently released government documents show that children as young as five will be encouraged by their personal overseers to decide for themselves what their “gender identity” is, and whether they are attracted to people of the same sex. That is all “healthy” and “normal,” authorities said. Older children will be taught that it is normal to be “preoccupied with sex” and to engage in “risk taking” and “rule-breaking.” Parents have no right to object to the state-mandated indoctrination.

Scottish lawmakers said the named overseer program was required under the deeply controversial UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, or UN CRC. Under the plan, children will be assigned a named government worker at birth to oversee their development, health, welfare, mental health, family life, education, well-being, and more until the age of 18. They will also ensure that parents are meeting government parenting standards. Now, details about what that will entail are beginning to emerge with the release of the first official plans.

Critics, though, are fighting back against the latest assault on families, morality, parental rights, and common sense, saying it is time for the whole scheme to be abolished.  

The latest insight into the attack on families and parental rights comes from a government guidebook being distributed in North Ayrshire by authorities and exposed by the U.K. Daily Express newspaper. Under the plan, developed in conjunction with Police Scotland and the United Kingdom's socialized medicine bureaucracy known as the National Health Service, primary school children will be taught that it is “a normal, healthy part of human life” to be “attracted to boys, girls or both.”

The young children will also be taught gender confusion. The ideology, described as “child abuse” by the American College of Pediatricians, holds that a boy or girl can be born in the “wrong” body, thereby requiring “gender re-assignment” through chemical and surgical means. “It takes time to figure out who we are sexually and to understand our gender identity,” explains the official guidebook, entitled Getting It Right For You, or GIRFY. “The important thing is to be true to how you feel at the time.”

According to the North Ayrshire guidebook, one of the first such documents to be released, the upbringing and development of children in Scotland will be a “shared journey” between the child, his or her parents, and the government-assigned “Named Person.”

And the document makes that ideology clear throughout, with the government's role starting even before birth. “We promise your mum will have a named midwife who will look after both of you,” the government plan explains, presumably speaking to unborn babies that will not be slaughtered at taxpayer expense via abortion. “If your mum smokes, drinks alcohol or takes substances when she is pregnant with you, we will offer her a program to help her to stop.” If she prefers to butcher the baby under the guise of “choice,” the NHS will also offer her help with that.

Young children, meanwhile, will be taught by their government minders that homosexuality and bisexuality are normal and that they were born that way biologically. By contrast, biology suddenly becomes less important in the same paragraph, when children are to be taught that, biology notwithstanding, they might have been born the wrong gender. Plenty of other quackery that in virtually all of the world throughout all of history would have been considered too ridiculous to even consider — much less teach children as official dogma at taxpayer expense — will also be pushed on kids by their government overseers.

Teenagers and adolescents will receive lots of “help” and support from their government overseers, too. “Your mood can go up and down very quickly — sometimes for no apparent reason — and you will, at times, be preoccupied by sex and relationships,” the document explains. “Adolescence can be a time of risk-taking and rule-breaking. These are normal teenage behaviors.”  

Parents are in the cross-hairs for “help” from their family's personl bureaucrat, too. “Your parents will support you during this key time in your life and they might need some extra help themselves!” the guidebook says. “Your Named Person will be someone within your school. They will become more involved with you and your parents and will listen to you and offer you support and advice.”

Critics of the agenda were less than amused, however. “It is disturbing that Named Persons and local authority staff will be expected to follow this plan with its warped view of childhood and adolescence,” Norman Wells with the Family Education Trust told the Express. “North Ayrshire Council seems determined to normalise gender confusion among primary school children and to get them to question whether they are attracted to others of either sex. And to tell teenagers that they can expect to be preoccupied with sex and that it’s normal to engage in rule-breaking is grossly irresponsible. Such low expectations are likely to turn into self-fulfilling prophecies.”

Another opponent of the whole scheme, Christian Concern leader Andrea Williams, also blasted the document in comments to the pro-life news service LifeSiteNews. “It’s an absolute intrusion,” she said, noting that the plan places the state between parents and their children. “The primary educators have to be the parents. This kind of overreach is never good news.”

The sexualization, gender confusion, and promotion of homosexuality inherent in the plan are also problematic, Williams said. “They are introducing the children at an early age [to things] they might never encounter,” she explained, calling on schools to promote purity and teach children to resist the sexually saturated culture instead of capitulating to it. “They are adding to the sexual confusion of the culture.”

A spokesman for the North Ayrshire Council, though, defended the radical plan, saying it was in the best interest of children. “This is an ambitious and relevant document which aims to ensure that our young people get the best possible start in life,” said the spokesman, claiming thousands of “young people” and “families” had been consulted.

Unfortunately for the extremists pushing the plan, at least some crucial components of it were just struck down by the U.K. Supreme Court a few days ago. The court ruled, citing the “European Convention on Human Rights” and even the U.S. Supreme Court, that some of the Orwellian data-sharing provisions were a violation of the right to a private and family life. However, the full effect of the ruling, which called the Scottish plan to insert a bureaucrat into each family “unquestionably legitimate and benign,” was not immediately clear. Opponents of the scheme celebrated the decision.

But Scottish officials, including Education Secretary John Swinney, vowed to fix the minor problems with data-sharing and then continue implementing the policy as quickly as possible. “Our aim has always been for the named person to provide timely support for children and families,” said Scotland's Deputy First Minister. “The Supreme Court's ruling makes clear that while the principle of providing a named person for each child does not breach human rights, we need to do further work to ensure those performing the role have greater clarity about sharing information, as required by the court.”

In other words, the assault on families and parents will continue full speed ahead, with minor adjustments to ensure that Scots understand that European rules and treaties are superior to national governments.

Of course, the governmental assault on parental rights is hardly limited to Scotland. In the United States, two Obama administration bureaucracies, the Departments of Education and Health and Human Services, teamed up last year on a policy statement that referred to families as “equal partners” with government in the rearing of children. The document also called for more home visits by government employees to keep tabs on families, along with a broad range of other assaults on the family.

At the international level, the UN is leading the charge to stamp out parental rights and the nuclear family worldwide. Last month, for example, Obama joined forces with totalitarian foreign governments and the UN to launch a global assault on parents. Among other goals, the scheme seeks to criminalize any physical discipline of children, worldwide.

Shortly before that, the dictator-dominated UN Human Rights Council voted to unleash a UN LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) czar on the world who will push homosexuality and transgenderism in schools and beyond, all over the world. The effort aims to change religious and cultural beliefs around the world that the UN says lead to homosexuals and gender-confused individuals being “stigmatized” and facing discrimination. The UN's “education” agency, known as UNESCO, and its “health” agency, known as the World Health Organization, have both put out radical materials calling for the sexualization of children as young as four years old.  

Indeed, as The New American reported in 2014, the entire “Named Person” scheme in Scotland is supposedly needed to comply with the radical UN treaty known as the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), as stated clearly in the legislation itself. Among other elements, the treaty purports to put bureaucrats in the driver's seat in child rearing by mandating that all decisions be made in the “best interests of the child,” as defined by politicians and bureaucracies rather than parents. The U.S. Senate has refused to ratify the extremism so far, but almost all other national governments have surrendered already.

As the global war on parental rights and families accelerates, Scotland's bizarre effort to insert a bureaucrat into every family is a troubling sign of where this extremism is going if it is not stopped. It also provides another excellent reason for Americans to demand that their senators stand firm against the UN CRC. Beyond that, it provides yet more evidence that the UN and its agenda is not compatible with the free society and limited government established under the U.S. Constitution. As such, Americans should continue to push for a full and complete withdrawal from UN — or an “Amexit” as members of Congress sponsoring the American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 1205) have referred to the push. Considering the Orwellian totalitarianism being imposed on them under the guise of complying with a UN treaty, Scottish people would be wise to consider doing so, as well.


Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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