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Is New Brit PM Theresa May Sabotaging Brexit With Endless Delays?

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Will she or won’t she? That is the big question hanging over Britain and the European Union since the “Brexit earthquake” of eight weeks ago. Will Theresa May (shown) follow through on her pledge to honor the will of the voters, as expressed in the national referendum? We have seen a change of prime ministers — from one anti-Brexit politician to another — as well as muddled signals on the matter coming from the new occupant of No. 10 Downing Street. This is leaving the public — in England and around the world — and the chattering classes with plenty of uncertainty and grist for speculation.

British voters spoke loudly and clearly on June 23. In the historic and highly contentious Brexit referendum, they forthrightly demanded that the United Kingdom leave the European Union. Despite the heavy-handed “Project Fear” campaign of Prime Minister David Cameron, President Barack Obama, Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the globalist banking/business/media establishment — aimed at scaring Brits to “remain” in the EU — voters opted to “leave” instead.

Properly reading the vote as an unequivocal repudiation of his governance, Cameron resigned, setting up a five-way political scramble for the prime minister’s post, as well as leadership of the Conservative Party. Theresa May, a member of Parliament (MP) from Berkshire, and Cameron’s home secretary, emerged as the winner. Like Cameron, she was (and is) pro-EU and campaigned against the Brexit referendum. However, May moved quickly to dispel fears, insisting that she fully respected the outcome of the referendum. “Brexit means Brexit,” she said, and she would move forward to start the EU exit negotiation process. But is she really doing so, or is she merely going through the motions to appear to be doing so, in order to placate the “peasants,” as more than a few influential voices in the globalist, pro-EU camp have advised.

As we reported on June 29 in "Globalists Move to Sabotage Brexit" and July 1 in "Revolt (and Revenge) of the Elites: More Globalist Sabotage of Brexit," a bevy of big league one-worlders have taken to the airwaves and op-ed pages to opine that “Brexit” doesn’t really mean Brexit, “No” doesn’t mean no, “Out” doesn’t mean out, and “Leave” doesn’t mean leave. As to be expected, many of these anti-Brexiteers hail from the usual operational centers of the internationalist establishment: Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA, also known as Chatham House), Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Atlantic Council, Brookings Institution, Aspen Institute, etc.

Among the globalist mouthpieces suggesting that the Brexit may not (or will not, should not) actually be finalized and carried through are U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, billionaire investor/currency manipulator George Soros, former British Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, CFR President Richard Haass, former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke, the leader of Britain’s Liberal Democrat Party Tim Farron, Financial Times senior commentators Martin Wolf and Philip Stephens — to name but a few.

Agence France-Press (AFP) reported on June 28 that Secretary Kerry told attendees of a high-level “Ideas Festival” of the Aspen Institute several days after the referendum vote calling for exit from the EU, that “Brexit may not happen.” Why is that? Well, he explained, "I think there are a number of ways" the Brexit can be “walked back,” to avoid actual implementation. “I don't as secretary of state want to throw them out today. I think that would be a mistake. But there are a number of ways," he said.

The (U.K.) Independent reported on June 28 that President Obama views Brexit as simply a “pause” on the road to “full European integration.” According to the British paper, President Obama had stated on National Public Radio: “I think the best way to think about this is that a pause button has been pressed on the project of full European integration.”

And as Alex Newman reported here soon after the referendum, top EU officials are not even pausing, but are pushing a radical scheme for rapid integration into a full-blown, centralized, European superstate. This scheme would reduce the EU member nations to mere administrative units, carrying out the dictates of the socialist bureaucrats in Brussels.

Deutsche Welle, the huge broadcasting and Internet arm of the German government, is unabashedly pro-EU and anti-Brexit. Hence, its August 15 article entitled “Wait and see: Theresa May is in no hurry on Brexit” is particularly worthy of note. The subtitle for the piece states: “The Brexit will take longer than British voters imagined in the June referendum — and there's a good chance it will never happen.” Among the Q&A entries in the Deutsche Welle article is this one:

Will there ever be a Brexit?

Some EU politicians doubt that Prime Minister May really wants to leave the EU.

"The British government isn't legally bound to the referendum," German EU lawmaker Elmar Brok said in an interview. "Britain will never leave," Austrian Interior Minister Hans-Jörg Schelling told Germany's "Handelsblatt" newspaper last month. "Five years from now, they'll still be a member." 

Delay, Delay, Delay

Clearly, Prime Minister Theresa May is following the advice of the pro-EU globalists who counsel in favor of dilatory tactics as the best way to avoid implementing the Brexit. The Economist (globalist, Fabian Socialist, ECFR, RIIA), which was a leading anti-Brexit voice prior to the referendum, provided one of the early influential voices in favor of protracted delays. In a June 30 article entitled “The Economist Explains How to avoid Brexit: Ways to get from Brexit to Bremain,” the magazine asked: “As it becomes clear that the separation will be costly, a second question about Brexit will come to the fore: might there still be a way to avoid it?”

As The Economist sees it, “A combination of time, events and Parliament could — just possibly — turn Brexit into Bremain.” “Already the British government is stalling for time,” the article noted, and “The longer the decision is delayed, the more chance there is for alternatives to Brexit to gain ground.” “Even if a Brexit deal is negotiated,” The Economist postulates, “it would in theory be possible for Britain’s Parliament to reject it and for the other EU members, pleased to see the British change of heart, to agree not to enforce it.”

Jim Edwards at Business Insider is one of several pro-EU commentators that have laid out a more elaborate scheme and rationale for transforming Brexit into Bremain through endless delays. His July 21 Business Insider article entitled “It is time to accept the fact that Brexit may never actually happen” was picked up by Yahoo News and relayed to a larger global audience.

“The more time goes by, the more plausible it becomes that the UK may never actually leave the European Union,” writes Edwards. “Leaving the EU is so difficult, and the consequences are so economically damaging, that it may be easier for prime minister Theresa May's government to endlessly delay the process rather than to actually leave.” After detailing “10 easy steps” for the defeat-by-delay strategy, Edwards suggests “May's government is heavily incentivised to drag its feet over the Leave negotiations. It would be much easier for the Tories to be seen to be negotiating an exit, while not actually exiting, than actually leaving Europe.” (Emphasis in the original.)

Clearly, Prime Minister May is following the feet-dragging prescription. As a story from the (U.K.) Sunday Times (globalist, anti-Brexit, pro-EU) reported on August 14. “Britain could remain in the EU until late 2019, almost a year later than predicted, ministers have privately warned senior figures in the City of London,” the Times piece reports. “Theresa May has been expected to enact article 50 in January, setting in train the formal two years of negotiations before Brexit,” notes the Times. “Despite great political pressure to stick to that timetable, she may be forced to delay because her new Brexit and international trade departments will not be ready, City sources said.”

"Forced" to delay? Unless outraged British voters recognize the foot-dragging excuses as intentional delay tactics and "force" the prime minister and Parliament to get on track, the delays will continue indefinitely, and the Brexit will, indeed, never happen.


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