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Communist Chinese Agent Takes Over Interpol, Global Policing

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If falling under the control of the mass-murdering National Socialist (Nazi) regime of Adolf Hitler was not bad enough, the self-styled global “police” agency Interpol has now officially selected as its new leader a top “security” official from the brutal communist dictatorship enslaving China. Outraged critics expressed concerns that the appointment would help the Chinese regime better hunt down and terrorize dissidents worldwide.

According to an official press release, delegates of governments and dictatorships at Interpol's 85th General Assembly selected Communist Chinese agent Meng Hongwei (shown) as the agency’s newest president. Prior to taking his new post at Interpol this week, Meng served as “Vice Minister of Public Security” for Communist China.   

As a “veteran policeman” for the regime responsible for murdering more innocent people than any other in human history, the Communist Chinese autocracy's brutal enforcer said he stood ready to do “everything he could” for the cause of world policing. “We currently face some of the most serious global public security challenges since World War Two,” Meng was quoted as saying in a statement.

He also praised the self-declared planetary law-enforcement agency. “INTERPOL, guided by the best set of principles and mechanisms to date, has made a significant contribution to promoting international police cooperation,” he added. “INTERPOL should continue to adhere to these principles and strategies, while further innovating our work mechanisms, in order to adapt to the changing security situation we see today.”

Meng has a history of unquestioning loyalty to the butchers in the Chinese Communist Party, famous for torture, mass murder, harvesting organs from political and religious prisoners, failed central planning, forced abortions, total censorship, and other barbarism. “Politics first, party first, and ideology first is a fundamental principle for peacekeeping forces,” Meng was quoted as saying at a training program for Communist Chinese UN  “peacekeeping forces” in 2014. “We should consistently implement the three 'first' principles in our work ... to build a strong team with a solid political stance.”

Critics, though, are sounding the alarm about the decision at Interpol. Meng’s appointment “is extraordinarily worrying given China's longstanding practice of trying to use Interpol to arrest dissidents and refugees abroad,” Nicholas Bequelin, regional director for East Asia, Amnesty International, wrote on Twitter.

In addition to the Communist Chinese agent, the Kremlin's Major General Alexander Prokopchuk was selected to serve as vice-president of the global outfit. “In our changing world which faces new global threats, I am fully aware how important it is for Interpol to continue to stay several steps ahead of [the criminals], and I intend to do everything to help Interpol to live up to its full potential,” Prokopchuk was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

More good news for the brutal regime in Beijing also emerged from the General Assembly, which brought together more than 800 police chiefs and senior law enforcement officials from 164 governments and dictatorships. The governments and dictators agreed that next year, Interpol's 86th Congress would be hosted in Beijing. No doubt the regime is pleased.

Interpol's 190 member regimes also agreed that, under the guise of fighting the terror war, there should be more “systematic collection and recording of biometric information” for the globalist agency. The governments and tyrants called for strengthening Interpol's “information processing mechanisms,” too. Finally, they called for expanding Interpol programs dealing with “border security.”  

New Interpol boss Meng joins a growing roster of Communist Chinese agents who lead globalist bureaucracies. At the United Nations, for example, as The New American documented extensively, the brutal dictatorship has its minions leading a half-dozen agencies or more, including one that globalists and communists hope to use for global Internet censorship and regulation.

Of course, the Communist regime in China is infamous for persecuting dissidents — even abroad. As this reporter highlighted in an in-depth investigation of the dictatorship's “intelligence” apparatus, Beijing has spies all over the world, including many tasked with spying on and intimidating dissidents abroad, even in the West. Several of these agents have been convicted in Western courts in recent years. And indeed, at a UN conference last year, this writer suffered what police said was likely an intimidation attempt by a Communist Chinese agent who was observed semi-secretly snapping pictures following a conversation.  

It would not be the first time that Interpol was abused by a dictatorship to persecute dissidents. Even in recent years, in fact, the dictator-dominated global outfit has come under heavy fire after reportedly using its systems to help brutal Islamist regimes track down journalists and alleged “apostates” accused of “religious” crimes.

In 2012, for example, Interpol sparked worldwide outrage after reportedly helping the Saudi Arabian regime search for a 28-year-old woman who allegedly committed the “crime” of converting to Christianity. Before that, Interpol also reportedly helped the Saudi monarchy track down and arrest a journalist who fled the kingdom after being accused of insulting Islam’s prophet — punishable by death in most Islamic-ruled nations. Interpol denied that it played a role in the arrest, despite an official statement by Malaysian authorities saying that Interpol had demanded the arrest.

From 1938 until the end of World War II, meanwhile, the International Criminal Police Commission, as it was known at the time, fell under the complete control of the National Socialist (Nazi) regime in Germany. Indeed, the outfit was actually led by SS boss Reinhard Heydrich, the deputy of infamous Nazi war-criminal Heinrich Himmler, before being taken over by senior Nazi official Ernst Kaltenbrunner. The outfit's headquarters were moved to a confiscated Jewish home in Berlin. And Interpol became a tool used by the Nazi killing machine for persecuting dissidents, and even for arresting those who helped Jewish refugees. After the war, Interpol President Kaltenbrunne was executed for crimes against humanity following the Nuremberg trials.

Some 190 governments today are members of Interpol, including an overwhelming majority of the most ruthless autocracies on the planet. Among its members: The brutal communist regimes lording over the people Cuba, China, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Laos, and many more. Virtually every Islamic dictatorship on Earth, including some identified by the U.S. State Department as sponsors of terrorism, are also members. Interpol’s charter supposedly prevents it from undertaking activities or interventions of a political, military, religious, or racial nature, but critics remain deeply concerned — especially after some of its more controversial machinations were reported in the Western press.          

Despite all of that, under Obama, Interpol has received several major boosts. In late 2009, Obama even signed an “executive order” purporting to provide immunity from taxes, searches, customs inspections, and more for the global outfit’s operatives in the United States — including agents of brutal dictatorships working at the outfit. That same year, then-Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble, known as the “Enforcer” for his role in the infamous Waco slaughter of civilians, boasted that when police stop someone, “they will be consulting global databases to determine who they are stopping.”

More recently, under the guise of fighting the terror war amid chaos in Iraq and Syria, the Obama administration expanded collaboration with Interpol. The Washington, D.C., arm of the deeply controversial outfit, formally dubbed the International Criminal Police Organization today, announced in 2014 that it would be “spearheading” an Obama-backed plot known as the “Foreign Terrorist Fighter Program.”

The unveiling of the scheme followed the UN Security Council’s approval of a “binding” resolution sponsored by Obama to create a new global terrorism regime, complete with what amounts to a planetary “no-fly” list.

According to Interpol Washington, the new terror-war program “leverages the unique resources Interpol utilizes to combat transnational crime.” Those resources include Interpol’s communications system, criminal and analytical databases, biometric information on targets, and a system of advisory notices aimed at tracking and apprehending individuals in governments’ crosshairs. The goal of the latest scheme, the Justice Department explained, is to monitor, deter, and interdict anyone designated as a “foreign terrorist fighter.”

It was not immediately clear how somebody would be declared a “foreign terrorist fighter,” or how such a designation could be challenged in a court of law — if it is even possible. However, the Justice Department admitted in the statement that its scheming was also aimed at “those not charged with a particular offense.”

Now, with the Communist Chinese regime having its agent at the top of Interpol, there is even more cause for concern. “It appears that China could possibly gain some information on Western police intelligence methods,” explained Nevin Gussack, an anti-communist researcher who has authored numerous books and studies on international communist strategy. “Such information could further Beijing's penetration of organized crime syndicates on a world wide basis.”

The regime, of course, is well-known for utilizing criminal networks to advance its agenda overseas. “Anti-Beijing competition in the criminal world could be knocked out, while others that are more friendly to China could be left alone to prosper,” Gussack continued. “The same scenario would apply to pro-Beijing political forces, as opposed to anti-communist forces. This could be the logical end-result of a law enforcement detente with Communist China.”

It might also help rehabilitate the brutal regime's international reputation. “Secondly, such involvement with Interpol would also contribute to the erosion of the image of Beijing as an aggressive, avaricious communist power bent on global economic and political domination,” Gussack said. “After all, Communist China would appear to be another ´normal´ power engaged in global cooperation.”

“The naivete of detente and global interdependence knows no limit,” he added.

Indeed, as Gussack has shown in his research, it is hardly the first time that Western governments have given the dictatorship in Beijing opportunities to learn potentially dangerous and damaging information. As the late congressman and constitutionalist John Birch Society chairman Larry McDonald highlighted in the Congressional Record before his airplane was shot down by a Soviet fighter, then-President Carter allowed Soviet MVD officer Anatoly Gusakov to attend 10 months of training at various southern California police departments as part of a supposed “student exchange program.” Among other things, Gusakov was reportedly interested in “investigative techniques” and the “activities of various political groups.”  

The year after that, according to the book The Chinese Secret Service, a delegation from the Communist Chinese regime's Ministry of Public Security (Gonganbu) — the same brutal organ of oppression that Interpol's new boss works for — visited the West German Federal Criminal Police (BKA) Headquarters. The delegation, led by Zhou Canbi, was even able to test out the BKA's computer systems.

“Vice Minister of Public Security Li Guangxiang learned the most up to date surveillance techniques from the BKA,” the book explains. “These techniques were used by Section 2 of the Beijing Public Security Bureau to spy on Western diplomats and journalists. French experts would train Chinese police instructors in modern techniques in the maintenance of automated fingerprint files.”

More recently, Obama even invited Communist Chinese troops for joint training with U.S. forces on American soil.

On top of the regime's savage oppression of the Chinese people, the Communist Chinese dictatorship has developed long-range plans to undermine and control the West, even while pretending to be friendly. According to a speech in early 2008 to the CCP Politburo and the Central Military Commission, then-Chinese dictator Hu Jintao laid out his vision. “We will use our open policy, seize the economic crisis in the West as a historical moment, and use effective measures to turn them into Socialist China’s economic and cultural colonies,” Jintao was quoted as saying. “Our colonization of these countries is the historical process of communism’s triumph over rotten capitalism. We Chinese communists must shoulder the great historical mission, and use socialism to defeat capitalism, eventually liberating the entire humanity with Communism.”

As The New American has documented extensively, the brutal dictatorship's rise to a leading role in the New World Order — as globalists refer to it — has been aided every step of the way by powerful forces in the West. From the globalist Council on Foreign Relations and banking magnate David Rockefeller to Rothschild dynasty protege George Soros, totalitarian-minded forces have helped the Chinese regime in building its power, infiltrating global organizations, and more. In recent years, Soros has even called for the totalitarians in Beijing to “own” what he called the “New World Order” in the same way that the United States owned the old order.   

Considering the history and the recent developments at Interpol — and especially the now-official Communist Chinese takeover of the outfit — Congress and the upcoming Trump administration should defund and withdraw from the agency immediately. There is no need for such an dangerous outfit to exist, much less for the U.S. government to participate in it. Instead, bilateral extradition treaties are more than enough to deal with any problems that may emerge.


Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU.

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