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Communist Chinese Dictator to Push Globalism at World Economic Forum

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A mass-murdering communist dictator, some billionaire crony capitalists, mega-bankers, and a gaggle of out-of-touch globalist politicians walk into a summit. Unfortunately, there is no punch line, and it is not a joke — it is actually an accurate description of the upcoming World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, the controversial annual gathering of globalists and establishment types.

But at least the mask is finally coming off. With the globalist establishment in the United States on defense amid a historic uprising illustrated by Donald Trump's victory on an anti-globalist, America-first campaign platform, globalism central is now openly shifting to Communist Party-ruled China. And the establishment is not shy about telling the world.  

As if to drive the point home, mass-murdering dictator Xi Jinping (shown) will become the first Communist Chinese tyrant to attend the establishment's World Economic Forum. Set to begin next week in Davos, Switzerland, Xi will use the opportunity to promote globalism and Big Government, while demonizing “populism” as the path to “poverty and war.”

Whether what the Communist Chinese regime and Western globalists all refer to as the “New World Order” will advance further with Beijing nominally at the helm remains to be seen. But globalists and their propagandists are touting the developments from the rooftops.    

In establishment-media news reports, the brutal Chinese dictator actually sounded a lot like a rank-and-file member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations. Using deceptive rhetoric about “inclusive” economies and globalization, language pioneered by the unfathomably wealthy Rothschild dynasty, Xi's minions boasted that their dear leader would unabashedly promote globalism at the annual summit of political and business leaders in the Swiss Alps.

“With the rise of populism, protectionism, and nativism, the world has come to a historic crossroad where one road leads to war, poverty, confrontation and domination while the other road leads to peace, development, cooperation and win-win solutions,” declared Communist Chinese State Council Information Office boss Jiang Jianguo at a World Trade Organization summit in Geneva.

In other words, liberty and national sovereignty lead to poverty and war, while tyranny and global governance lead to peace and “win-win solutions” — at least in the view of a barbaric regime that presides over the world's largest population of ruthlessly oppressed peoples.    

According to Jiang, the Chinese dictator he serves will attend the Davos summit “to push for development, cooperation and economic globalization,” Reuters reported. The goal of pushing that agenda, the Communist bureaucrat said, will be to build “a human community with shared destiny.”

In a propaganda piece published by the Chinese regime's state-owned organ Global Times, the dictatorship's propagandists boast that this year's stated WEF goal of imposing "a dynamic, inclusive multi-stakeholder global governance system" on humanity is shared by Beijing. "Widening wealth and trust gaps between business elites and the working class are of global concern, because they represent a legitimization crisis for the world capitalist system. Faith needs to be restored, and thus the leaders at Davos need to put time into finding ways to build more equal societies," the piece continues, without a trace of irony.

Touting China as the "powerhouse of the world economy," the propaganda piece suggests Xi and Beijing will lead humanity into a brave new world. "Xi is likely to be the star attraction of the conference," the Global Times piece claims. "Let's hope Xi can translate his celebrity status into an ability to focus minds on the WEF's urgent set of challenges for 2017 and beyond." 

Despite decades of establishment fawning over China's totalitarian regime — after tens of millions were slaughtered, globalist billionaire David Rockefeller wrote in the New York Times in 1973 that Chairman Mao's savage “social experiment” was “among the most important and successful in human history” — it will be the first time a Communist Chinese dictator attends the WEF.

But the regime has long been welcomed in the company of Western globalists, some of whom played a key role in aiding Mao's rise to power. Senior-level minions from Beijing and the Communist Party of China's Politburo have even become a staple at the annual Bilderberg gathering of senior globalists.  

Speaking at a briefing in Beijing ahead of Xi's visit to Davos next week, the regime's “Vice Foreign Minister,” Li Baodong, acknowledged what was described as the “international community's concern over globalization,” presumably a reference to Trump, Brexit, and rising anti-globalist sentiment around the world. In response, Li said the regime would put forward its own vision on how to “steer economic globalization toward greater inclusiveness.”

The term “inclusiveness” sounds harmless enough. Indeed, it has become fashionable among globalists and totalitarians worldwide, along with their useful idiots, following a Rothschild-sponsored “Inclusive Capitalism” in London for crony capitalists to plot against free enterprise, liberty, and self-government. It is merely the latest marketing term to promote the same old stale agenda.

While there are no indications that President-elect Donald Trump will attend the controversial globalist confab, Trump's election and its implications are expected to dominate the WEF summit this year. An unidentified official from the Trump transition team is expected to attend, according to the WEF. Ignoring reality, a few “analysts” and WEF figures are even pretending that what is needed to placate Trump supporters is more wealth redistribution and better globalism.   

Ahead of the summit, the Communist Chinese regime claimed that Trump's criticism about its rigged “trade” policies — designed with the collaboration of Western globalists to build up Beijing — was “unfair,” Reuters reported. “Trade protectionism will lead to isolation and is in the interest of no one,” Chinese regime “Vice Minister” Li was quoted as saying, adding that “channels of communication are open” between Beijing and Trump's transition team at the forum. Ironically, many of the Big Business bosses who will attend the WEF have already had their trade secrets stolen by Xi's regime.

The Obama administration, which has eagerly sold out America to Beijing on multiple fronts, will be well represented at the WEF. Obama's Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Joe Biden are both reportedly planning to attend in the final days of Obama's term.    

The developments surrounding the Communist Chinese dictatorship's star role in what it and Western globalists openly call the “New World Order” has long been something of an open secret. The New American has been highlighting the trend for many years, as Communist Chinese agents take over key UN agencies, Interpol, and various globalist institutions.

Now, it is happening largely in the open. Indeed, establishment propagandists and left-wing activists in the media have even started acknowledging that “President” Xi is now the world's lead peddler of globalism on the international stage. But they are either too clueless or too ideologically fanatical to realize the implications of the alignment of their own vision for the world with that of the most murderous regime in world history.

“Ready or not, China has become the de facto world leader seeking to maintain an open global economy and battle climate change,” declared Nathan Gardels, editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post-backed World Post. “In effect, President Xi has become the ´core leader´ of globalization.”

Of course, despite Gardels' comments, “China” is not the leader of anything — Gardels is referring to the mass-murderers who succeeded through absolute savagery in enslaving the people of China. But more importantly, Beijing and its Communist Party masters are hardly seeking an “open global economy” or to “battle climate change.” In fact, aside from platitudes about “win-win” and “peace,” the totalitarian regime and its allies have not been shy about openly promoting their totalitarian agenda for humanity.

But the World Post propagandist takes the brutal communists — known for killing as many as 100 million victims, censorship, bloody religious and political persecution, cultural genocide in Tibet, harvesting organs from dissidents, forced abortions, international espionage, and more — at their word when they use slogans he agrees with. “China is correct to insist on an open and reciprocally fair global economy and to take the lead on climate change,” continued  Gardels, a longtime member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations that defectors have attacked for trying to subvert U.S. independence in favor of a world government.  

Almost incredibly, Gardels then calls on establishment-controlled American states to work with the barbarous regime — among Russian leader Vladimir Putin's strongest allies — on “stopping global warming.” Setting aside the absurdity of believing governments or people can “stop global warming,” or earthquakes, or volcanoes, it was not clear whether Gardels has ever examined Beijing's actual track-record on “stopping global warming.”

Consider: At a United Nations “climate” summit in Copenhagen attended by this reporter, Communist Chinese officials bragged, for example, about how their murderous “one-child policy,” involving savage forced abortions and sterilizations, had helped reduce emissions of what scientists call the “gas of life.” Seriously. In the real world, China is among the most polluted areas of the planet — plagued by actual pollution that is deadly, rather than the essential and beneficial gas CO2 demonized by the UN and discredited global-warming (and -cooling) theorists.  

The Chinese regime also promised Obama and the UN that it would force its victims to reduce CO2 emissions more than a decade and a half from now, as if communist dictatorships could be trusted to obey pseudo-treaties or even legitimate ones. In exchange, Obama promised to unleash massive economic pain against the United States through a series of illegal schemes that would decimate the U.S. economy and help further build up Communist China. Trump, of course, famously vowed to “cancel” the illegal schemes.

Then the CFR operative and globalist “analyst” outlined his vision for the world: Washington, D.C. working together with the butchers in Beijing to create a happy planet filled with rainbows and unicorns. “The optimal arrangement for making globalization work is for the U.S. and China to join together as indispensable partners based on a convergence of interests to create a world order that works for all,” he claimed.

Of course, the brutal regime in Beijing is not just taking over from Obama on promoting globalism and discredited climate alarmism. In fact, other key establishment narratives and programs are also now being pushed globally largely by the Communist Chinese regime, from global “policing” and UN “peacekeeping” to Internet controls and trade.   

And it all goes right along with the demands of senior establishment globalists such as billionaire fanatic George Soros. In 2009, the globalist Rothschild protege called on Beijing to “own” the “New World Order” in the same way that America owned the previous world order. Despite the fact that the regime in Beijing has murdered more people than any other in history, its many apologists in Davos seem to agree with Soros on promoting Beijing as the owner of the totalitarian "world order" they seek.   

For Americans concerned about the troubling developments, it is not too late to stop the globalist agenda now being championed openly by mass-murdering communists. But stopping the agenda will require hard work, which begins with education.

Photo of Xi Jinping: AP Images

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU.

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