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In Davos, Globalists Hail Leadership of Communist Chinese Tyrant

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In a bizarre spectacle that took many low-level establishment-minded analysts by surprise, brutal Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping was crowned the king of globalism this week by embattled Western globalists at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. Blasting “excessive pursuit of profits,” Xi (shown) offered a “vigorous defense” of globalism and pseudo-“free trade” schemes in his keynote speech at the event. He also suggested that his brutal regime was ready to step in to a leadership role in the emerging new world order as the United States changes direction. However, as the globalist alliance with savage communist tyranny comes out of the closet, Western voters are likely to become even more hostile to the extreme agenda of their would-be overlords.

Without a trace of irony, the brutal dictator claimed to be working for “the people” while promoting “liberalization” and “openness,” as if his communist regime believed in either of those values. Bizarrely, Xi even echoed the Gettysburg address by former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. “China is pursuing development of the people, by the people, and for the people,” claimed Xi, as if the blood-drenched communist oppression of the largest nation in the world were actually intended to benefit its victims. “Globalism certainly creates some problems that we all need to solve together. But what should really scare us is any [leader] not willing to live up to the challenge.”

Xi then continued shilling for more of the globalist status quo in which the American economy gets hollowed out, Americans lose their jobs and industries, and the U.S. government breaks the back of American taxpayers with trillions in odious debt to Beijing and other nefarious forces. “It is true that economic globalization has created new problems, but this is no justification to write off economic globalization altogether,” the tyrant said through a translator. “We must remain committed to developing free trade and investment, promoting liberalization and facilitation through opening up, and saying no to protectionism.... We should say no to protectionism. Saying yes to protectionism is like locking oneself in a dark room. Wind and rain may be kept outside, but so is light and air. No one will emerge as a winner in a trade war.”

Ironically, the regime in Beijing imposes massive trade barriers on Western firms seeking to operate in China. In addition to its massive economic espionage apparatus, which steals technology and trade secrets from Western companies like they were Chinese serfs, Beijing imposes strict rules on companies hoping to do business in China. It also uses tariffs to protect domestic industry, subsidies to help crush foreign competition, currency manipulation to boost exports, and widespread dirty tricks to hamper its competitors. The Chinese economy, meanwhile, rather than the free-market utopia imagined by dishonest and naive analysts, is dominated by ruthless state-owned enterprises that exploit the equivalent of slave labor across China. The regime also abuses taxpayers worldwide by using the United Nations to subsidize its exports and shipping.

Xi also took repeated and obvious shots at U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, who, unlike Xi, was actually elected — all without ever saying Trump's name. In fact, more than a few analysts painted the entire speech as a heroic pro-globalism diatribe against Trump and the fed up American voters who put him into office. “When encountering difficulties, we should not complain about ourselves, blame others, lose confidence or run away from responsibilities,” Xi continued in his speech to fawning establishment globalists and hangers-on representing government, business, banking, academia, and beyond. “Instead we should join hands and rise to the challenge.”

As history shows, though, joining hands with communist dictators basically always results in tragedy — oftentimes even for their ostensible allies. Communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky, for example, ended up with an ice pick in his head after a falling out with his murderous comrades. And the regime in China has already shown that it has no qualms about killing — in fact, the Communist Chinese Party state has murdered more innocent people than any other government in human history. It continues to murder and torture dissidents, even harvesting organs from members of proscribed religious minorities. The regime also continues to use coercive abortions to enforce its barbaric population-control policies as it engages in what experts call the “cultural genocide” of Tibet.

A senior economic adviser for Trump responded to Xi's comments and insinuations, saying the incoming administration was merely seeking fairness in trade policy. “If you want to send your goods to us and if you want to buy our debt, then we just want an equal playing field,” said Trump adviser Tom Barrack. “Intellectual property, the enforcement of trademark rights and the ability to have a true bilateral negotiation is what it’s about. And it’s simply a negotiation. We now outsource our trade policy to third party entities. It’s not going to happen anymore.” Among other third party entities that purport to set trade policy for America that benefits the Communist Chinese dictatorship at the expense of American workers is the World Trade Organization (WTO). But that is just the tip of the iceberg.  

Perhaps rubbing in the fact that his regime has already stolen the military, trade, and economic secrets of most of the WEF's attendees and the institutions they represent, Xi claimed that it was “not possible” any longer to stop the flow of technology and people across borders. Aside from Trump, the remark was widely interpreted as a swipe at British voters, who recently voted to exit the European Union super-state in a “Brexit,” partly out of concern for the mass-migration brought about by open borders. However, the remark was ironic considering that Switzerland, which hosts the WEF and is considered among most successful nations on Earth, is not an EU member and recently voted to cut off the mass immigration.      

The Chinese dictator, the first to attend the WEF, also defended the globalist United Nations “Paris Agreement,” an illegal pseudo-treaty on “climate change” signed by Obama but never ratified by the U.S. Senate as required by the Constitution. The controversial UN climate regime purports to require the imposition of devastating economic pain on the American people, all while boosting the brutal dictatorship ruling China and fleecing American taxpayers to prop up oppressive Third World dictatorships and kleptocrats via “climate finance” reparations. Trump declared on the campaign trail that he would “cancel” the UN scheme and stop sending U.S. tax dollars to advance the agenda. Before that, Trump highlighted the role played by Beijing in advancing what he called the man-made global-warming “hoax.” Unsurprisingly, Xi wants governments to “stick to it instead of walking away from it.”

Communist Chinese minions echoed their Dear Leader's phony narrative. “It shows China is not underestimating the danger of a trade war breaking out,” claimed He Weiwen, deputy director of the Beijing-based Center for China and Globalization and a former “business attache” for the regime in the United States. “China used to be a mere supporter of the U.S.-led global economic order. Now, as the incoming U.S. presidency shows signs of retreating, China is stepping up to take a leading role.” Of course, that development was hardly organic, and was brought about by the very same globalist establishment hobnobbing in the Swiss Alps. To understand how instrumental Western globalists have been in installing and then building up Communist China and the so-called “New World Order” Beijing is now championing, see the articles below this one.

Unsurprisingly, the establishment and its propagandists in the media put an easily debunked spin on the developments. The fake-news narrative pushed by Beijing's propaganda organs and the Western establishment media goes like this: Silly American voters surrendered their nation's lead role in promoting globalism by electing Trump, and now, the benign Communist Chinese regime is stepping in to fill the void and maintain sanity. In the real world, though, this magazine has been highlighting the fact that senior globalist schemers — billionaire Rothschild protégé George Soros, the Rockefeller dynasty, Henry Kissinger, the Council on Foreign Relations, and more — have long been grooming the ruthless Chinese dictatorship to take a lead role in their totalitarian “New World Order.” The day may have just come sooner than some globalist planners imagined.

As if on cue, Western globalists and their lackeys provided plenty of quotes fawning over the mass-murdering dictator to help drive the media narrative. “In a world marked by great uncertainty and volatility the world is looking to China,” claimed World Economic Forum boss Klaus Schwab before welcoming Xi to the stage, confusing extremist Western globalists with “the world,” as if the two were interchangeable. Former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt, a Bilderberg meeting attendee embroiled in endless scandals, echoed the bogus narrative: “There is a vacuum when it comes to global economic leadership, and Xi Jinping is clearly aiming to fill it. With some success.” Eurasia Group boss Ian Bremmer, meanwhile, was widely quoted claiming that the reaction of Davos globalists to Xi's speech was “success on all counts.”

At the summit in Davos, the outgoing Obama administration, perhaps the most openly globalist in U.S. history, sent Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Joe Biden, both of whom fit right in among the Big Government-loving cronies and globalist schemers imagining themselves as the “global elite.” Trump did send an adviser, Anthony Scaramucci, who said that if the Chinese “really believe in globalism, and they really believe in the words of Lincoln, they have to reach now towards us and allow us to create this symmetry.” The “path to globalism in the world is through the American worker and the American middle class,” he claimed in a somewhat confusing statement, adding that “we want to have a phenomenal relationship with the Chinese.” His boss, Trump, has accused Communist China of devaluing its currency and ripping off America with help from domestic globalist stooges.

No matter what propaganda and platitudes the globalists in Davos pump out about “responsive” and “inclusive” rule over humanity, popular outrage is expected to continue growing against the establishment and its globalism, attacks on liberty, and other outrages perpetrated against everyday citizens. The developments in Davos are yet more evidence that the globalist-communist axis is circling the wagons against humanity. But with supposedly “liberal” and "capitalist" globalists getting in bed with a ruthless Communist Party mass-murderer infamous for savage political persecution, censorship, and oppression, the mask is coming off — and that is good news for mankind. “Here, we have the global elite embracing Xi as the anti-Trump,” King’s College of London War Studies Emeritus Professor Lawrence Freedman was quoted as saying in the Wall street Journal. In other words, globalists are finally coming out of the closet as ruthless totalitarians, dropping any pretense of “democracy” and “human rights.”

With American and British voters obviously fed up with the establishment's agenda for what top globalists and Chinese Communists regularly tout as the “New World Order” — basically totalitarian global rule by a tiny self-appointed elite — the schemers are undoubtedly plotting their next move. That means this is a very dangerous situation for America and the world. But now that the globalist alliance with Beijing is beyond dispute and globalists are openly identifying themselves as co-conspirators with the murderous totalitarians enslaving the people of China, the American people and their elected officials must act accordingly. The upcoming swamp draining should focus on all of the globalists in Davos willing to spit on American voters and join forces with the ruthless Chinese tyrant.

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU.

Photo of Xi Jinping: AP Images 

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