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Hungarian Leader: Only Christianity Can Save Europe

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As Europe struggles with the engineered arrival of millions of Middle Eastern and African Muslims, and with many millions more preparing to join the influx, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (shown) said a return to Christianity was Europe’s “last hope” if it is going to avoid destruction at the hands of globalists. The fiery leader, who has warned of a “treasonous conspiracy” of “internationalist fanatics” running the European Union super-state, said the greatest danger to Western civilization was now the radical politicians in Brussels, Paris, and Berlin orchestrating the mass migration and the de-Christianization of the West. Soon, the forces of Islam will be swamping Hungary not just from the South, but from West, too, as Western Europe becomes increasingly Islamic and less Christian. In response, Orbán is working to forge an alliance of nations devoted to liberty, Christianity, and the nation-state that can resist the globalist onslaught. He also vowed to take on the United Nations.

Speaking during his annual “State of the Nation” address February 18, Orbán did not mince words. The prime minister gave a rousing defense of marriage, national sovereignty, self-government, political independence, and freedom. He also slammed the globalist establishment and its leading frontmen such as George Soros. On national unity, Orbán said that Hungarians all across the political spectrum were united on “the most important issues — such as independence, defense of the borders and migration.” Blasting the globalist extremists who mock patriotism and national identity, Orbán said Hungarian patriots deserve recognition for defending their homeland and their people. “Or, in an updated form, borrowed from the Americans: Hungary First,” he said, an obvious reference to U.S. President Donald Trump and his publicly articulated “America First” agenda to take on globalism.  

After alluding to a national party that believes Islam and mass Islamic immigration into Europe are the future, Orbán fired back and suggested it did not have to end up that way. “All I can say, politely but firmly, is that Hungary deserves better than this,” warned Orbán, who has increasingly become a target of the globalist establishment and its dishonest smear campaigns. “But for a moment let's take them seriously and make it clear that we are people who think that the last hope for Europe is Christianity. Today when European people talk about Christianity — and this distinction is important — they are primarily thinking of its culture and their way of life. This is why, according to opinion polls and analyses, 78 percent of people in Hungary want us to preserve our Christian culture and our Christian traditions.” Poland recently recognized Jesus Christ as its only King.

However, outside Hungary and a few other nations, Orbán acknowledged that the picture may not be so rosy. Noting that commentators are talking about “dark clouds gathering over Europe” due to mass immigration, Orbán said the danger was clear just from looking at the numbers. “According to estimates, in European countries to the west of us the percentage of immigrants will grow at an ever faster pace,” he said, mentioning France and the Netherlands in particular. In Germany, Orbán continued, the percentage of German-born citizens is in rapid decline, as Islamic immigrants occupy the cities first. “For instance, in Bavaria now more money is being spent on asylum, immigration and integration than on the combined state budget for the economy, the environment and health care,” the Hungarian leader said, adding that the number of Muslim children in European schools was soaring as the population of native Europeans declines precipitously.

And in the years ahead, the massive tsunami of immigration that swamped Europe could look minor by comparison, the prime minister said. NATO reports cited by Orbán suggest that by 2020, some 60 million people from Africa and Asia will have set off to settle in Europe. By 2050, Orbán continued, there will be 10 times more young Africans than young Europeans on the planet — and many of those young Africans will try to flood into a dying Europe unless the African continent begins developing. “If this mass of several hundred million young people is allowed to travel north, then Europe will soon come under horrendous pressure,” he explained. “Furthermore, the majority of immigrants will arrive from the Islamic world. If everything continues in this way, then the cities of Europe will clearly have majority Muslim populations — and London will not be an outlier, but a pioneer.” In London, native Brits are already in the minority, and the city is now ruled by an Islamic mayor.

Eventually, at this rate, Western civilization and what remains of Christendom will die out, Orbán warned. “If things continue like this, our culture, our identity and our nations as we know them will cease to exist,” Orbán warned. “Our worst nightmares will have become reality. The West will fall, as Europe is occupied without realizing it. Will this be a vindication of the views of those who think that civilizations are not killed, but commit suicide? Many believe that even if all this does take place, it will all take a long time. I think that those who believe this are mistaken. Analyses look ahead as far as 2050, and people of my age will reach their eighties at around that time. In other words, we — not to mention our children and grandchildren — may be able to see with our own eyes what direction the future of our Western world has taken.”

Already, that is happening in Western Europe, and it is obvious, Orbán said. “Politicians do not yet talk about this openly, but everyone can already see it,” he said. “The great old European nations in Western Europe have become immigrant countries. Day by day their cultural foundations are being transformed, the population raised in a Christian culture is declining, and the major cities are undergoing Islamization. And I have to say that I cannot see the political forces with the will and ability to stop these processes — let alone, horribile dictu [horrible to say], reverse them.” As for the causes — was it the weakness of “liberal democracy,” the fruit of a colonial past, or the “greedy, subversive” actions of a “George Soros-style empire”? — Orbán said they were irrelevant. But the facts remain.

And at some point soon, this will represent a major challenge for Hungary. “Whatever the reason, Western Europe has become an immigrant zone and a world of mixed populations; and, unlike central Europe, it is heading in the direction of a completely new development future. This is bad news for us,” Orbán said. “This means that Islamic civilization — which has always seen its mission as the conversion of Europe to what it calls the true faith — will knock on Central Europe’s door not only from the South, but also from the West. We have successfully defended our southern borders with the building of the fence, the legal and physical border defenses, the exemplary steadfastness of our police and the leadership of [Interior Minister] Sándor Pintér. We have prevented the Muslim world from inundating us from the south.”

“Facing that direction we are the last country in Latin — or Western — Christianity,” Orban continued. “We are standing firm. Our defense lines are sufficient to hold back the largest flows. Furthermore, Orthodox Christianity is courageously and resolutely fighting ahead of us.... However absurd it seems, the situation is that now the danger is threatening us from the West. This danger to us comes from politicians in Brussels, Berlin and Paris. They want us to adopt their policies: the policies that made them immigrant countries and that opened the way for the decline of Christian culture and the expansion of Islam. They want us to also accept migrants and to also become countries with mixed populations.”

Not long ago, Orbán said, the globalist open-borders zealots claimed the reason that Hungary and all European nations needed to accept mass migration was “because what is alien is beautiful, a mixed population is better, and because the true European does not defend such obsolete medieval concepts as homeland and religion.” Those voices are now quieter today, he said. “Now the fashionable mantra is that we must become like them because this expresses solidarity,” Orbán added. Hungary is willing to stand in solidarity with all Western Europeans and leaders who wish to save their homelands and their Christian civilization, he said. But it will never be in solidarity with those who wish to abandon or destroy their own nations and their own Christian cultures.

“We shall never express solidarity with those European leaders who want to take Europe into a post-Christian and post-national era,” Orbán warned, referring to the effort to turn Europe's once sovereign, self-governing, Christian nations into mere administrative units in the globalist superstate known as the EU. Specifically, the popular Hungarian leader slammed a range of European politicians who have maliciously targeted Orbán and other leaders of Central and Eastern Europe for refusing to open their borders wide and invite in the rest of the world — especially the victims of illegal globalist wars in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and more. In short, Orbán said Hungary and its allies would never accept the globalist agenda being pushed by the EU, which he said seeks the destruction of Christian civilization and the identity of entire nations and peoples in the fiendish quest for a globalist utopia.

National independence and self-government will also be maintained, regardless of EU and United Nations pressure, he said. “A precondition of all future plans is that we are free to follow our own path,” Orbán said, echoing comments by Trump on the importance of national sovereignty and nations being allowed to choose their own destiny. “Only independent nations which are not at the mercy of others can follow their own paths. By way of warning, however, I must tell you that although we have our independence now, it’s not like jam: it doesn't keep on the shelf, and from time to time it must be defended. So please do not forget that we must not deliver the fate of the country into the hands of the internationalists.”

Alluding to the past, Orbán expressed a fierce devotion to his country, his people, and their freedom — and a fierce opposition to tyranny. “We are anti-communists and patriots,” he proclaimed. “We passionately love Hungary, and are ready to do everything we can for it.” He also slammed the globalists and mocked their ideology, which has not taken root in Hungary. Fidesz, Orbán's political party, and its allies, “have stopped political correctness in its tracks,” the prime minister said, again echoing President Trump in his quest to crush the “PC” speech codes being imposed by the establishment that seek to demonize and silence patriotism, tradition, Christianity, morality, and liberty. “Eurobabble, liberal grandstanding and 'PC' platitudes have been ditched,” he added. “We've sent the muzzle back to Brussels and the dog lead to the IMF.”

Orbán has also been very vocal in highlighting the role of billionaire Rothschild protege Soros in undermining Christendom and Western civilization by promoting, among other extremism, rabid globalism, statism, open borders, mass migration, and more. Indeed, the Hungarian-born billionaire criticized by Orbán and liberty-lovers worldwide has showered billions of dollars — some of it earned via insider trading, for which he has been convicted — on groups promoting everything from abortion and riots to Big Government, globalism, and the LGBT agenda. Soros, the self-styled “god” and a proud atheist, has also been working overtime to corrupt Christianity, pouring huge sums into phony Christian groups that promote anti-Christian teachings and even heresies.   

But according to Orbán, much of humanity is catching on — and the billionaire globalist is going to lose. “Soros has antagonized not only us but also England, President Trump and Israel too,” the Hungarian prime minister declared. “Everywhere he wants to get migration accepted. It won't work. We are not alone and we will fight together … and we will succeed.” Orbán also touted the Visegrád group of Central European nations — the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia — as an alliance that will stand firm against the globalist establishment and its schemes to undermine Western civilization, Christendom, liberty, and morality on the road to what globalist bigwáigs often refer to as the “New World Order.”

Orbán said the reason globalists are pushing mass migration so forcefully is because it will break down national identity and culture, thereby making it easier to impose globalism on all of humanity. “This is clear,” he said, noting that one of the “chief ideologues” of the Soros network had “let it slip” that the tsunami of immigration was part of a “secret program” to bring about a new type of person. “And I realised that from their point of view, from the viewpoint of the Soros types, we indigenous people who have our own countries, our own culture and our own religion — things for which we will fight tooth and nail — are individuals beyond redemption, who cannot be transformed. From their viewpoint, migrants are indeed better raw material to work with.” Despite the impression given by the dishonest establishment media, Europeans overwhelmingly support an end to the mass Islamic immigration.

Aside from defending national borders and independence, Orbán's speech tackled a wide range of important topics. Among them was the issue of debt slavery to foreign mega-banks, no doubt sparking outrage among the establishment. “I expected — indeed I demanded — that our ministers of economy aim for full employment, and rescue families with excessive debt from the trap of foreign currency and other debt,” the prime minister explained. “With the introduction of new regulations they were also expected to ensure that people in Hungary could never again be cheated into debt, fleeced and forced into lifelong debt repayment. In other words, I was hoping that we would fix the economy and set it on an upward course, and that in terms of their finances everyone would be able take at least one step forward.”

The prime minister also celebrated marriage, family, children, procreation, and more — something that is becoming increasingly rare among “progressive” Western leaders, many of whom do not even have children or families themselves. “It’s good to see that, despite every economic shock, the Hungarian people have remained a nation of culture,” he said. “Marriage hasn’t gone out of fashion either. If everything had remained as it was in 2010, there would now be fifty thousand fewer of us. And even if we’re still not doing well in terms of demographics, on the whole this is a fine achievement.... I believe that families form the unifying backbone of the entire country. I believe that everyone who commits to having children should be given all the support possible. I believe that mothers must be respected and honored.”

Overall, his speech was a rousing call to defend the best of civilization — family, nationhood, marriage, faith, freedom, peace, and prosperity. “I believe that we Hungarians have a future if we remain Hungarian: if we cultivate the Hungarian language, defend our Christian and Hungarian culture, and preserve independence and Hungarian freedom,” he said. “Well now, Dear Friends, this is the Hungarian model, and — as far as I can see — it works. Appreciating hard work, supporting families, retaining national identity and preserving independence: this is the future — and this future can be ours.” While Hungary's fertility rate is still far below replacement levels — as is true across most of the West today — Orbán said the numbers were increasing and could eventually become high enough to “provide for our long-term survival.”

The UN, which Soros' minions have also infested, is a key part of the globalist scheming. “The UN wants everyone to accept that immigration and its facilitation make a positive contribution to economic growth and prosperity,” Orbán said, quoting from the UN document that the Trump administration has already rejected. “From a European point of view, this is obviously idiocy.... The UN asserts that it is every European’s duty to help the immigrants coming to their countries to settle and find jobs. We understand that some 80 per cent of the UN’s Member States are source countries for migrants. But we didn’t establish the United Nations in order for it to turn against us and force something on us that will ruin us.” He also ridiculed the establishment types behind the plot, who demand that walls and fences be removed from borders to help undermine national sovereingty and identity, but who themselves live their lives cowering behind walls, heavily armed tax-funded bodyguards, armored limousines, and more.

Despite the forces arrayed against nations, freedom, and Christianity — Orbán identified, in particular, “George Soros’s network and the international bureaucrats he has bought” — there are reasons for optimism. “We must clearly and forthrightly state that we do not see the battle that we're fighting as a hopeless one; in fact as we see it, we now stand on the brink of victory,” he said, pointing to Hungary's European allies, the Orthodox Christian world, the return of patriotism, a revival of Christianity in some Western nations, a “spiritual and political resistance” developing even within countries such as Germany, and other positive news. Orbán also touted a “Stop Soros” legislative proposal that would protect the borders and end tax funding for AstroTurf groups lobbying to destroy Western civilization.

But the other side has not and will not give up, either. And so, Orbán suggested that Hungary would fight to the bitter end with its allies — and that the right side would ultimately win this battle. Already, the tide is turning in Europe. Whether Americans realize it or not, the United States is facing the same onslaught as Hungary, from the same network of subversive globalists now commonly known to Americans as the “Deep State.” Liberty and Christian civilization are literally at stake.

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook.

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