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UK Elections, Brexit Sabotage, UKIP’s Collapse

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As British voters went to the polls May 3 to fill thousands of local council seats, globalists continued efforts to sabotage the Brexit, and UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) collapsed.


Political analysts were predicting that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party would crush Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party as British voters went to the polls on Thursday, May 3, to fill more than 4,400 local seats in nearly 150 councils, including all of London’s 32 borough councils.  Although not all of the results are in, it does appear that Labour’s gains fell far short of predictions. According to the BBC’s Live Coverage of the elections, the BBC “projected national vote share puts both parties on 35%.”

Sir John Curtice, a political science professor and election expert for the BBC, described the results as "a draw," so far as both parties' national performances are concerned. The remainder of the contested seats was split among the Liberal Democrats, the Greens, and other smaller parties, with the Liberal Democrats picking up the most gains. The big loser of the day was UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party), which spearheaded the successful 2016 Brexit referendum drive that convinced Brits to vote in favor of leaving the European Union.

Since that stunning victory, however, UKIP has gone through a stormy series of six leadership changes that caused it to hemorrhage members, most of whom are presumed to have moved over to the Conservative (Tory) Party. In the May 3 elections, UKIP completely collapsed, losing around a hundred council seats, leaving it holding only a handful, and perhaps as few as one or two. UKIP still retains its one member in the British Parliament’s House of Commons and its 19 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). The most famous of the British MEPs is Nigel Farage, who stepped down as leader of UKIP after the Brexit victory but retained his MEP seat. In his inimitable style, Farage rose on the floor of the European Parliament on May 3 to excoriate European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and other members of the EU elite who are always demanding “more Europe” as the solution for every problem. What is really at issue all over Europe, he pointed out, is national sovereignty versus rule by diktat from Brussels. With opposition hooting and his supporters clapping, Farage declared the Brexit vote “is the first brick out of the wall, you’ve learned none of the lessons, the days of this Project are over. We want to live in nation states, not artificial creations.”

Can UKIP be revived? And can Brexit be saved without a revived UKIP? The Conservative Party under former Prime Minister David Cameron had joined with all the globalist forces in “Project Fear” to stop Brexit. Theresa May, who was part of that effort and publicly opposed Brexit, nevertheless has repeatedly stated since becoming prime minister that she will carry out the wishes of the voters and negotiate positive terms for Britain in a clean Brexit break. However, Prime Minister May’s government has been wasting time and is proposing a “customs union” arrangement that would still rob Britain of its sovereignty over many areas of concern and leave it subject to EU controls. As it becomes more and more clear that the May government’s Brexit plan is to sabotage Brexit with halfway measures that never lead to a real exit, there are certain to be massive defections again from the Tories to UKIP. Another huge migration flood, compliments of the European Union, would re-energize the UKIP base. Likewise, the continuing escalation of violent crime and terrorist attacks guarantee that Brexit fever is not a thing of the past.

The key to UKIP’s future is now in the hands of Gerard Batten, who agreed to step in as the temporary leader earlier this year to salvage the party, which was headed into insolvency and oblivion. The mess that he inherited was not only a financial one, but also a matter of total political disarray, with virtually no candidates recruited for the thousands of races in the rapidly approaching local elections. Batten, who was an active UKIP spokesman in the Brexit campaign, is an intelligent and articulate front man and has brought, it appears, badly needed stability and organizational skill to the embattled party. As can be seen in his interviews with the BBC and other British media, the critics are anxious to pronounce UKIP a corpse, but he is quick to insist that they are jumping the gun when it comes to writing the party’s epitaph.

Four days before the elections, Batten appeared on the ITV network show Peston on Sunday to respond to the usual charges that he and UKIP are “obsessed” with racism and Islamophobia. He acquitted himself well and reasonably refuted the charges, explaining the difference between rational concern over uncontrolled mass migration and Islamic extremism (a concern that opinion polls show is shared by a majority of British citizens) versus the media’s dishonest characterization of that concern as a racist and irrational “obsession.” (See video below.)

Steve Byas reported for The New American on May 1 regarding the efforts by members of the House of Lords to sabotage the Brexit, by insisting on an amendment to the Brexit agreement that would give the Lords the ability to strategically delay — perhaps for an extended time — actual exit from EU membership. The amendment referred to above was authored by Lord Douglas Hogg (Viscount Hailsham), who is a member of the Conservative Party. He is joined by fellow pro-EU globalists from the Labour Party. A sellout of this sort will end up backfiring against Prime Minister May and all the “Remainiacs” in the Conservative, Labour, and Liberal Democrat parties that are trying to sabotage the Brexit. Tory Brexiteers, ranging from MP Bernard Jenkin (see here) to the U.K.’s International Trade Secretary Liam Fox (here) and MEP Daniel Hannan (see The New American’s video interview with Hannan here), have made it clear that thwarting the will of the British electorate on the Brexit would be a grave betrayal. The big question is whether enough British voters will become sufficiently informed about these machinations in sufficient time to thwart the plans of the betrayers.

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