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London Called “Wild West”: Fewer Than 5% of Robberies Solved — But “Hate Crimes” Still Priority

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Big Brother London is one of the world’s most surveilled cities, with a half million prying-eye cameras watching its residents. But authorities still fail to effectively tackle crime, with less than one in 20 muggings and burglaries being solved. Yet, interestingly, police still find the time and resources to track down thought criminals who criticize Islam.

The Daily Mail reports on the politically correct aspects of the story:

Official police data shows that just four per cent of robberies and three per cent of burglaries were solved in England and Wales in 2017.

The figures will fuel concerns that there is a crisis in the nation’s policing, with one MP describing London as ‘the Wild West’.

In more than 1,000 neighbourhoods with at least 30 crimes, the police failed to catch and punish any of the suspects, The Sunday Times report [sic].

… The figures also reveal that only nine per cent of suspects in all crimes are caught and punished — a reduction of more than 50 per cent in the past five years.

The worrying statistics will add to concerns about the surge of violent crime in the UK, particularly in London.

… Scores of violent attacks and muggings have been reported in the capital, with many incidents involving mopeds and knives.

Police data shows that the percentage of all crimes solved by police has plummeted from 19 per cent in 2013 to just nine per cent in 2017.

Perpetrators in violent and sexual offences were brought to justice only in eight per cent of cases last year — a mere third of those in 2013.

Meanwhile, solved burglary cases halved from six per cent in 2013 to three per cent in 2017, and robbery cases from nine per cent to four per cent in the same period.

(Note: the notion of a crime-ridden “Wild West” is a myth created by dime novelists. While there was violence in the West between the U.S. Army and the plains Indians, the region’s towns were much like small municipalities today: low-crime areas populated by generally civilized people.)

The Mail also provides the example of two London streets that saw 159 robberies last year alone — only one was solved. Crime is so bad that it’s affecting even the pseudo-elites (though not as much as the working man), with Home Secretary Sajid Javid himself being “a victim of a moped gang, who stole his mobile phone as he tried to call a taxi,” reports the Metro.  

To add more perspective, gun-control-crazy London has now surpassed NYC in homicides for the first time in two centuries. The mainstream media blame this crime wave, in part, on dipping “Met” (London) police numbers. Yet while they’ve declined a bit since 2010, they’re still higher than they were any year before 2004.

Nonetheless, people are to be reassured. For the police proclaim, “Solving crime is a key priority for the Met.” I’ll bet. Just consider the following tweet, posted by London’s police late last year:

Screenshot 2018 6 20 Metropolitan Police on Twitter

This is not unusual in today’s U.K. In April, the Merseyside Police warned that social-media posts relating to Alfie Evans (a baby denied medical treatment by the government) “are being monitored and may be acted upon.” And it was reported last year that “hate speech” apprehensions were up almost 900 percent since 2014, with police arresting nine people daily in the U.K. and, in 2016, 867 in London alone.

So authorities can’t tackle actual physical crimes, but they have officers, time, and resources to suppress speech? Well, at least, as one commenter wryly put it under the Metro piece, “if your laptop is stolen in a burglary, the suspect will be caught if he sends a Tweet from it which offends somebody.”

That is, if it offends the “right” person. Hate-speech laws — which are actually stifle-dissent laws — are often, if not most often, used to suppress criticism of Islam. In fact, even a British politician was arrested on this basis. Meanwhile, for 16 years U.K. authorities ignored a child-trafficking ring — and the beating, terrorizing, and sexual abuse of 1,400 girls — because the perpetrators were Muslim. Authorities even went so far as to silence a whistleblower, accusing her of — surprise, surprise — “racism” (i.e., hate speech).

This brings us to London’s “Ring of Steel,” that half-million-strong surveillance-camera network. As the rape-gang story reflects, it doesn’t matter how much evidence exists if, owing to political correctness, a sense of duty does not. A good example is recent CCTV video of a Muslim food-delivery man tearing from a customer’s door and destroying a Palm Sunday cross (video below). “There have so far been no arrests,” wrote the Metro Saturday. Yet noting that you’d have to be a Keystone Kops-Barney Fife hybrid to have trouble breaking this case, Jihad Watch proprietor Robert Spencer asks, “Why not? The man was caught on closed circuit television. The restaurant he came from is known. The restaurant owners must know who he is.”

Spencer then answers his own question, writing that “officials in shattered, staggering, dhimmi Britain are so desperately afraid of offending their increasingly aggressive Muslim population, and so hungry for their votes, that they concern themselves much more with tracking down ‘Islamophobes’ than with incidents such as this one.” For sure. If the story concerned a native Brit, let’s say, putting bacon before a mosque’s front door, the perpetrator would already be charged and it would be a major media story.

And that’s today’s Britain. You can knock someone over the head, but don’t knock the wrong religion — ‘cause the cops will come a-knockin’ at your door.

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