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New EU Deal Continues Migrant Influx, Advances Globalism

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With the European Union superstate on the brink of collapse over disagreements on how to handle the migrant tsunami swamping the bloc, EU leaders met in Brussels last week and inked a “compromise” deal that will encourage further mass migration while advancing globalism in Europe and beyond. Globalist EU bigwigs and United Nations bosses all celebrated the plan. Even some ostensibly “populist” leaders expressed support due to some minor concessions they secured. But as Western governments continue to promote mass immigration from the Third World, the latest polls show Europeans, like Americans, are overwhelmingly opposed — and public outrage is reaching a boiling point. Meanwhile, warnings that tens of millions of migrants are waiting to pour in are growing louder.

Under the new EU plan, agreed to this week, “secure centers” for migrants would be set up across the EU to process asylum claims of those who arrive. That is supposed to be a “victory” because previously, migrants would generally be released into the country while their cases were considered. If the decision on their application was negative or uncertain, the migrants would simply disappear rather than face deportation. The exact same phenomenon occurs in the United States, where the overwhelming majority of migrants released pending their hearing simply never show up in court. A Department of Homeland Security report from 2015 said 84 percent of migrants with children did not appear in court for their final decision.

Also part of the new EU plan will be to work more closely with African governments — especially the regime in Libya, a nation destroyed by the globalist warmongers in D.C. and Brussels posing as humanitarians — to supposedly help stem the tide. And it vows to work with the globalist African Union, an artificial construct funded by the EU, the U.S. government, and the mass-murdering Communist Chinese dictatorship to rule over Africans. “Tackling the migration problem at its core requires a partnership with Africa aiming at a substantial socio-economic transformation of the African continent building upon the principles and objectives as defined by the African countries in their Agenda 2063,” says the EU deal, referring to a globalist central plan to be imposed on Africans over the next half-century by the foreign-funded AU.

Basically, EU taxpayers will be funding a massive plot to put Africans under the jackboot of an EU-style regime that will indoctrinate children, promote abortion, mandate feminism, and much more. “Particular focus should be laid on education, health, infrastructure, innovation, good governance and women's empowerment,” the EU agreement says, as if EU globalists knew what was best for Africans or anyone else. “Cooperation between the European Union and the African Union is an important element of our relationship. The European Council calls for further developing and promoting it.” The New American has exposed the African Union, its foreign backers, and its real agenda in a series of articles. Basically, like the EU and similar structures emerging worldwide, it is a regional building block on the road to what globalists call the “New World Order.”

Beyond “transforming” Africa with globalism and social engineering, part of the deal calls for the EU to “explore the concept” of what it describes as “regional disembarkation platforms.” Because migrants picked up at sea are still being dropped off in Europe, where they often disappear to avoid the law, there is a huge incentive for them to make the journey. Under the proposed “regional disembarkation platforms” scheme, those picked up at sea would instead be processed in centers based in Africa, Turkey, or elsewhere, where a determination would be made about whether they could come to Europe. While the establishment press reported this part of the plan as done deal, the agreement simply calls for it to be “explored.” In other words, the mass influx will continue, media deception notwithstanding.  

The agreement goes on to say that “irregular migrants,” whatever that means, would be denied access to Europe. But those “in need of international protection” would be sent to Europe and resettled at taxpayer expense. Of course, everybody knows that the migrants in the centers will deny being “irregular migrants” and will instead claim to be in need of international protection. For some, that may well be true. But as has been well documented even by governments involved, there have been concerted efforts by pro-open borders groups to coach migrants on what to say to obtain asylum. For instance, for many governments, simply claiming to be a homosexual will secure entry. Many migrants also simply throw their passports and identification away and make up a story to help them qualify.  

Another key part of the deal was a concession to the governments that have been most adamant about not accepting mass migration: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and others. While the EU was trying to force them all to accept “quotas” of migrants at proverbial gunpoint, the so-called Visegrad group of nations said that was completely off the table and unacceptable. Under the new plan, all resettlement will be of a “voluntary” nature, and no government will be coerced into accepting migrants against the will of those it represents. That alone was a major blow to the hopes of billionaire open-borders zealot and anti-Christian fanatic George Soros, a Rothschild protege and a key driver of the mass-migration agenda who has been waging a propaganda war against Hungarian leader Viktor Orban and others. Among other concerns, Orban says the orchestrated mass-migration of Muslims into Europe is a plot by a “treasonous conspiracy” to destroy Christianity and nation-states.  

Yet another major development in the newly agreed upon scheme was the practical dismantling of the so-called “Dublin Regulation.” In essence, the rule mandates that refugees and those claiming to be refugees be processed and absorbed by the first EU nation that they enter. The plan calls for it to be “reformed,” but the details have not yet been worked out. That was a sticking point because the vast majority of migrants arriving via the Mediterranean have been landing in Italy and Greece, with both countries being overwhelmed and swamped by the incoming tsunami. Under the new plan, other governments are supposed to help ease that burden.  

The new EU scheme also promotes globalism by further solidifying EU control over migration and super-sizing EU agencies, including a plan to “bolster European defence.” Also benefiting will be FRONTEX, the EU “border” agency that has failed miserably, leaving countries such as Hungary to fend for themselves as EU globalists shriek about the Hungarian government's efforts to actually secure the border. The agreement also calls for a “new Common European Asylum System,” which will usurp power over national decisions on immigration. So while some governments and journalists were duped into believing this deal would rein in mass migration, the EU will eventually flood nations simply by virtue of being able to decide who is and is not a “refugee.”

Statism combined with globalism is also infused throughout the EU deal. For instance, the agreement called for the superstate to work on improving censorship of “content that incites hatred,” which includes criticism of Islam, homosexuality, mass migration, gender confusion, and much else. And the deal demands that the fight against “tax avoidance,” which is legal and desirable, be “vigorously pursued at global level.” Just to be perfectly clear about its globalist agenda, the EU Council agreed that it was important for the EU to work on “preserving and deepening the rules-based multilateral system.” The “rules-based multilateral system” is also known as “global governance,” the architecture being imposed on humanity to shatter self-government and national sovereingty.

Despite the tough-sounding rhetoric about controlling external borders and stopping illegal immigration in the European Council's agreement, even if fully enforced, the deal will solidify the trends. Consider: Even if the borders were sealed totally now, with millions of new Islamic migrants just from recent years already residing on the continent, they will soon be able to sponsor their families, who will then be able to sponsor still more immigration. Plus, with Muslim families having far more children than the mostly secular, hedonistic Europeans indoctrinated with bogus concerns about “global warming,” London and Frankfurt will not be the last major European cities in which natives become a minority. London already has a Muslim mayor, too, and he appears far more interested in arresting critics of Islam than those responsible for surging violence and murder rates.   

In Sweden, Kurdish-Iranian immigrant and prominent economist Tino Sanandaji estimated in 2016 that, if current trends continued, Swedes would be a minority in their own nation within 15 years. In the nation's third-largest city, that has already happened. “This is an irreversible social experiment that no wealthy state has ever attempted,” he explained, calling the results of the Swedish government's immigration policy “quite disastrous.” The existing welfare state, which is already creaking, will never be able to survive the pressures, he added. And other European nations are not far behind. But as that happens, the public is fighting back, with a plurality even among liberal Swedes now telling pollsters that the staunchly anti-immigration Sweden Democrats is their favored party ahead of upcoming elections.  

Considering the globalist agenda infused throughout the agreement, it was hardly a surprise that leading EU globalists celebrated it. “A complete approach was adopted,” boasted globalist French President Emmanuel Macron, a former Rothschild banker and committed advocate of surrendering his nation's sovereignty and self-government to regional and global institutions. “We are protecting better. We are cooperating more. And we are reaffirming our principles. All hastily-made solutions, be they solely national ones or a betrayal of our values that consists in pushing people off to third countries, were clearly set aside.” The new “anti-establishment” leaders of Italy also celebrated the deal, claiming it at least helps spread the burden around.

Reaching some sort of deal was seen as critical by EU leaders. In Germany, the government of “former” East German Communist Party propagandist Angela Merkel, who invited millions of African and Middle Eastern Muslims into Germany at taxpayer expense in recent years, is on the verge of collapse. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, part of Merkel's own coalition, threatened that without a deal reached by this weekend, he would start turning migrants away. In Italy, meanwhile, which has borne the brunt of the mass migration of recent years, the new anti-establishment government has vowed to deport 500,000 migrants and stand up to the EU. Greek authorities are also on the brink as migrants flood into their nation.

Even top globalists running the EU superstate have warned that it is cracking up amid the migrant influx. “The fragility of the EU is increasing,” said unelected EU Commission boss Jean-Claude Juncker. “The cracks are growing in size.” Part of the reason for that is that the so-called “free movement of people” principle is in danger of breaking down, as European nations threaten to restore border controls to avoid having their cultures and civilizations swept away. Across Europe, stopping the influx of Third World migrants is at the top of voters' concerns. Despite the fringe views pushed by the media and the political establishment, the overwhelming majority of Europeans oppose more immigration from outside Europe — and especially more Islamic immigration. According to a survey of Europeans by the Nezopont Institute, three fourths of those polled said migration from outside the continent was “not good.” Two thirds of respondents also said Europe's Christian culture must be preserved.    

Throughout the negotiations, the Soros-funded voices seeking to flood Europe with migrants from alien cultures and religions were trying their best to pressure the EU and nations to open the gates even wider. Some fringe groups and propagandists have even started blaming Brussels for the deaths of illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean Sea. For reasons that are never made clear, European governments' refusal to accept totally open borders is being cited as the cause of just about everything bad and awful in the world. Adding to the confusion, the establishment media painted the deal as a “fundamental shift in the continent's traditionally liberal migrant policy,” as the Wall Street Journal put it. That is simply dishonest propaganda. The reality is that this agreement changes little, while ensuring that globalism and mass migration will continue.

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Alex Newman is a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, education, politics, and more. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook.

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