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Soros Demands EU Sanctions on Hungary for Resisting Migration

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The European Union superstate is scheming to punish Hungary over its resistance to the EU-backed tsunami of immigration flooding the continent, with EU bigwigs even threatening sanctions and loss of voting rights if Hungarians do not fall in line. Billionaire globalist George Soros is among those lobbying for the EU's assault on Hungary and its people. Poland and other nations are in the cross-hairs, too. But the overwhelming majority of Europeans, even in countries where governments are brazenly encouraging the migrant tsunami, support an end to mass Islamic immigration into Europe. The battle threatens to tear the EU apart.     

The increasingly totalitarian regime in Brussels is also upset about Hungarian leaders working to rein in the influence of extremist Soros, a Rothschild protege and lead architect of the mass immigration opposed by the overwhelming majority of Europeans. Some especially rabid voices are hoping to kick Hungary out of the EU altogether — almost certainly a blessing in disguise, as the United Kingdom showed with Brexit. But still reeling from the Hungarian government's approval of the “STOP Soros” law reining in subversion by the self-described “god,” Soros' minions in Europe are openly using tax-funded EU propaganda outlets to demand a harsh EU crackdown on the central European nation.  

“The new law clearly breaches the laws of the European Union,” claimed two Soros minions with his “Open Society” operations, “senior advocacy officer” Kersty McCourt and “head of the EU internal policy” Natacha Kazatchkine. “The Open Society Foundations and other civil society organizations are calling on the EU institutions to respond — including through legal action against Hungary and the initiation of proceedings under article 7(1) to suspend Hungary’s voting rights. The new legislation is also at odds with international human rights law, and Hungary’s commitments under the 1951 refugee convention.” Soros' employees called for Hungary to lose its voting rights, among other punishments. 

A broad range of Soros-funded groups echoed those outraged remarks. The Hungarian Helsinki Committee, for instance, another pro-mass migration “NGO” funded by the Hungarian-born billionaire, described the STOP Soros law as “unacceptable.” “Its goal is to stigmatize certain civil organizations that the government does not like ... and to distance them from society, and in the end make their operation impossible,” fumed the “committee,” which essentially acts as another front group for Soros, who infamously said on national TV that he had no guilt for helping National Socialists (Nazis) steal Jewish property as a child. Soros himself has blasted Hungarian authorities' concerns against his scheming as “distortions and lies.”


Among other changes, the STOP Soros law empowers the interior minister to ban “non-government organizations” that facilitate mass immigration and pose a threat to national security. The measure also allows authorities to impose a 25-percent tax on foreign donations coming to pro-mass immigration NGOs in Hungary. It imposes penalties on individuals who try to aid and abet illegal immigration, too. Authorities say the measure is aimed at protecting Hungary, the Hungarian people, their Christian culture, and even Western Christian civilization from being inundated by globalist-engineered mass Islamic immigration from Africa and the Middle East.

Unsurprisingly, a broad coalition of globalists, Islamists, and multicultural activists responded by painting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (shown) as an authoritarian. But in reality, Orbán is doing exactly what the overwhelming majority of Hungarians want him to do, as demonstrated in the recent election in which Orbán's Fidesz coalition crushed its opposition in a landslide and won almost three-fourths of the seats in Parliament. In response to the latest EU plotting against his nation, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó blasted Brussels for “playing to George Soros' tune.” However, despite Soros' machinations, authorities in Budapest will “look at the interests of the Hungarian people.”   

But the will of the people — in Hungary or anywhere else in the bloc — appears to be of no concern to the globalist rulers of Europe in Brussels. One of the many tactics in the EU war on the Hungarian people is the dusting off of Article 7 of the Lisbon Treaty. This provision mandates that “all countries respect the values of the EU,” one of which is “democracy.” Ironically, the Lisbon Treaty was jammed down the throats of Europeans without a vote after they repeatedly rejected it by huge margins in elections. So apparently obeying the will of the people is not one of the “values” of the EU superstate, approvingly described as the “new European Soviet” by a former Soviet dictator. But for violating the “values,” penalties under Article 7 can range from sanctions to a stripping of voting rights. It also is expected to damage their international reputation, advocates say.  

In late June, the “Justice and Home Affairs Committee” of the so-called European Parliament voted 37-19 to move forward a resolution condemning Hungary and seeking to trigger Article 7. Citing “a clear risk of a serious breach” of the EU's “values,” the resolution will now go to the full Parliament for consideration. But as readers of this magazine know well, the European “Parliament” is not an actual legislature in the traditional Western sense of the term. Instead, it is a Soviet-style rubber-stamp that gives mostly the illusion of representation in EU decision making. If approved by the full Parliament in September, the measure would ask the EU Council to consider using Article 7 against Hungary.

Earlier this year, the “Civil Liberties Committee” of the “Parliament” also adopted a document calling for EU sanctions against the nation. “The time of merely issuing warnings has passed. We need to stand up for the Hungarian people whose rights have been undermined by their government,” said Green MEP Judith Sargentini, who authored the report, without explaining which Hungarian people supposedly had their rights violated and without mentioning the massive popularity of the ruling party, which is more popular among its people than just about any other European political party. Ironically, the ruling Fidesz party belongs to the European People's Party, the most powerful bloc in the EU's pseudo-Parliament.

The effort to invoke Article 7 against Hungary has been led by the Green Party — a party so radical that its members in public office have boasted that Europeans would soon become a minority in their own cities. “Our society will change. Our city will change radically. I hold that in 20, 30 years there will no longer be [German] majorities in our city,” thundered German Green Party politician Stefanie von Berg. “We will live in a city that thrives on having many different ethnicities. We will have plenty of people and live in a super-cultural society. This is what we will have in the future. And I want to make it very clear, especially towards those right wingers, this is a good thing!” Indeed, in Frankfurt, Germans are already a minority.

The Polish government, which recently recognized Jesus Christ as the King of Poland, is also in the crosshairs of the EU, and for similar reasons. In March, the Euro Parliament voted overwhelmingly for a non-binding resolution — of course, the EU's “Parliament” has no real power — seeking to use Article 7 against Poland, too. The measure was viewed as moral support for the European Commission, a hybrid executive and legislative branch run by unelected bureaucrats, and its decision in December to condemn Polish authorities for their conservative-minded reforms reining in the out-of-control judiciary.     

Globalist French President Emmanuel Macron, a Rothschild protege like Soros, has been loudly voicing his support for sanctions, not just against Hungary, but against any government that upholds the will of its people on immigration. “I am for myself in favor of mechanisms that indeed take this into account,” he said when asked about sanctions on EU members that refuse to allow mass immigration into their nations. “You can't have countries that massively benefit from the solidarity of the European Union and that massively voice their national selfishness when it comes to migrant issues.” The remarks were aimed at Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, the so-called Visegrád Group that opposes the EU's mass migration and its scheme to redistribute migrants across the bloc.

But even as globalist EU bosses seek to punish and destroy their enemies, European voters are increasingly making their voices heard. In Italy, a coalition of anti-establishment parties that vowed to stand up to the EU and begin mass deportations won in a historic victory. Now, authorities in Rome are hoping to work with Hungarian authorities to “change the rules” of the EU to speed up deportations and rein in the mass immigration swamping the continent. In Austria, voters also elected an anti-immigration, anti-establishment government. In the United Kingdom, voters were so outraged they voted for outright secession from the EU. And in upcoming elections, parties supporting borders and Western civilization are expected to dominate.   

Sanctions are considered by many to be an act of war — and for good reason. The fact that the EU is so desperate to ensure that no country refuses mass immigration that it would take such an extreme course of action is an indication of just how fanatical and extreme the EU's leadership has become. But of course, despite what globalist bigwigs claim, the truth is that flooding the continent with peoples from alien Third World cultures is part of a deliberate agenda. It has nothing to do with humanitarianism; in fact, the globalists in Brussels played a key role destroying the nations that the migrants are fleeing from.

Instead, as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has explained on many occasions, the mass-migration plot was orchestrated by a “treasonous conspiracy” in Brussels. Their goal is to undermine Christianity, liberty, Christian civilization, and the nation-state, on the road toward global governance. Only securing the borders, restoring the family, and returning to Christianity can save Europe now, Orbán said in one of his recent speeches warning of a looming calamity if Europeans do not wake up.

Fortunatley, the public is waking up, in huge numbers. In fact, even globalist polls have consistently shown that the overwhelming majority of Europeans want the mass migration stopped. Soros and his globalist allies, then, are in a race against time. Already, to avoid the collapse of the EU and the ousting of all the pro-mass migration parties in elections, EU bosses have been forced to pretend like they are doing something to stem the tide. In reality, all they did was dupe the press and the media. But the truth will eventually come out. Whether it will be soon enough remains to be seen.

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Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook.

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