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UN: Trump Could Be Prosecuted for “Incitement” Against Media

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After equating U.S. President Donald Trump's “tactics” to those of the Islamic State (ISIS), a top United Nations bureaucrat infamous for persecuting whistleblowers is now comparing the American leader to National Socialist (Nazi) mass-murderer Adolf Hitler. In particular, the UN “High Commissioner for Human Rights” attacked Trump over his comments about the dishonest establishment media. The controversial UN bureaucrat warned that the American leader's rhetoric borders on “incitement to violence.” But a “court” will have to decide if Trump is actually guilty, the UN official told a far-left British newspaper.   

The criticism from the UN “human rights” boss, an Islamic prince set to step down in disgrace this month, was ostensibly sparked by Trump's escalating feud with what the president often ridicules as the “fake news” media. Frustrated with constant lies and propaganda from establishment mouthpieces such as CNN and the Washington Post, Trump has even referred to the “fake news” media as an “enemy of the people.” Among other concerns, he cited their lies and noted that they can and do “cause wars.” Trump's comments, which sparked outrage among “fake news” purveyors, came amid an unprecedented hate campaign against the elected American president and his supporters.

Speaking to the far-left U.K. Guardian, among the most ardent peddlers of UN propaganda and the man-made global-warming hypothesis, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein (shown) was obviously furious with Trump. “We began to see a campaign against the media … that could have potentially, and still can, set in motion a chain of events which could quite easily lead to harm being inflicted on journalists just going about their work and potentially some self-censorship,” Hussein said right around the time that Antifa thugs were actually brutalizing journalists. “And in that context, it’s getting very close to incitement to violence.”

Ironically, the UN warning comes as the UN itself faces global condemnation for its attacks on press freedom. At least two UN agencies, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), are abusing arcane European laws to terrorize journalists for exposing and documenting the corruption of their leadership. In both cases, the reporters could be jailed. Separately, a UN kangaroo court tried to throw a Lebanese journalist in jail for her reporting. And more recently, armed UN guards violently evicted and then banned an internationally respected journalist, Matthew Lee of Inner City Press, famous for asking tough questions and breaking important stories.   

Hussein warned that Trump was creating what he described as a “demonstration effect, which then is picked up by other countries where the leadership tends to to be more authoritarian [in] character or aspires to be authoritarian.” In other words, in Hussein's view, Trump's comments exposing the establishment media's dishonesty would supposedly lead dictators to do the same. Of course, that is exactly what numerous critics of the UN's attacks on journalism and journalists have been saying about those attacks. However, UN member states hardly need encouragement or a demonstration to suppress free speech and the free press — in fact, myriad UN member states do not even pretend to have a free press, with some of its leading member states regularly murdering and torturing journalists.  

Next, Hussein suggested that Trump sounded like Hitler. “When language is used in a way that focuses on groups of people who have traditionally suffered a great deal from bigotry and prejudice and chauvinism, it harked back to a period not too long ago in the 20th century when feelings were stoked, directed at a vulnerable group for the sake of political gain,” the UN “human rights” official said, without providing a single example of Trump's allegedly Hitleresque language. Just to be sure that everyone understood what he was saying, Hussein clarified that he was referring “in particular to the 1930s [when National Socialists came to power in Germany] and the period before the first [sic] world war.”

The UN “human rights” boss, who sparked a major international scandal by terrorizing the brave whistleblower who tried to protect children from rape by international “peacekeepers” on UN missions in Africa, also slammed Trump's supposed lack of commitment to “human rights.” “The Trump administration seems to have separated itself from previous administrations in its upholding of human rights globally,” said the Islamic prince. The administration's refusal to help legitimize the dictator-controlled UN “Human Rights Council” by sending an ambassador, and then Trump's decision to withdraw from the discredited UN body, is “illustrative of the lack of any deep commitment to the human rights.”

Hussein failed to explain what he meant by human rights, though. In the UN's world, human rights are mere privileges that are granted by government and international agreements, and can be revoked at any time. In Article 29 of the UN “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” the UN even says explicitly that one’s “rights and freedoms” may “in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.” That same article purports to allow governments to restrict or abolish rights under virtually any pretext. That is why mass-murdering dictators are so comfortable participating in the fraud — indeed, Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi was even elected to lead the UN Human Rights Commission.  

Obviously, this perverted understanding of “human rights” is completely incompatible with the traditional American view of human rights that was once widespread across Western Christian civilization. In contrast to the UN and government bestowing rights on people, America's Founding Fathers declared in America's founding document that human rights come from the Creator. They also argued that government exists to protect those rights. And of course, those traditions stretch back to the Magna Carta and even earlier, with the Judeo-Christian understanding that God's commands against murder imply a right to life, that commands against theft imply a right to property, and so on.

Ironically, much of Hussein's criticism of America boils down to the fact that the U.S. government does not infringe upon God-given rights as much as the UN wishes it would. For instance, after a jihadist with well-documented homosexual tendencies shot up a homosexual night club in Orlando, Hussein sprang into action to demand more infringements on the fundamental human rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment. Blasting the fact that there are “hundreds of millions of guns in circulation,” Hussein called for the U.S. government to adopt “robust gun regulation” and a UN-approved “legal framework to control the acquisition and use of firearms.” There was no similar whining when jihadists with AK-47s and bombs shot over 500 people in Paris, where such weapons were already illegal.   

Other UN “human rights” figures made similar accusations against Trump. “His attacks are strategic, designed to undermine confidence in reporting and raise doubts about verifiable facts,” UN “Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression” David Kaye said in a joint statement with a pan-American bureaucrat, criticizing Trump for highlighting the establishment media’s dishonesty. “These attacks run counter to the country’s obligations to respect press freedom and international human rights law. Each time the President calls the media ‘the enemy of the people’ or fails to allow questions from reporters from disfavored outlets, he suggests nefarious motivations or animus.” Ironically, they also demanded that he “counter rampant disinformation,” which is exactly what he has been doing.

Hussein’s latest unhinged attacks against Trump are not the first. Even before Trump was elected, the UN bureaucrat claimed, among other things, that Trump was “dangerous.” He even alleged that Trump and other so-called populists allegedly “use tactics similar” to those used by ISIS. In the real world, ISIS beheads critics and “apostates,” blows up innocent people, kidnaps girls for sex slavery, blows up churches, and more. By contrast, Trump’s tactics included speeches against globalism, open borders, and the establishment. It was not immediately clear how Hussein could have confused the two.

This month, after a scandal-filled term that included protecting UN child rapists and persecuting multiple whistleblowers, Hussein will step down from his post in disgrace. More than a few critics have described him as anti-American and anti-Semitic. But his replacement, Socialist Party leader Michelle Bachelet of Chile, is not expected to be any better. In fact, she is a proud and close ally of some of the world’s most murderous communist dictators. It is past time for the American taxpayers to quit paying for this farce and to withdraw from the dictators-club clown show that is the United Nations.

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Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is based in Europe but has lived all over the world. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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