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Swedish Anti-migration, Anti-EU Party Poised to Make Big Gains in Coming Election

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Having orchestrated an invasion of your nation doesn’t generally help on the campaign trail. Nor is it beneficial when one of your leaders says that “the Swedes must be integrated into the new Sweden; the old Sweden is never coming back.” Thus is it no surprise that the Social Democrats, long the dominant party in Sweden, are now losing ground — and that some of this ground is being taken by a pro-Swedish, anti-(im)migration alternative: the Sweden Democrats.

As the Local reports (and distorts):

With two weeks to go to the election [on September 9], opinion polls suggest the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats (SD) could sweep around 20 percent of votes, making them the second- or third-biggest party.   

That could give SD … significant influence over Swedish politics.   

SD has said it is willing to collaborate with either the left or right, as long as it can shape the country's immigration policy. 

However, it will have a hard time wielding any newfound clout. While some parties on the right-wing have occasionally appeared tempted to court the SD for informal support to pass legislation in parliament, none of them seems ready to forge a more formal collaboration with a party still seen as pariahs by a large majority of Swedes. 

The … [SD] first entered parliament in 2010, garnering 5.7 percent of votes cast. Four years later, they more than doubled their score, taking 12.9 percent of votes and 42 of the 349 seats in the 2014 election.

And now the party just may double its support again.

Note that the reason for the ellipses in the above Local quotation was to remove propaganda. As is common with mainstream press organs, the paper takes pains to emphasize that the SD is, allegedly, “an offshoot of the neo-Nazi movement.” Yet these media entities don’t mention that the current ruling Social Democrats were influenced by Marxism, the ideology whose adherents murdered approximately 100 million people during the 20th century.

As is also a standard leftist talking point, the Local describes the SD as “far right.” Yet there’s no such thing in Western Europe — under American definitions, anyway.

For example, the SD takes no issue with faux (same-sex) marriage; it’s mainly labeled far-right because of its opposition to Sweden’s culture-rending Third World immigration. One could wonder, though, if a primitive tribe in a dense jungle opposed an influx of outsiders that threatened its culture, would the media label it “far right”? On the contrary, shouted might be that the phenomenon constitutes cultural and demographic genocide. But when it happens in the West?

Then it’s “diversity” — which, don’t you know, strengthens us.

And in recent years Sweden has been diversified into mayhem. As of April 2017, the nation had accepted more migrants per capita than any other European country — including a huge influx of Muslims. The result has been skyrocketing crime, including a greatly increased number of rapes and sexual assaults, a phenomenon the government has been accused of covering up.

Yet even the mainstream media have gradually started acknowledging the truth. As Reuters reported earlier this summer:

A surge in gang violence has stirred anti-immigration sentiment before an election in Sweden….

Dozens of people have been killed in the past two years in attacks in the capital Stockholm and other big cities by gangs that are mostly from run-down suburbs dominated by immigrants.

In the latest bloodshed, three men were shot dead and three were wounded outside an internet cafe in the city of Malmö on June 18. A fourth man was shot dead days later and another man survived because he was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

With public calls growing for tougher policies on crime and immigration, support has risen for the Sweden Democrats, a party … that wants to freeze immigration and to hold a referendum on Sweden’s membership of the European Union.

Their worried mainstream rivals have started moving to the right on crime and immigration to try to counter the Sweden Democrats’ threat [video below about the SD’s rise].

Moreover, the Muslim migrant influx has also led to the development of “no-go zones,” areas where civil law has to an extent broken down and been supplanted correspondingly by Sharia (Muslim) law, and where authorities sometimes fear to tread.

The claim that these areas exist had been labeled a “rightist myth” by mainstream media, but the truth eventually came out here as well: German chancellor Angela Merkel, the primary author of Muslim migration into Europe, finally acknowledged no-go zones’ reality in an interview earlier this year.

Yet what had long been an even more perilous no-go zone was a position: opposition to immigration. Adopting it, many said, could cost Swedes their reputations, careers, and maybe even their families (video below).

This could be changing, however. With patriotic movements and opposition to culture-rending migration sweeping Europe, the Overton Window (range of acceptable political policy options) is shifting so that, hopefully, it encompasses just a bit more Truth. Then perhaps the pseudo-elites will learn what’s not a winning electoral strategy: telling citizens they’ll have to integrate into a new land without actually emigrating to one.

Image: screenshot from Sweden Democrats website

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