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Giddy Globalists: France’s Macron Says True Dane, True Frenchman “Does Not Exist”

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First there was the no-true-Scotsman fallacy. Now we have the no-true-Frenchman fallacy, courtesy of France’s de facto socialist president, Emmanuel Macron (shown). It’s quite a bit different, though, as Breitbart reports:

French politicians have reacted with anger after Emmanuel Macron asserted that “true” Frenchmen and Danes “do not exist”, and attacked the people he rules over as stubbornly resistant to change while on an official visit to Denmark.

The French president made the remarks while on a three-day tour of Denmark and Finland, where he is hoping to establish a “progressive arc” of nations supporting his vision of a globalised EU superstate, which would revolve around a liberal conception of human rights, ahead of European Parliament elections next year.

Speaking before a gala lobster dinner on Wednesday, at which Denmark’s Queen Margaret was in attendance, Macron praised the Scandinavian nation as one which is “completely open to the rest of the world” compared with a France whose people he said showed a “Gaulish stubborn resistance to change”.

Speaking of which, Macron’s comments bring to mind Mr. Hope and Change (Obama), who was also wont to impugn his country from abroad — and the French president likewise has received criticism at home for doing so. Yet it’s all part of his globalist vision, which is likely shared by virtually all leftists, be they Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Andrew Gillum, Andrew Cuomo, or some other fellow traveler.

This vision was well epitomized by one simple statement Macron uttered. As French newspaper Le Monde reported (auto-translated from French), “Asked by a Danish student about the future of identities in Europe, Mr Macron replied, provocatively: ‘The real Dane does not exist, he is already European. This is true also for the French.’”

Yet tomorrow there won’t even be any true “Europeans” if Macron has his way. In an August 27 speech at the annual French ambassadors’ conference in Paris, the not-truly-French leader vowed to combat patriotic, pro-national-sovereignty forces and, reports Breitbart,

singled out Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in his speech, pronouncing the latter a hypocrite for receiving EU funding while “making great speeches about Christianity” — which Macron said were “anti-European”.

In a dismissal of the two figures’ position that mass migration from the world’s poorest and most violent nations poses a threat to the continent’s safety, Macron claimed Europe’s existence rests on the bloc’s embrace of NGOs, the mainstream media, campaigners, and so-called human rights.

…Echoing his rhetoric from an earlier speech in which he hinted hundreds of millions of migrants will be flooding Europe “for many years to come” —  with “bombshell” African population growth causing an “unprecedented” age of mass migration for EU nations, the liberal premier said Brussels’ role in the world is to “propose a new collective organisation” against the backdrop of a “great demographic transformation”, especially in Africa and the West.

As is immigrationist dogma, Macron speaks as if Third World wave migration is inevitable — so just accept it. It’s as if Europeans have no hand in shaping their destiny and should just be spectators, helplessly watching others craft tomorrow and cheering or jeering as their passions dictate. No true Frenchmen? It sounds as if there are no true men.

But this globalist mentality reigns. Just recently German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier declared that there are no native Germans and that his state is “a nation of immigrants.” Not only is this untrue — countries are defined by citizens, not immigrants — it’s also an oxymoron. Properly defined, a true nation is an extension of the tribe, which itself is an extension of the family; thus, an entity of “immigrants” wouldn’t be a nation.

Of course, this precisely reflects globalist ambitions. “Germania” existed even in ancient Roman times; the “German people’s” history is long. But under globalist dogma there shouldn’t be “true” anything. Today’s Japanese came from elsewhere and displaced the Ainus; the American Indians migrated from Asia to North America over a now absent land bridge; France was largely forged by the Germanic Franks.

So following the logic, if there are no true Frenchmen, Danes, Germans, etc., there can be no true nation. If there’s no true nation, then borders are just wholly arbitrary boundaries attributable to accidents of history. So then why should they stand in the way of a European Union super-state leviathan?

This ignores, of course, that the EU is also just a human construct. Perhaps Macron fancies himself a latter-day Charlemagne who’ll unite Europe in the third millennium. But this forced, demographic-destruction-aided political “unity” means the rending of age-old European cultures. What will replace them?

While Charlemagne helped Christianize Europe, Macron says the continent must become “the model for a humanist refoundation of globalization.” What’s that supposed to mean? You figure it out, but it reminds me of the Satan character in the film Devil’s Advocate declaring, “I’m a humanist; maybe the last humanist.”

Not that I’m equating Macron with Lucifer. He’s not nearly as pretty or smart — and a lot more ignorant.

Photo of French President Emmanuel Macron: AP Images

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