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Soros’ Foundation to Sue Hungary Over New Refugee Laws

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Billionaire globalist George Soros’ Open Society Foundation (OSF) has announced that it will challenge Hungary in the European Court of Human Rights over recent immigration reforms meant to keep the nation from being overrun by migrants from the Middle East and elsewhere.  

The so-called Stop Soros laws were adopted last June after the landslide victory in April of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, a conservative politician who ran on a platform of immigration reform. Orbán received nearly two-thirds of the vote.

OSF has said the new Hungarian legislation “breaches the guarantees of freedom and expression enshrined in the European Convention of Human Rights and must be repealed.”

The Hungarian government in Budapest has vowed that it will not repeal the new laws despite what the judges decide.

Among other things, the new laws levy a 25-percent tax on any non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that the Hungarian government deems to be assisting or otherwise supporting unchecked migration into the country. In addition, the laws call for prison sentences of up to one year for individuals found to be assisting migrants to enter the country illegally.

The militant leftist OSF strongly disagrees with the new Hungarian laws. A statement issued by OSF president Patrick Gaspard read, “The Hungarian government has fabricated a narrative of lies to blind people to the truth: that these laws were designed to intimidate independent civil society groups, in another step toward silencing all dissent.”

Further, the OSF claims that the legislation will have repercussions broader than the issue of immigration, saying, “[The new laws] will have a far-reaching and chilling effect on the work of civil society far beyond the field of migration.”

On the other hand, the Budapest government accuses Soros’ groups of actively attempting to destroy whatever Christian culture remains in Hungary and all of Europe by championing unchecked migration. Over the past decade, such migration has led to many “no-go zones” throughout Europe, where migrants, who refuse to assimilate, have effectively taken over areas of cities such as Paris, Berlin, and London, making them dangerous for native citizens.

The Hungarian government defended the country’s new laws. “The government stands by the Stop Soros package of laws … as the legislation serves the will of the people of Hungary and Europe,” the spokesman said.

He added, “The Soros organization attacks the Stop Soros package with all possible means as the legislation stands in the way of illegal immigration. The aim of George Soros and organizations supported by him is to flood Europe with migrants.”

Meanwhile, the European Union, of which Hungary is a member state, is currently considering whether to use the EU’s most serious disciplinary action toward Hungary — the removal of the country’s voting rights — over the Stop Soros legislation. Last week, the European Commission invoked Article 7 of the European Convention on Human Rights and sent the Hungarian government a formal letter decrying the legislation. The letter is the first step toward the EU attempting to force Hungary into changing its law.

The British Conservative Party (the Tory Party) was the only conservative governing party in Western Europe to side with Hungary last week as the EU voted to send the formal letter. Prime Minister Orbán sent a letter of thanks to the party of Brexiteers. “I appreciate the support you’ve shown toward national sovereignty and solidarity during the vote,” the letter read. “I assure you that regardless of the shameful attacks of pro-immigration forces, we will not give in to extortion. We will continue to fulfill our European obligations and defend the borders of Europe and Hungary, for the sake of our citizens.”

Orbán has been in power in Hungary since 2010. He has never been a friend of the EU. In 2016, the head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker of Luxembourg, reportedly greeted Orbán by saying, “Hello, dictator.” As the EU continues to apply pressure to Hungary, perhaps another “Brexit” situation is in the offing.

Soros, a Hungarian by birth and a globalist by choice, is forcing the EU’s hand with the legal challenge to Hungary’s immigration laws. So far, Orbán and the Budapest government refuse to be intimidated by Soros or the leftist attacks from the EU. Certainly, there’s a lot going on in the United States currently, but Orbán’s government could use a friendly word from America right now, as it fights for its sovereignty against the one-world-government gang.

Photo of George Soros: Niccolò Caranti / Wikimedia Commons

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