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CNN Accuses Hungary of Racism; Bullies Country on Migrant Issue

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When a primitive tribe such as the Tanzanian Hadza fights to preserve its culture, the media cheer. But when a European people fights to preserve its culture, it gets called racist. This essentially is what happened recently when CNN’s Christiane Amanpour interviewed Hungary’s foreign minister, Péter Szijjártó (video below).

Led by its popular anti-invasion, patriotic leader Viktor Orbán (shown), Hungary has become famous — and infamous among globalists — for resisting the Muslim wave migration that has disrupted so many Western European nations. Amanpour, CNN’s far-left British-Iranian chief international anchor and a globalist herself, “introduced the [last Wednesday interview] segment by referring to the Hungarian government’s alleged ‘clampdown on democratic institutions’ and ‘draconian’ immigration controls — characterisations which the Hungarians reject,” reports Breitbart.

“‘Your prime minister, Prime Minister Orbán, has repeatedly said that his main aim is to preserve, quote, ‘Christian Hungary’, and you’ve said ‘We don’t accept that multiculturalism is a value by itself’,’ Amanpour said to Szijjártó, apparently horrified,” Breitbart continues.

“‘It’s weird, that kind of language, isn’t it? It’s very out of step with the world,’ she asserted.”

Amanpour no doubt believes this, but it reflects ignorance and narrow-mindedness. For who is really out of step?

Note that the world’s current norm, not to mention history’s, is to protect demographic and cultural integrity — not invite its destruction. This is true from China and Japan to the Arab nations to Africa to most of South America to Eastern Europe. It’s only the West, a dying civilization, that’s obsessed with immigrationism.

After Szijjártó said that Orbán’s language merely reflected honesty, Amanpour went to the old leftist stand-by, essentially accusing Hungary’s leadership of “racism.” “But what are you saying?” she rhetorically asked. “That anything other than white Christians into your country are not accepted?”

Szijjártó denied this, at which point Amanpour consulted her notes and laughably insisted, “Your prime minister did say it: a Christian Hungary; preserve a Christian Hungary.”

Is this akin to a Freudian slip? Since Orbán never used the term “white,” Amanpour must, in bigoted fashion, be associating Christianity only with whites. In reality, groups typically considered “non-white” constitute a majority of the world’s Christians.

For Szijjártó’s part, he was unbowed. “We have been a Christian country for a millennium, and I don’t really understand why is it bad news that we don’t want to change that,” he responded. “I don’t understand why is it bad, or why is it unacceptable that we would like to stick to our history, to our culture, to our heritage, to our religion,” he elaborated.

It’s a good question, but better still is to remember that the best defense is a good offense and re-frame the debate. Imagine saying the following:

Ms. Amanpour, after expelling illegal migrants many years ago, Japan stated (I’m paraphrasing), “Japan is for Japanese. Others are welcome to come and visit, but they’re expected to go home.” To this day, Japan eschews immigration, as does China and most of the world. In fact, the rich Arab countries — Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, etc. — won’t even accept the Muslim migrants (their co-religionists, mind you), despite often being sparsely populated. Why, Ms. Amanpour, don’t you insist that these nations become more “diverse”? Why is it that you only target European cultures — those you perceive as “white” — with destruction? Are you a racist, Ms. Amanpour?

That would put her on her high heels — and knock her off her high horse.

Amanpour also implied that Hungary was bigoted for pursuing its “Stop Soros” campaign, as billionaire financier and Bond-villain archetype George Soros is of Jewish background. Szijjártó pointed out that the anti-Soros measures are designed only to thwart the plutocrat’s efforts to create a “post-national, post-Christian” Europe. Soros is an ardent atheistic globalist who seeks to undermine faith and sovereignty the world over.

Next, the CNN anchor also “took umbrage with Viktor Orbán’s characterisation of illegal migrants as ‘invaders’ and potential terrorists, but his foreign minister stood by it,” Breitbart informed. As Szijjártó put it, “They violate your border, they disrespect any kinds of regulations, they are not ready to co-operate with your local authorities, they attack your police, they cause injuries to your police.”

As I’ve reported in the past, the “migration crisis” is essentially a con. An inordinate number of the migrants are fighting-age males; moreover, sources say that most aren’t Syrian (the Syrian Civil War was a pretext for allowing the migration), and most aren’t from war-torn areas. The majority are opportunists seeking economic fortune, welfare handouts and, to a lesser extent, the chance to spread Islam via the Hijra (Koran-prescribed Muslim migration).

Why Hungary and some other European nations are now resisting the European Union migration scheme is plain. The recent-years’ massive Muslim influx has led to cultural disruption, crime, rioting, and other social problems across Western Europe. Below is a good PragerU video on the subject.

Moreover, most of Hungary was ruled by the Ottoman Empire from 1541 to 1699. So Muslim domination is fresh in its mind.

As indicated earlier, Szijjártó also took issue with multiculturalism, likely for the reason obvious to most: It’s a euphemism for balkanization. Yet it’s also a verbal Trojan horse for something even more destructive.

Consider: Multiculturalism holds that all cultures are “morally” equal. Yet since different cultures espouse different values, not all cultures can be equal unless all values are so.

And saying that all values are equal is the characteristic philosophical/spiritual disease of our time: moral relativism.

Thus, multiculturalism not only is a corollary of moral relativism — it’s also a clever way of reinforcing it.

None of these things would matter, though, to CNN, which some may call the Counterfeit News Network. Some of its figures were caught on hidden camera last year admitting that while they were pushing the Trump/Russia/collusion story, they knew it was nonsense. So, who knows? Maybe they know that immigrationism is nonsense, too.

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