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No-blow Zone: Sweden Offers Amnesty to Get Grenades Off Streets

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Once one of the most peaceful countries on Earth, Sweden now finds itself compelled to offer amnesty to criminals — to get hand grenades and other illegal pyrotechnical devices off the street.

As Breitbart reports, “A grenade amnesty period begins in Sweden this week with the government guaranteeing those who hand in explosive devices to police will not face arrest or prosecution.… The weapons amnesty is set to take place between October 15th to January 11th.”

Sweden’s Local provides more detail:

The move was proposed by the centre-left coalition government last year, with Justice Minister Morgan Johansson telling DN: “This is linked to criminal gangs who in general have increased access to weapons which they use against one another and against the judicial system. We must get these off our streets.”

According to police figures, 43 hand grenades were seized in Sweden last year, of which 21 had been detonated. In 2016, 55 were seized, of which 35 had detonated.

Both years were a notable increase on the amount of grenades detonated in 2015, when the number was ten (though the amount seized that year, 45, was consistent with 2017).

“Grenade attacks” sound like something you’d have to worry about in Iraq or Afghanistan, not the land of small meatballs, ABBA, and the midnight sun. But this isn’t your grandfather’s Sweden. A 63-year-old man was killed in January after picking up a grenade he apparently mistook for a toy, and an eight-year-old boy lost his life in 2016 when someone threw a grenade through his window in a possible gang-related attack (video below).

Unfortunately, an amnesty will be ineffective because only those who don’t mean to do evil with explosives will turn them in. This was tacitly acknowledged by the Local. After mentioning Sweden’s similar weapons measure earlier this year, it wrote, “Around 12,000 illegal firearms were handed over to police between February 1st and April 30th during that amnesty period. However most were old hunting rifles and only a few could be linked to the criminal world.”

The irony here is that the explosives in question are illegal in Sweden, yet crime is exploding; this is because while the nation has long had strict gun control, it has also had lacking immigration control. In fact, the Swedes are controlled by the false god of immigration.

It’s no coincidence that Sweden’s crime problem began with the influx of large numbers of Third World, often Muslim, migrants. The government denies this link, but it’s the elephant in the room. Rapes and sexual assault have increased markedly over the last decade or so, and it was reported last year that Swedish feminists are fleeing their nation’s migrant-heavy cities.

Sometimes at issue are “no-go zones,” areas where civil law has to an extent broken down and been supplanted correspondingly by Sharia (Muslim) law, and where authorities sometimes fear to tread. Their existence was denied by establishment media and government, but in recent years some U.K. police and even German chancellor Angela Merkel have acknowledged their reality. The problem is so bad, it was reported in 2016, that Swedish paramedics need body armor to enter violent Muslim areas.

None of this deters Swedish pseudo-elites from their globalist, multiculturalist, immigrationist path, however. In fact, while a Swedish political leader claimed this summer that his nation was already experiencing a “low-intensive civil war,” the establishment’s primary concern is to suppress the truth. As examples, it created a 2014 law that criminalized anti-immigration Internet speech, and, previously already, anti-migration Web commenters had been tracked down and persecuted.

Moreover, this “See something, say nothing” principle was further illustrated earlier this year when a Swedish dental hygienist was fined $50,000 for exposing adult migrants masquerading as children.

The political correctness is so bad, in fact, that journalist Mikael Jalving claimed in 2014 that the term “assimilation” itself is thought akin to a “Nazi” word in today’s Sweden; he further stated that opposing immigration there brings scorn, ostracism, and sometimes career and even family destruction (video below).

Was Jalving exaggerating? You be the judge. In 2001 already, leftist politician and multiculturalist Mona Sahlin unabashedly stated that “the Swedes must be integrated into the new Sweden; the old Sweden is never coming back.” And unlike the nation’s patriots, she doesn’t get persecuted — she gets applauded.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that there’s what some have called the “Swedish Diaspora,” people leaving Sweden because, as one expatriate put it, “There is no safety at all” in her erstwhile nation. Of course, that’s likely an exaggeration. There’s certainly safety for certain “new ‘Swedes’” and for their politically correct enablers — at least for now.

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