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Theresa May: Betray, Delay, Fritter the Brexit Victory Away

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Prime Minister May’s Brexit sellout is no surprise; The New American predicted it more than two years ago. Now, as she campaigns to promote the betrayal, will independence-minded Tories force her resignation?

After dragging her feet for more than two years, British Prime Minister Theresa May has brought forth a faux Brexit deal that is outraging not only citizens that had voted for Britain to leave the European Union, but also members of Parliament on both sides of the issue.

May faced a torrent of scorching criticism Monday from members of her own Conservative Party, as she attempted to defend her Brexit agreement during a bruising three-hour session with the House of Commons. Brexiteers in the Conservtive Party, as well as in the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) have been referring to it as BRINO — BRexit In Name Only — and are denouncing it as a complete sellout to the Eurocrats in Brussels. No matter the positive spin PM May tried to put on it, the deal is obviously a colossal capitulation to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and the globalist powers that be.

Macer Hall, political editor for the U.K.’s Express newspapers, wrote from the special EU Summit in Brussels on Sunday: “The 27 premiers and presidents cloistered in the egg-shaped inner sanctum of the bloc’s Europa summit centre took just 38 minutes to rubber stamp the 611 pages of the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration thrashed out over the last 18 months of negotiations.”

“For once, there was no haggling into the early hours,” Hall observed, noting further that “The EU’s ruling elite appeared relieved to head away before lunch after having been dragged to the hastily-arranged gathering called to informally conclude the talks.”

“Leaders trooped out from the Europa building,” said Hall, “unanimous in their insistence that the deal is a final offer and no further concessions can be squeezed out if Theresa May tries to return to the negotiating table.”

The historic Brexit victory, won in a national referendum in June 2016, forced the resignation of U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, who not only had campaigned furiously for remaining in the EU, but had also launched “Project Fear,” a ludicrous propaganda campaign aimed at convincing British voters that the sky would fall and the world would end if they voted to leave the European Union.

Theresa May had served as Cameron’s home secretary and was one of his fellow Conservative Party leaders who campaigned alongside him against Brexit. However, after Brexit was approved and Cameron resigned, May won the leadership election, pledging that she would honor the will of the voters. “Brexit means Brexit,” she stated, insisting that she would carry out her duties to implement the British withdrawal from EU membership.

There was more than ample reason to doubt that May would carry through as promised. Indeed, in a series of articles published shortly after the Brexit vote, we detailed the comments and advice coming from influential globalists concerning the many avenues open to May to sabotage the Brexit and assure that Britain remains within the EU. (See, for instance, Globalists Move to Sabotage Brexit and Revolt (and Revenge) of the Elites: More Globalist Sabotage of Brexit).

In another article entitled Is New Brit PM Theresa May Sabotaging Brexit With Endless Delays?, we noted that “a bevy of big league one-worlders have taken to the airwaves and op-ed pages to opine that ‘Brexit’ doesn’t really mean Brexit, ‘No’ doesn’t mean no, ‘Out’ doesn’t mean out, and ‘Leave’ doesn’t mean leave. As to be expected, many of these anti-Brexiteers hail from the usual operational centers of the internationalist establishment: Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA, also known as Chatham House), Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Atlantic Council, Brookings Institution, Aspen Institute, etc.”

“Among the globalist mouthpieces suggesting that the Brexit may not (or will not, should not) actually be finalized and carried through,” we noted, “are U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, billionaire investor/currency manipulator George Soros, former British Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, CFR President Richard Haass, former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke, the leader of Britain’s Liberal Democrat Party Tim Farron, Financial Times senior commentators Martin Wolf and Philip Stephens — to name but a few.”

In the same article, we quoted many of the European and American political, business, and financial elites commenting on the “number of ways" the Brexit can be “walked back” to avoid actual implementation. The primary strategy proffered by all the globalist “remain” camp — including establishment media sources such as The Economist, the (U.K.) Sunday Times, and Business Insider — has been for May to simply delay, delay, delay.

As pro-EU commentator Jim Edwards wrote in Business Insider for July 2016, “May's government is heavily incentivised to drag its feet over the Leave negotiations. It would be much easier for the Tories to be seen to be negotiating an exit, while not actually exiting, than actually leaving Europe.” (Emphasis in the original.)

This is precisely what Theresa May has done. She is now on the campaign trail trying to drum up public support for her deal before the vote in parliament on it, which is scheduled for December 11. But, it is possible that she could lose her leadership position before that happens. Her big challenge is in the 650-member House of Commons, where she is fighting an uphill battle. If 48 members of parliament submit letters calling for her resignation, it will trigger a vote of no confidence and cause her to step down. On Monday, as May was trying to marshal support for the misbegotten agreement, Andrew Lewer became the 27th Tory MP to send a letter calling for her resignation, citing her “appalling mismanagement” of the Brexit negotiations with the EU.

In an attempt to head off a “no confidence” vote, May’s Tory whips in parliament are attempting to convince Conservative Party members to either support her phony Brexit deal as the “best of all possible EU deals, even if not perfect,” or, as a fallback, to call on May to go back to the EU and reopen negotiations for a more acceptable agreement.

The latter course of action is being promoted by, for instance, one of May’s MP allies, former Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon, who is calling for the agreement to be sent back to Brussels for renegotiation. “My fear is that this deal gives us the worst of all worlds,” Fallon told the BBC radio. “No guarantee of smooth trade in the future and no ability to reduce the tariffs that we need to conclude trade deals with the rest of the world.”

The send-it-back-and-renegotiate option advocated by Fallon and others is, of course, another prescription for strategic delay (which the globalists have themselves explicitly admitted), and is intended simply to transform “Brexit” into “Bremain,” meaning Britain will remain in the EU in every essential way, even though it may be allowed the fiction of some rhetorical Brexit independence.

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