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Europe in Revolt: People vs. Elites on Migration, Climate, Taxes, Brexit, and More

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December has started out with a bang, as resurgent nationalism challenges the internationalist New World Order that has been ascendant since World War II. The United Nations and the European Union, the two preeminent internationalist creations of the post-WWII era, are being pummeled by popular rebellions over Islamic migration, carbon fuel taxes, and the ongoing delay of Brexit, the British exit from the EU approved by British voters in 2016. The European Union’s globalist elites, who are attempting to gather all political power into the hands of Eurocrats in Brussels are being hit from all sides. First, they are pulling out all stops to prevent Britain from leaving the EU, which would be the biggest setback to their regional amalgamation since the launch of the European Economic Community (better known as the Common Market) in 1957. The architects of that plan had intended from the very start to create a constantly evolving entity that would gradually usurp powers and sovereignty from the member nation states, until they eventually would find themselves trapped in a United States of Europe ruled by unaccountable dictators in Brussels. 

The people of Great Britain were the first to openly rebel, voting in favor of the Brexit (British exit from the EU) in June 2016 in a national referendum. Conservative Party Prime Minister Theresa May has spent the past year and a half in dilatory measures, pretending to be negotiating a favorable British “divorce” from the EU. (See, "Theresa May: Betray, Delay, Fritter the Brexit Victory Away" ) May, who campaigned against the Brexit, has repeatedly claimed nevertheless that she fully intends to honor the referendum outcome and negotiate the best separation deal possible for Britain. However, popular outrage over her delaying tactics and her capitulations to the EU on crucial issues finally reached the limit. 

May scheduled a vote in Parliament on her Brexit plan for Tuesday, December 11. However, when it became clear that she would lose badly, perhaps badly enough to be forced to resign, she canceled the vote. “If we went ahead and held the vote tomorrow the deal would be rejected by a significant margin,” May conceded on Monday afternoon. The vote is now postponed indefinitely, as she goes back to Brussels to see if she can salvage her misbegotten agreement — and her political career.

Yellow Vest Protests and UN Global-warming Summit

As Theresa May was being forced to yield to nationalist pressures, her French counterpart, President Emmanuel Macron, was facing the fourth week of massive “yellow vest” protests, aimed principally at his  punitive carbon fuel taxes that are crushing France’s middle and lower-middle classes. Antifa thugs and other radical leftists have attempted to co-opt the demonstrations and have turned some of the peaceful protests into violent melees. Environmental radicals have also tried to hijack the protests, as have socialists demanding higher minimum-wage legislation. However, the vast majority of yellow vest demonstrators appear to be genuinely opposed to the violent interlopers, as well as to Macron’s global-warming taxes. That is the finding of Craig Rucker, in his on-the-ground reporting from France for CFACT (Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow).

The ongoing protests underscore the growing opposition throughout Europe to the implementation of the UN’s Paris climate-change agreement. The timing couldn’t be better, as UN bureaucrats, celebrities, and politicians converge on Poland for the second and final week of COP24 (24th Conference of Parties), the latest episode of the ongoing saga known as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

In his daily live video reports from COP24 in Poland, The New American’s Alex Newman notes that the ludicrous global-warming catastrophe narrative is wearing thin, after more than two decades of non-stop, over-the-top false alarms and wild exaggerations. President Trump’s refusal to go along with this deadly hoax has given additional backbone to many other critics of climate-change hysteria and may result in others backing out of the UN Paris accord. The yellow vest protests have already spread to Belgium and the Netherlands, and could spread even further throughout the EU, as the squeeze from onerous energy taxes tightens. In fact, virtually every country that signed onto the Paris agreement with such fanfare and virtue-signaling in December 2015 has now backtracked on its CO2 reduction commitments, as noted (and lamented) by enviro-alarmist sites such as Climate Action Tracker and their media allies at CNN, the Associated Press, New York Times, etc. COP24 will produce a great new cloud of rhetorical flatulence about ditching fossil fuels and switching to “renewable” energy (wind, solar, pixie dust, etc.) but the UN’s Grand Poobahs and their climate posse are unlikely to win approval for anything substantive in Poland to further their radical agenda.

UN & Globalists vs. World on Migration

President Donald Trump’s leadership has undermined another grand UN scheme: transforming the world through forced migration and forced acceptance of migrants. As we reported in 2015, the UN HighCommission for Refugees, together with the Socialist International and the Obama administration, designed what it called a “Transformative Agenda” for global migration.

While tens of thousands of global climateers meet in Katowice, Poland, for the UN COP24, thousands of additional politicians, diplomats, UN bureaucrats, and activists have been setting down another huge carbon footprint at the UN’s palaver in Marrakesh, Morocco, to finalize the UN Global Compact for Migration. As The New American reported on December 5, the conference was already generating global rebellion against its radical proposals. In July, all 193 UN members except the United States endorsed the agreement. But popular opposition has caused many to retreat. By the time the final wording of the compact was adopted and voted on, on December 10 at Marrakesh, President Trump was not alone. Israel, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovakia, Italy, Australia, Chile, and Dominican Republic also refused to sign. What’s more, governments that signed onto the Compact are feeling the wrath of their citizens. The government of Belgium Prime Minister Charles Michel is on the brink of collapse, as a result of yellow vest protests against his endorsement of the UN’s migration scheme, and the governing parties in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany are feeling severe heat from citizens furious over their governments’ support for the pact.

Is the awakening that is going on throughout Europe too little, too late? Have the nations of Europe been so thoroughly de-Christianized, de-nationalized, and emasculated to fight the type of arduous, prolonged fight needed to regain their sovereignty and independence from their increasingly tyrannical EU overlords? On many levels it would seem so. However, the increasing sparks of resistance and independence show there is always cause for hope.

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