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Assassination Attempt? Conservative Leader Beaten and Left for Dead

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Chalk up another one for the politics and purveyors of hate: The chairman of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which takes a strong anti-migration stand, was savagely attacked recently by three hooded men and left for dead. The police are calling the incident politically motivated, which makes it just the latest case of violence directed at conservative figures.

As the Sun reports:

Frank Magnitz, chairman of Germany’s AfD party, was left with a gaping wound in his head after he was reportedly knocked unconscious by three attackers on Monday.

He is believed to have been ambushed after leaving a New Year’s party in Frankfurt’s Goethe Square.

Gruesome images posited on the AfD Bremen Facebook page show the politician lying on a hospital bed with blood pouring from a large wound on his head.

The party has described the assault as a “politically-motivated attempted assassination”.

Magnitz was beaten around the head with a piece of wood and was knocked out cold by the three men, the AfD said.

The party chairman was saved by a builder who broke up the attack and chased off the suspects.

German police have yet to arrest the three alleged attackers, according to reports.

Magnitz remains in hospital in a serious condition, according to a AfD spokesman.

The wound bespoke of the attack’s severity, being long, wide, and very nasty looking (perhaps considering its display exploitative, the Sun has since blurred the gash in its article). “‘It was clearly an attempt to murder Mr Magnitz,’ AfD co-leader Alexander Gauland told reporters in Berlin,” reports Yahoo News UK.

“‘This is the result of the ostracism and agitation AfD faces,’ he said, suggesting other parties were partly responsible for the attack because they had compared AfD to the Nazis,” the site continues. “The party claims there have been ‘hundreds’ of attacks against its members since its founding in 2013. Last week, an explosion outside one of its offices in the eastern town of Doebeln damaged windows and doors.”

In fact, the entire mainstream media, including the Sun and Yahoo, are party to the demonization. For example, they all label the AfD “far right,” but when do they ever characterize leftist entities as “far left”?

This speaks volumes since “Left” and “Right” aren’t absolutes but are determined by the given nation’s political spectrum, which is simply the range of political beliefs of the people; and since that spectrum always has figures on its right and left sides, only bias could explain no one receiving the leftist stamp.

In point of fact, even avowed socialists such as Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, ex-French president François Hollande, and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) — who, if they moved any further toward port on the ship of fools would be in the water of anonymity — are never described as “far left.”

This is explained partially by unconscious bias, but largely by manipulation. The media’s aim is to make those they disagree with appear “radical,” and thus dangerous, to the public.

But it’s part of the reason conservatives are in danger. As Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson has oft pointed out, if you thought Nazis and fascists were taking over your country — as the leftist drumbeat holds — wouldn’t you suppose these were desperate times calling for desperate measures? Might violence even seem justified to stop our day’s “Hitler” from making his next malevolent move?

Violence is what we’re getting, too, as leftists’ victim list ever grows. For example, radio giant Michael Savage was recently forced to change locations after a leftist threatened to massacre him and other patrons at a restaurant the commentator frequented.

In September 2018, just a month before his nation’s presidential election, conservative Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro was brutally stabbed by a man while campaigning (story here — Bolsonaro is also called “far right”).

Twenty-seventeen saw the congressional baseball shooting of Representative Steve Scalise (R-La.) and others in a large-scale assassination attempt against Republicans, and the poisoning of Jihad Watch proprietor Robert Spencer by a leftist in Iceland. Late last year, there were violent protests outside the aforementioned Tucker Carlson’s home.

Then there’s this sampling of incidents from Big League Politics last October:

• “Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) was attacked and severely injured by a Democrat neighbor [in 2017] while mowing his lawn. He suffered fractured ribs and pleural effusion. GQ magazine then suggested that he deserved it.”

• “Rep. Dave Kustoff (R-Tenn.), was run off the road [in 2017] by a violent leftist who was upset about healthcare.”

• “A liberal teacher in Minnesota called for someone to assassinate Brett Kavanaugh on Twitter [in 2018]. She later resigned.”

• “Just this week [in 2018] a man’s truck was torched in Portland, Oregon for having a Trump sticker on the bumper.”

• “A Canadian pro-life woman was violently rondhouse [sic] kicked in the torso on camera by a ‘male feminist’ in [2018].”

• “A rabid Trump-hater from California … attempted to stab a GOP congressional candidate in [2018].”

• “Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s son was physically assaulted at a pro-Brett Kavanaugh event [in 2018] at Stanford University.”

• “An Albany County, Wyoming GOP office was vandalized and set on fire in September [2018].”

We can add to this the countless attacks on and harassment of rank-and-file conservatives, vandalism, and rioting by groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Of course, the above is just a small sampling.

So what explains this leftist propensity toward violence? First note that it’s nothing new, having been leftism’s norm since its French Revolution birth. Also note that (in)famous leftist figures such as Karl Marx and existentialist “philosopher” Jean-Paul Sartre actually prescribed it. And why wouldn’t they?

After all, leftists’ characteristic godlessness correlates with moral relativism/nihilism, which holds that what constitutes “proper means” is mere perspective — and then the ends justify the means.

As I explained in 2017’s “The Bloody Left: The Dark History of Untrue Believers,” after pointing out that Sartre once proclaimed “man is free, man is freedom”:

Of course, he wasn’t speaking of freedom from government but from God, from any moral constraints whatsoever. He said that if God does not exist, we aren’t “provided with any values or commands that could legitimise our behavior” — or that could delegitimize it.

In other words, “Since there’s no God, who’s to say what is right or wrong? Don't impose your values on me!” as the stale refrains go. This is the kind of philoso-babble that has swept society and, as my regular readers know, about which I so often warn. It was expressed by German pseudo-philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who influenced the Nazis, when he insisted, “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.” It was articulated concisely by British occultist Aleister Crowley when stating, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” It has, in fact, been said by so many in so many ways and is so malevolently seductive that a majority now believe “morality” is all relative. And why not? The best way to justify one’s sins is with a worldview stating there are no sins. Of course, this means it can’t be wrong for a criminal on the corner to kill a man — or a criminal in government to kill one million. 

So being “free from God” ensures that you’ll never be free from violence or oppression — or from those who, more effectively than anyone else, play god.

Image: screenshot from YouTube video about attack on Magnitz

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