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Caution: Theresa May’s Departure, Nationalist Victories in EU Elections Still No Guarantee of Brexit

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The month of May was not a good month for British Prime Minister Theresa May, though there are good reasons to view it as a good month for freedom. The month has dealt a series of body blows to globalists and their designs, most notably, perhaps, to Theresa May, who for the past three years has done everything possible within her power to thwart the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union as mandated by the British voters in the historic 2016 Brexit referendum.

PM May’s tearful resignation announcement on May 24 came after her unsuccessful last-ditch effort to once again present a “new” version of her Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB), which, as critics have pointed out, was not new and was not a withdrawal bill, since it would leave the U.K. within the EU customs union and subject to Brussels’ rule — indefinitely — on many crucial matters. (Even the rabidly pro-EU BBC acknowledged that “The prime minister's ‘new Brexit deal’ isn't all that new.”) 

May’s resignation also came hours before polls opened in Britain for elections for Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Those elections saw Nigel Farage’s brand-new Brexit Party make astounding inroads in the MEP elections and send an unmistakable message to British politicians and globalist Insiders that Brits are fed up with their meddling, usurpation, and delaying tactics. But, as Steve Byas noted for The New American on Monday, the MEP elections sent shock waves throughout Europe, as anti-EU forces scored major upsets in France and Italy, while also picking up seats in Hungary, Austria, Greece, Estonia, Finland, Poland, and elsewhere among the EU’s 28 member states.

The European Parliament elections came less than a week after the Australian elections shocked the global political establishment, with National Party/Liberal Party Coalition Prime Minister Scott Morrison defying the predictions of the Big Media kingmakers that had unanimously already crowned Labor socialist Bill Shorten as the new PM.

Shorten’s “progressive” Big Tax scheme and Green New Deal would be the winning ticket, the supposed wise men of politics insisted. It didn’t work out that way. As we noted in our piece on the Australian elections (Still In Shock: Aussie Election Has Stunned Big Media, Pollsters, Climate Cultists, Greens, Labor ) not only did Morrison completely route his political opposition, he also routed his media critics, as well as the think tank “experts,” and pollsters, all of whom had written his political obituary. To make the victory even sweeter, he dumbfounded many of the analysts by picking up huge support among blue-collar Labor voters, including picking up seats in Parliament that have long been controlled by Labor. The Morrison victory presaged the Farage/nationalist victories in the MEP elections days later.

Troubling Brexit Path Ahead
The Brexit Party and MEP victories notwithstanding, the British exit from the EU still faces many obstacles. And MEP setbacks to the EU designs do not by any means signal that the supranational bureaucracy in Brussels will be dismantled anytime soon. They are hopeful signs, to be sure, but unless EU opponents continue to follow through with resolute action, these recent victories will prove temporary and illusory.

Theresa May’s long-overdue departure was forced, most political observers agree, by the dramatic resignation on May 22 of her House of Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom, who was scheduled to present the prime minister’s withdrawal agreement to Parliament.

Leadsom, who was regarded as one of the staunchest Brexiteers still remaiming in the May cabinet, said in a letter to May that she could not support the WAB because she did not believe "the UK would be a truly sovereign United Kingdom through the deal that is now proposed." Moreover, she averred, holding another referendum as countenanced by May would be "dangerously divisive." And, she said, she was opposed to the government “willingly facilitating such a concession” to the Remain advocates. Leadsom’s resignation capped a long string of 36 defections from May’s cabinet, 21 of which have been directly related to opposition to May’s Brexit positions.

May’s lachrymose resignation, while welcomed by millions of Brits across the entire political spectrum, has left a host of uncertainties. As we noted in previous articles (Theresa May: Betray, Delay, Fritter the Brexit Victory Away, as well as here and here), like PM David Cameron before her, Theresa May has been carrying water for the EU's one-world globalists from her first day as prime minister, advancing their plan to kill Brexit through interminable delays. Although she has now said she will formally leave office on June 7, this last official act of hers can be viewed as an additional act of sabotage. In political matters of this type, timing is everything.  As a number of analysts have pointed out, the political jockeying that will now take place to select a replacement for May, together with Parliament’s recesses, make it highly unlikely that Parliament will vote to depart the EU by the new deadline of October 31 negotiated by May and EU officials.

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