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Le Pen: Show the Truth About ISIS — Get Charged With Hate Speech

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Is Le Pen mightier than the sword — of Islam? That’s a good question. But the French government apparently thinks that Marine Le Pen (shown), leader of the anti-immigrationist National Rally Party, is more dangerous. And they’ve charged her with “hate speech” to prove it.

Le Pen’s sin is that she posted pictures of Islamic State (IS) atrocities, something absolutely frowned upon by the globalist, immigrationist Thanos-types aspiring to create “Eurafrica.” Never mind that she disseminated the images, of IS murders, because critics aimed to murder her reputation by comparing her party to the Islamic State. Apparently, there’s nothing wrong with peddling lies to defame another via character assassination. But showing how just maybe, perhaps, your desire to limit immigration and preserve your culture doesn’t exactly put you in league with globalist jihadists who burn people alive, drown them in cages, and feed children into industrial dough kneaders, well, that’s really crossing a Maginot Line.

As the New York Times reports:

Ms. Le Pen, the head of the National Rally party, formerly known as the National Front, has been charged under an article in the French penal code that prohibits “disseminating” messages that are “violent” or that could “seriously harm human dignity” and that could be seen by a minor [yes, do it “for the children”], according to the prosecutor’s office in Nanterre, a western suburb of Paris.

If found guilty, she could face a maximum sentence of three years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros, or about $85,000. The prosecutor’s office said on Thursday that a date for the trial had not been set, but that it would be held in Nanterre.

In 2015, when a television journalist compared her party to the Islamic State, Ms. Le Pen reacted angrily by posting three pictures on Twitter that showed killings by the group, including one of the decapitated body of James Foley, an American journalist.

Ms. Le Pen deleted that post after criticism from Mr. Foley’s family, but not the two other pictures, one that showed a man in an orange jumpsuit being run over by a tank and the other a prisoner being burned alive in a cage.

Images are serious business because a “picture is worth a thousand words,” you know — 1,000 leftism-refuting words in this case.

This is so serious, in fact, that last year, the Daily Mail tells us, an “investigative magistrate called for Le Pen to undergo psychiatric tests in connection with the ISIS tweets.” Because, of course, you have to be a flaming wacko to oppose globalist, immigrationist aims.

Do note, this smacks of what occurred under despotic Cold War, Marxist regimes: In the USSR, Poland, or some other socialist workers’ paradise, they’d put people crazy enough to oppose the regime in mental institutions. (We see this spirit in the United States, too, with the Left “diagnosing” President Trump as mentally unbalanced and having toyed with removing him under the 25th Amendment.) That’s how you ensure that the sane people run government, you see.

But perhaps sanity ain’t what it used to be. Note that Europe has experienced in recent times a rapid influx of Third World/Muslim migration, a phenomenon leading to cultural dislocation, proliferating crime, sexual attacks on women, and the metastasizing of “no-go zones.” In light of this, a question for the immigrationists:

Can you cite an example of a people, anytime, anywhere, that said, “Yay! This is great! We’re being overrun with foreigners and our culture is being overwhelmed!”? My grasp of history may be lacking, but I’m unaware of such a case — that is, until the development of the masochistic, self-flagellating, immigrationist enabler. For the historical norm has been to keep unassimilable alien elements out of your society (see the Sentinalese et al.), not invite them in.

Le Pen isn’t, of course, the first to be targeted with hate-speech laws. Aside from the average people thus charged, anti-immigrationist Euroskeptic Geert Wilders, leader of Holland’s Party for Freedom, was found guilty of hate speech in 2016. Legendary French actress Brigitte Bardot has been convicted of such no fewer than five times. Heck, Briton Paul Weston, leader of the Liberty GB Party, was arrested in 2014 for a “Racially Aggravated Crime” after publicly quoting famed statesman Winston Churchill — who, some may suspect, just may be posthumously diagnosed as mentally unbalanced.

But the EU immigrationists may have to up their arrests and build far more psychiatric institutions if they want to maintain power. Not only has a left-wing politician just taken power in Denmark running on an anti-immigrationist platform, but the Economist noted that Wilder’s hate-speech conviction would probably just increase his popularity. The same is true of Le Pen. After all, her politically incorrect utterances didn’t stop her party from defeating French president Emmanuel Macron’s immigrationists at last month’s European Parliament elections. 

Then again, maybe the secret of her success is not just what she says, but what her opponents say. Note here that Macron himself has actually endorsed the idea of creating “Eurafrica,” a scheme requiring the flooding of his continent with 150 to 200 million Africans during the next few decades.

It could just make you wonder who’ll be populating the European mental institutions of the future.

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