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African Arrested in Eight-year-old’s Shocking Murder in Germany, “Migrants” Riot at Shelters

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An eight-year-old German boy is dead because Germany opened its borders to a flood of African “migrants.”

An African, police allege, pushed the boy and his mother in front of a train in Frankfurt. She survived. He did not.

But the crime provides only a glimpse of what Germans must now tolerate. Anarchy reigns at migrant shelters, where angry hordes have attacked German police at least twice at such housing since May.

Murder in Frankfurt
The 40-year-old suspect in Monday’s unspeakable crime, AFP reported in a terse dispatch, is likely an Eritrean. added the grim details:

The assailant grabbed the woman and the child and threw them on the rail tracks right as the high-speed intercity express (ICE) was pulling into the station.

The 40-year-old woman managed to escape near-certain death as she made it to the pathway between two tracks. She tried to reach out to her son when the train ran over him, a witness told German media. The boy died at the scene.

The terrible scene left everyone at the station shaken. The ambulances that arrived shortly had to hospitalize some who were suffering from shock. The boy’s mother was also hospitalized, though there has been no information on her condition.

The perpetrator also tried to force another person onto the railway tracks but his third would-be victim escaped. The attacker then attempted to flee the scene but was pursued by a group of passengers and eventually detained by police outside the terminal.

Unsurprisingly, Germans want something done.

The leader of the patriotic Alternative for Germany party, Alice Weidel, tweeted that enough is enough: “The act of cruelty is hard to beat — what else has to happen? Finally protect the citizens of our country — instead of the limitless welcome culture!”

Open-border leftists accused Weidel of “racism,” the go-to smear when someone suggests that open borders aren’t such a bright idea.

“They spread their disgusting and racist baiting on @ Twitter !” wrote Bernd Riexinger, a member of the Bundestag. “It’s about spreading hate and stirring up people against each other.”

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer promised that “the perpetrator will be held responsible for the crime by all legal means,” AFP reported.

That’s a small comfort to the 40-year-old mother, whose child would be alive had the African remained in Africa.

“Migrant” Gratitude
Meanwhile, more than a few of many migrants recently expressed their undying gratitude to the country that accepted them by attacking police at least twice since May.

RT reported that migrants attacked and injured five cops when they rioted at a shelter in Bavaria.

“Police were deployed to a large refugee shelter located in the small Bavarian community of Stephansposching on Friday evening following reports of asylum seekers going on a rampage,” RT reported. “When the officers arrived at the scene, they were confronted by a group of some 30 aggressive refugees and migrants, Bavarian Radio reports, citing police.”

The “migrants” spit at police and harassed them, the website reported, then intensified their attacks when cops “attempted to detain the alleged ringleader. In response, the group assaulted the officers and started beating them. Some asylum seekers even threw bicycles at them.”

Then the “migrants” tried to block the police from exiting, “with one man jumping at a police car’s side window while others built barricades and blocked the shelter gates with stones and cable-reels to stop them from escaping the scene. The officers, apparently, had to leave their car there as, according to Bavarian Radio, they only managed to flee the scene by getting over a construction fence.”

Amazingly, few were arrested:

Police initially detained 15 people but only six of them were arrested. Those arrested face charges of a serious breach of the peace and property damage, as well as resistance to law enforcement and assault. The suspected ringleader initially managed to flee the shelter as the officers were assaulted by other rioters and the police had to use a helicopter to track him down. He eventually surrendered to police several hours later.

In May, when police arrived at a shelter in Regensburg, about 40 miles northwest of the other shelter, to probe the death of a 31-year-old Nigerian, RT reported, 40 “migrants” blocked the entrance, then “barricaded themselves inside, while pelting the police with stones and bottles which they threw from the windows.”

Stopping the melee required 50 officers and 20 patrol cars.

Migrants, RT reported, citing a German police report, committed 10 percent of violent crime in 2018.

Photo: AP Images

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