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African Suspect in German Train-station Murder a Model of “Successful Integration”

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The African refugee accused of murdering an eight-year-old boy in Frankfurt, Germany, was a pretty good fellow if you believe the authorities in Switzerland, who used him in a brochure for a relief agency.

The German magazine Focus and Britain’s Sun divulged that Habte Araya, suspected of pushing a mother and her eight-year-old son in front of a train, was considered a model of assimilation and living peacefully in the land of yodeling, cuckoo clocks, and Johanna Spyri’s Heidi.

But however well “integrated” the African murder suspect was, he apparently snapped. He took a train to Germany and, police allege, murdered a boy and tried to murder an old lady.

In Germany, not surprisingly, open-borders leftists who run the country are worried about the “hate” and the “far right,” which has said the murder shows just what’s wrong with the migration of Africans to Europe.

“Poster Boy”
As The New American reported Wednesday, the 40-year-old Eritrean pushed the boy and his mother onto the tracks just as a high-speed train was entering the station, police allege. The mother rolled out of the way, but the train ran over her son.

Authorities say Araya tried to murder a 78-year-old woman as well, the Sun reported, and then fled the scene.

The trouble began last Thursday, Focus reported, when Araya threatened a neighbor with a knife. He then imprisoned the neighbor and his own wife and children in an apartment, then fled the scene. Police had been looking for him since.

Focus also reported that Araya was seeing a psychiatrist, was on sick leave, and hadn’t worked in 2019.

But that’s not how the Swiss Workers Relief Agency described the African murder suspect, who landed in Switzerland in 2006, authorities said, and received asylum in 2008.

As the Sun reported, Araya “was celebrated as a ‘prime example’ of successful integration in his adopted home of Weadenswil, Switzerland,” and just two years ago, not long before he flipped his lid and quit work, was featured in a brochure from the Swiss Workers Relief Agency as a case of “successful integration.”

The African murder suspect said “he liked almost everything about Switzerland,” which is not at all surprising, and of course, was “reserved and a bit shy,” employees at the relief agency said. “He was described as a hard worker,” the Sun reported, “not somebody who stands around talking and wasting time and they said he was ‘reliable.’”German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer is concerned that “the country is polarised” given that the politicians of the “far right” Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, as theGuardianreported, “were quick to emphasise the fact that the suspect, identified by police as Habte Araya, was an Eritrean on the run from police in neighbouring Switzerland.”

The Real Problem Is the “Far Right”
Meanwhile, Britain’s leftist Guardian has uncovered the real threat in Germany: the “far right.”

As TNA reported Wednesday, AfD leader Alice Weidel tweeted a simple question: “How many citizens have to be offered up on the altar of this welcome culture which knows no bounds?” It’s time, she wrote, to “protect the citizens of our country — instead of the limitless welcome culture!”

Almost immediately, the anti-German open-borders Left opened fire:

Konstantin von Notz, a Green MP, called Weidel’s tweet “appalling” and accused her of making political capital out of the Frankfurt killing. “To connect the harrowing crime in Frankfurt with the 2015 refugee crisis in order to profit from it, is glaringly false and politically simply the most extreme level of disgusting — though it’s clearly part of the AfD’s method,” he tweeted.

[AfD’s] unrelenting criticism of Merkel’s so-called “open door” approach has helped fuel its elevation to the main opposition party in the Bundestag.

Meanwhile, the Guardian reported, at the station where the boy was murdered, where mourners had gathered to remember him, an angry leftist verbally attacked a woman who objects to the mass importation of dangerous “migrants.” Araya, he said, “should have pushed you in front of the train.”

“Hate,” we are told after crimes such as these, not murderous “migrants,” is the real threat:

People should not allow “hatred to spread,” said Carsten Baumann, the head of the railway mission, who called for unity. “A glance at social media shows that this crime is being misused in order to divide society. But we cannot allow hate to seize us.”

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