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Report: Samurai-sword Murder Suspect in Germany on Bogus Passport

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The Syrian “migrant” suspected of hacking his roommate to death in broad daylight in Stuttgart, Germany, on July 31 isn’t Syrian.

He’s a Jordanian in Germany on a bogus passport.

So once again, Germans learn that immigration officials have zero control of the nation’s borders, the latest result being the unspeakble video of that bloody murder, which unfolded before mobile-phone cameras on July 31.

That feral killing followed the murder of an eight-year-old by an Eritrean “refugee” in Frankfurt.

Lie Revealed
The latest on the samurai-sword murder of a 36-year-old man from Kazakhstan comes from the Austrian tabloid Kronen Zeitun via Breibart London.

Twenty-eight-year-old murder suspect Issa M. “claimed to be Syrian when he came from Turkey to Germany in 2015 but according to his brother, he was not born in Syria but in Jordan, Austrian tabloid Kronen Zeitung reports.”

Video of the shocking crime not only features Issa M. hacking at his Kazakhi roommate but also asking, “Why did you do that?”

Now, Breitbart reported, we can guess what the Kazakhi did:

Issa M. can be heard asking, “what did you send to Berlin?”, fuelling speculation that the motive behind the killing had to do with his false identity being found out by the victim Wilhelm L.

A friend of both men has added to the speculation saying that the 36-year-old German Kazakh had reported Issa M., his former roommate, to the authorities for asylum fraud.

The brother of the alleged killer said that Issa M. bought a fake passport in Turkey that claimed he had been born in the Syrian city of Dara but the truth was that he had been born 20 miles away across the Jordanian border.

As for Issa M., he was a violent man separated from his wife. The brother told the newspaper that Issa M. married a woman still married to another man and that she cheated on him. That invited a beating from the grateful, peace-loving “refugee,” who then departed for Stuttgart, where he roomed with Wilhelm L.

But “Issa M. eventually left the flat after telling his brother the German-Kazakh had made his life hell,” Breitbart reported, citing the Austrian tab.

“A living hell” might describe the few minutes Wilhelm L. suffered under the slashing sword of his crazed attacker.

Fake Passports
Breitbart noted that fake passports have been a major problem in Germany “since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015 with a report in November of that year claiming that the country had been inundated with fakes.”

But that isn’t the worst it.

In 2016, German authorities divulged that they didn’t much care about fakes and let the “migrants” in even when they, the authorities, knew about the fakes.

“The German federal migrant agency has admitted that they are letting in migrants even when they have full knowledge that the passports and documentation they carry have been forged,” Breitbart reported at the time.

Problem is, those fakes can be used to create bank accounts, a boon to the terrorists whom the Islamic State smuggled into the country during Chancellor Angela Merkel’s invitation to the Third World in 2015.

Migrants, for instance, “could wire their government refugee benefits to the terrorist organisation.”

Islamic State has already been accused of using fake passports in order to sneak its fighters into other countries. In the U.S. the group is said to have forged Syrian passports back in December of last year in an attempt to infiltrate the country.

Earlier this year French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that Islamic State had created an entire industry revolving around the creation of fake passports and other documents. According to the minister, the terror group had created forgeries of passports from Syria, Libya, and Iraq where they still hold territory.

A question, apropos of this Jordanian’s fake passport: Is he a terrorist? Answer regardless, the borders of Europe remain open to similar “refugees.”

Train Station Murder
Another victim of Europe’s open borders is the eight-year-old. A 40-year-old Eritrean “refugee,” a mental case admitted to Switzerland in 2006 and on the run from cops, pushed the boy and his mother onto the tracks of an incoming train at the rail station in Frankfurt, police allege.

She escaped. He didn’t.

He also tried to push an elderly woman in front of a train.

The African suspect showed up in a brochure, published by the Swiss Workers Relief Agency, that depicted him as a model of assimilation.

One may assume the boy’s mother and the elderly woman do not agree.

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