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Muslim Migrant in Denmark: “You Danes Are Being Exterminated. You’re Like Animals”

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“You Danes are being exterminated. You’re like animals,” said the migrant to a Danish man. If you’re thinking, “I wish he’d stop mincing words and tell us how he really feels,” fret not. The migrant, identified only as “Muhammad,” did elaborate, among other things saying that he and his co-religionists “will not integrate.”

The recent incident was caught on video during a protest held by anti-Islamization politician Rasmus Paludan, of the Stram Kurs (Hard Line) party. Paludan, reports Danish source Uriasposten, was at a demonstration at the Tilst School, in Århus, Denmark’s second largest city. He had police protection at the time, as he always does, Voice of Europe (VoE) tells us.

We can see why it’s necessary, too. As VoE reports, “During the demonstration, party members recorded video of the kind of reception they received from the locals. One video that’s been uploaded to Rasmus Paludan’s YouTube channel shows a bearded, aggressive migrant yelling at a young Danish man.” VoE relates the Muslim as saying (translation courtesy of Uriasposten; edited for punctuation):

We have more children. You get one or two. In ten or fifteen years there will be more Muslims than Danes in this country.… The Danes are five million; you are almost extinct, man.… You f[***] with animals, that’s why you don’t get children.... You Danes are being exterminated. You’re like animals.… I will never be Danish; I want my mentality and my tradition, but I will stick my Danish passport and the Danish People’s Party in my a[**]. I will burn my Danish passport.… We will not integrate; we will continue to f[***] your society.… Suck a c[***]!”

The video is below. Note that the communication is in Danish, presumably, and there are no subtitles. The emotional content comes through, however.

This came not long after a church in Denmark was vandalized on Easter Sunday “with Arabic phrases which say: ‘We conquer Denmark. There is no God but Allah,’” VoE related in an earlier article.

Of course, both these stories are anecdotal, and we don’t know what preceded the migrant Muhammad’s outburst. Unfortunately, though, studies do seem to reflect the above anecdotes. As the Religion of Peace (RoP) relates, providing summaries and sources:

• “2015 (Jyllands Posten): 77% of Muslims in Denmark believe the Quran’s instructions should be ‘fully app[l]ied’.” (This would amount to the negation of Danish civil law.)

• “2015 (Jyllands Post[e]n): Only 53% of Danish Muslims believe Danish law should be based on the cons[t]itution and not the Quran.”

• “WZB Berlin Social Science Center: 65% of Muslims in Europe say Sharia is more important than the law of the country they live in.”

• “The Polling Company CSP Poll (2015): 51% of Muslim-Americans say that Muslims should have the choice of being judged by Sharia courts rather than courts of the United States (39% disagree).”

• “MacDonald Laurier Institute: 62% of Muslims want Sharia in Canada (15% say make it mandatory).”

The above is just a sampling; there are many more examples at the RoP.

Just as striking is the testimonial of Dr. Mudar Zahran, a leader of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition currently living as an asylee in Britain. A self-professed practicing Muslim, Zahran nonetheless warned in a 2015 interview (video below) that

we do have a genuine problem with Muslims in Europe…. In most cases, they don’t seem to fully integrate in the country. Not to mention the cases where there are people who want to turn Europe into a Muslim state in 30 or 40 or 50 years through producing children and depending on welfare through the children. In short, I think there is a very major problem to Europe’s identity…. What we see with many Muslims in Europe are people marching in London, Berlin, and elsewhere demanding Sharia law.

Zahran called the Muslim migration into Europe “the soft Islamic conquest of the West” and stated, unabashedly, “We need to send those people [the Muslim migrants] home.”

Further illustrating the lack of integration are the “no-go zones” plaguing parts of Europe. These are primarily Muslim areas where civil law has broken down and been, at least in part, supplanted by Sharia law, and where civil authorities often fear to tread. As French intellectual Christian de Moliner put it in 2017, referencing his nation, they are “territories [that] are outside the control of the Republic,” where the “police can come only in force and for limited durations.”  

Note that the mainstream media had long insisted that no-go zones were an “Islamophobia”-born rightist myth and condemned those who dared report on them. But not only did the New York Times practically originate the no-go-zone story, in 2007, but German chancellor Angela Merkel — the main orchestrator of Europe’s recent mass Muslim migration — finally admitted the areas’ existence in 2018. Since then, the “Enemedia” have fallen strangely silent about this “rightist myth.”

This said, the failure to assimilate has another, rarely mentioned side: Newcomers must be given something appealing to assimilate into.

Yet the West now fails miserably on this score. Communist activist Willi Munzenberg once vowed, “We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks,” and this is already a fait accompli. The rampant decadence, cratering birthrates, and use of immigration to replace disappearing Western populations are the handwork of Westerners themselves.

As Walt Kelly put it in his “Pogo” comic strip, “We have met the enemy, and they are us.” When virtue is banished, vice invades — and many, many other entities then follow.

Image: screenshot from YouTube video

Selwyn Duke (@SelwynDuke) has written for The New American for more than a decade. He has also written for The Hill, Observer, The American Conservative, WorldNetDaily, American Thinker, and many other print and online publications. In addition, he has contributed to college textbooks published by Gale-Cengage Learning, has appeared on television, and is a frequent guest on radio.

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