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Blair Covets Permanent EU Presidency

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Ex-prime minister Tony Blair is seen as the front-runner for a permanent EU presidency post, when and if the job is actually implemented. The post of President of the European Council is held for six months on a rotating basis by various heads of member states. Currently the Czech Republic holds the seat, with Mirek Topolanek as president of the council and Vaclav Klaus as president-in-office. The president-in-office is a rather insignificant unofficial position.

But that would change with the creation of a two and a half year permanent “President of the EU” position. The proposal could only see fruition if the Lisbon Treaty, where the job was born, is ratified in autumn, and that is dependent upon Ireland’s vote, and the Czech Republic. Specific details about duties and powers of the new post are significantly missing in the treaty. It’s expected that the job description and its powers will be developed on an “as they go along” basis.

Originally opposed by Britain’s Gordon Brown and France’s Nicolas Sarkozy, both have now decided that Blair would be the best man for the job, Brown even going so far as to admit that Blair is their man as top engineer of the coming “new world order.” And with the unofficial endorsement of Madam Secretary Clinton of the United States, and private sessions with European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, Blair’s coveting of the new post may be reached.

For himself, Blair says he wishes to build a bridge between Europe and the new Obama administration through the EU presidency. That’s correct terminology to boost anyone’s acceptance on the global scene. In the Philippines he recently gave a talk entitled, “The Leader as Nation Builder in a Time of Globalisation,” sure to garner extra brownie points with the elitist global crowd. No wonder then, that he has become the anointed one.

One fly in the ointment could be Germany’s Angela Merkel who, if not re-elected in September, desires the job for herself and would seriously campaign for it. Another could be Blair’s total ineffectiveness as Middle East envoy for the last couple of years. But one suspects that ineffectiveness would give the globalists barely a pause in their feeble objections to Blair as EU superman, and architect of the coming "new world order."

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