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Crescent Over Europe

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MuslimsThe latest news on the Islamization of Europe is grim. By 2050, the Telegraph of London reports, Europe will be 25 percent Muslim. Muslims are a “demographic time bomb,” the paper avers.

The cause is the low birth rate among native Europeans and the corresponding arrival of new immigrants and their high birth rates. As the paper explains, “The numbers are startling. Only 3.2 per cent of Spain's population was foreign-born in 1998. In 2007, it was 13.4 per cent. Europe's Muslim population has more than doubled in the past 30 years and will have doubled again by 2015. In Brussels, the top seven baby boys' names recently were Mohamed, Adam, Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine and Hamza.”

The latest issue of The New American reports on Islam’s coming demographic and political conquest of Europe in detail, and readers of this website know that the European Union is considering membership for Turkey and its population of 77 million Muslims. President Obama is pushing the matter as well.

Clearly, Islam will conquer Europe long before Muslims become an absolute numerical majority. It will have conquered when Muslims become a large enough minority. Indeed, this people already wields power far beyond what its numbers indicate, largely because Muslims act in tribal unity and speak with one, clear voice. Their message? We want power, and we’re going to get it.

The question, of course, is what this portends for Europe and its inhabitants, and the answer is obvious simply by observing what's already happened. What the Muslim minority has accomplished thus far is remarkable, given that 50 years ago Europe was virtually Muslim free.

French prosecutors have prosecuted the screen siren Brigitte Bardot five times, most recently in 2008, for offending Muslims and inciting racial hatred about them, although Islam is a religion not specific to one race of people.

A Muslim malcontent in Italy tried to bring the famous writer Oriana Fallaci, a strong and loud opponent of Islam, into court for the “offensive” words she wrote about Islam in her second book on the Islamic conquest of Europe, The Force of Reason. She died of lung cancer before the case was settled.

In England, Burger King changed the logo on its ice cream cones because the swirl on the packaging denoting the cold treat within resembled the Arabic word for “Allah.” This, of course, was an offense against Allah because these containers were tossed away, and one Muslim threatened to “bring this country down” — over an ice cream cone.

In 2005, guards in Britain’s prisons were forbidden from wearing lapel pins bearing St. George’s Cross because it offended Muslim prisoners. In 2006, an Anglican minister suggested abandoning St. George as England's patron saint. The minister said the saint's position as patron was "dotty" because he may not have existed, but the real reason was that he offended Muslims.

And as The New American reported, “Schools serve Halal food (foods permissible under Islamic law), not just to Muslim children but also to Christians without their knowledge, while so many Muslims populate Norway’s prisons that the authorities gave up trying to serve different foods and adopted an all-Halal diet for prisoners to keep the Muslims quiet. Public swimming pools now segregate men and women into different times of the day. In London, the Croydon Council adopted a Muslim-only swim time.”

Even worse, Muslims “urinate in baptismal fonts or defecate on altars” to demonstrate their contempt of Christianity. In response, European politicians and clerics, including the the Archbishop of Canterbury suggest that Europeans must accept sharia or Islamic law.

Last, readers of this site will recall the trials and tribulations of Geert Wilders, the Dutch parliamentarian who opposed the Islamic conquest of the Netherlands. In February, the British declared Wilders a threat to peace and security and refused to let him enter the country to show his film Fitna, which intersperses Koranic verses with scenes of the terrorist mayhem and murder those verses justify. A Pakistani-born Muslim peer in the House of Lords, you see, threw a conniption. Denmark disinvited Wilders from a conference, and France wants to book him for hate speech. He lives under 24-hour bodyguard in safehouses.

Wilders cites a study by San Diego University that predicts Europe’s being 25 percent Muslim by decade’s end, a much more terrifying prospect than the Telegraph’s. Either way, Muslim are growing in numbers, and therefore power.

This makes the very notion of permitting Turkey to enter the EU beyond comprehension, for membership would essentially permit 77 million Muslims to roam freely thither and yon across the borders of Christendom.

Europeans should not welcome that prospect, or the thought of Europe’s Muslims population growing to 25 percent whether in one year or 40, not only given Islam’s historical record but also what Turkey’s prime minister has said: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan averred in 1998. In 1995, he said, “You cannot be secular and a Muslim at the same time. The world’s 1.5 billion Muslims are waiting for the Turkish people to rise up. We will rise up.”

The world’s top Muslim leaders know the score in Europe. Said Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, “We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe — without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.”


R. Cort Kirkwood, managing editor of the Daily News-Record in Harrisonburg, Va., has been writing about American politics and culture for more than 20 years. Mr. Kirkwood has written for Chronicles, The New American, National Review, The Remnant, The Christian Science Monitor, The Wall Street Journal, The Baltimore Sun, The Orange County Register, Taki’s Top Drawer online magazine, and LewRockwell.com. For several years, he syndicated a column, “The Hard Line.” Mr. Kirkwood is the author of the nonfiction title, Real Men: Ten Courageous Americans To Know And Admire, published by Cumberland House.

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