Monday, 28 February 2011

Estonian KGB Secrets on Display

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Located on the on the 23rd floor of the high-rise Viru Hotel in the Estonian city of Tallinn are strange “stacks of metal cases with black knobs and dials [that] look like something from a 1950s sci-fi movie — in fact, they were once highly secret communications equipment used by the feared Soviet secret police, the KGB,” during the Cold War, Reuters reported.

The devices and high-tech gadgets, no longer being used to spy on high-profile Western guests and visiting heads of state, are now on display in a museum exhibition called “Viru Hotel and the KGB,” noted TG Daily. The exhibit — located in the same “radio room” of the Viru Hotel which the KGB once used to relay highly classified KGB communiqués from Estonia to the Soviet Embassy in Helsinki, Finland — showcases the highly secretive world of the Soviet Union’s infamous intelligence network. 

“All we have here now is the room as they left it one night in 1991 when Estonia was getting close to restoring its independence,” observed Viru Hotel spokesman Peep Ehasalu.  

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